Aabenraa Stadium


The meetings got organized by Aabenraa and Sonderborg Motorsports club (ASAM)
From 1946 and several years after the Aabenraa Stadium hosted many fine speedway meetings, often with participation of German riders, whose bikes and other material lacked quality due to the poor financial situation i Germany shortly after WW2. In that respect, the Danish riders were better off.

  Exactly when the Stadium closed as a Speedway is not known to this site, but there are reports that in 1955 it was still active. From 1956 and on no meetings are reported.

11. May 1952. International meeting:
7000 fans came to see international start meet the best Danish riders. Unfortunately the international touch faded away when the best Dutch rider Piet van Aartsen resigned due to injuries from a crash i Zurich a few days before..
Orla Knudsen from Copenhagen got called in on short notice to replace him. When the two remaining internationals Edvin Frederiksen and Reidar Jensen from Norway both crashed in their first heat and Reidar Jensen had to withdraw with injury, Frederiksen got left alone to represent the international, which he did superbly.

International expert:
1. Edvin Frederiksen                      Norway         13 point.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen                        Denmark      12 point.
3. Erik Wincentz                              Denmark        9 point.
4. Orla Knudsen                              Denmark        7 point.

Senior Standard 500 cc:
1. Robert Rasmussen,                    Sondersoe    10 point.
2. Borge Morch,                              Kolding           9 point.
3. Johannes Mygind,                       Odense           8 point.
4. Aage Iversen,                              Sonderborg    6 point.

The Lucas cup was won by Borge Morch.
Kiehn Berthelsen won the crack race.

10. May 1953: Danish – Dutch expert meeting:
Expert A 500 cc:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen                       Denmark       15 point.
2. Jorgen Rasmussen                     Denmark         9 point.
3. V, d, Vreugde                             Holland            4 point.
4. Co Boeuf                                    Holland            2 point.

Expert B 500 cc:
1. Erik Wincentz                             Naestved       15 point.
2. Johannes Mygind                       Odense            6 point.
3. Svend Aa. Rasmussen               Haarslev          4 point.
4. Niels E. Nielsen,                         Bogense          3 point.

Standard A 500 cc.
1. Borge Morch                              Kolding          12 point.
2. Arne Svendsen                           Silkeborg         6 point.
3. Aage Iversen                              Sonderborg     4 point.
4. Eivind Hansen                            Korup               2 point.

Standard B 500 cc.
1. Ernst Österlund                         Silkeborg.      10 point.
2. Holger Iversen                           Sonderborg     5 point.
3. Jens Nielsen                               Silkeborg          5 point.
4. Jorgen Jensen                             Naesby            3 point.

The Lucas cup was won by Borge Morch.
Kiehn Berthelsen won the crack race.

2. May 1954 Danish – Swedish expert meeting:


Expert A.
1. Leif Bech                  DK       15 point.
2. Jan Johnsson            S            7 point.
3. Kai Forsberg             S            7 point.
4. Erik Wincentz           DK         1 point.

Expert B.
1. Oluf Elsberg             DK       13 point.
2. Aksel Müller             DK         8 point.
3. Arne Pander             DK         7 point.
4. Lars E. Andersson    S            1 point.

IMG_0238Aksel Müller, Arne Pander and Oluf Elsberg in action, Aabenraa Stadium 1954

Standard 500 cc. A
1. Arne Svendsen                    12 point.
2. Niels Blumensaadt                7 point.
3. Soeren Juul                             5 point.
4. Svend Nielsen                        0 point.

Standard 500 cc.B
1. Erik Wincentz                       10 point.
2. Jorgen Jensen                       10 point.
3. Arvid Frederiksen                  3 point.
4. Holger Iversen                       1 point.

The Lucas cup was won by Arne Svendsen.
Kai Forsberg won the crack race.

19. June 1955 Danish – Swedish expert meeting

Ekspert A 500 cc.
Denmark           16 point.                    Sweden              32 point.
Arne Pander         9 point.                     Berndt Nilsson   11 point.
Aksel Müller         3 point.                     Bertil Carlsson    10 point.
Leif Bech              2 point.                      Olle Heymann      6 point.
Ejvind Petersen    2 point.                     Birger Forsberg    5 point.

Standard 500 cc. A
1. Erik Wincentz              14 point.
2. Arne Svendsen            11 point.
3. Borge Morch               10 point.
4. Soren Juul                      4 point.
5. Niels Blumensaadt        1 point.

Standard 500 cc. B
1. Jorgen Jensen              15 point.
2. Bent Thomsen             13 point.
3. Niels E. Nielsen             5 point.
4. Johs. Nedergaard          5 point.
5. Oluf Jensen                    2 point.

The Lucas cup was won by Borge Morch.
Berndt Nilsson, who rode a new track record in 1,20,5 min. won the crack race,
Borge Morch rode in 1,29,4 min, new track record on standard bikes.

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