Welcome to Speedwaylife!

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that the founder of Speedwaylife, Soren Kjaer, passed away in September 2018. Soren, also a member of Denmark’s Motor Union’s Historic Committee, was the sole father of the initiative that led to the birth of Speedwaylife.com. It was his research and digging during 10 years that revealed the history behind the many tracks and championships.
Through the death of Soren Kjaer, the DMU has lost an important personality, who put his mark on Danish speedway over a lifetime. During years as speedway referee and a member and DMU’s Speedway Committee, Soren has set his marks and will be missed deeply. As a token of Soren’s significance to DMU, the Union in 2014 awarded him its Honorary Mark in Silver.

The Historic Committee has now taken over Speedwaylife and will maintain and update the homepage. You, dear visitor of Speedwaylife.com, are still welcome to write to us in order to draw attention to any errors or omissions or tell about interesting anecdotes about Danish tracks. Your mail will be sent to the chairman of the historic committee, Mr. Uffe Lomholt Madsen.

Nobody else can ever tell the story about the birth of Speedwaylife better than Soren himself. Therefore Soren Kjaer’s own preface will follow here.

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