Karrebaeksminde Dirt track

Track name: Karrebaeksminde Dirt Track
Track owner: Dirt Track Ltd/ Naestved Motor Klub
Track adress: Eno Island, 4736 Karrebæksminde
Track surface: Cinders
Track record: 1,12,4. July 2. 1939
Record holder: Jack Parker, England
Opened: 1932
Closed: 1940

Sources: Naestved Motor Klub’s jubilee script and others.

The small island Eno is located in the sea south of Zealand close to the small coastal township Karrebaeksminde. In fact it is only separated from Sealand by a narrow canal.

Karrebæksminde Enø

Karrebaeksminde and Eno island a few miles south west of Naestved

Aerial view of Karrebaeksminde dirt track

In 1932 a Dirt track got opened by a limited company founded for the purpose, named  Dirt Track Ltd. As the company did not have a promoter’s license, the organizing of the meetings was laid in the hands of Naestved Motor Klub which was founded the same year.
The entire area around Karrebaeksminde was – and still is – a popular holiday resort, and Dirt track was a popular summer amusement for the public by the thousands as well as for the riders from Denmark and abroad, many of those well known from the Roskildevej’s Dirt Track near Copenhagen.
Among others Svend Aage Engstrom, Kaj ”Bugatti” Hansen and Morian Hansen often visited the track. Also another Australian “Bronco” Dixon was seen.
The local hero Hans Hansen could very often equalize the best. Not to forget the dentist Frede Olsen about whom it was told, that he had an assistant in the pits to hold his cigar while he was riding on the track.
Possible reasons for the track to be able to attract so many fine riders were the good prize money. E.g. In a handicap race in 1936 it was 250 DKK, which then was more than half a month’s wages.

In connection with the dirt track meetings many other events took place. The Seaside cafe located on the beach three minutes walk from the track advertised with a fine parking lot and cold Danish Aquavit served. No association between these two items is mentioned.

Karrebaeksminde Hotel followed up by advertising with concert and dance after the meetings. To compare with the prize money: A full day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner was offered at the cost from 5,50 to 7 DKK for one person per day.

May 29. 1932. Opening meeting:
The meeting began with a little ceremony for invited guests, who were members of the municipality of Naestved, the Police superintendent and the MOT examiner, representatives from the press and Mr. Valdemar Hoffmeyer from DMU. The superintendent gave the permission to race, and Mr. Hoffmeyer gave the accept from DMU.
5000 spectators went through the turnstiles with great expectations of an exciting day with 14 heats. Although a couple of the heats lost tension du to engine failures, they got what they came for.
Walther Ryle from Copenhagen was the man of the day winning most prizes.
1. race, Crack race
1. Walther Ryle                        1,26,5 min.
2. Christian Jørgensen            1,30,0 min.
3. Herman Larsen

2. race, Standing start.
1. Sejr Dybro                           1,38,6 min.
2. Ferdinand Olsen                 1,39,5 min.
3. Kaj Johansen                      1,39,6 min.

3. race. Points:
1. heat:
1. Walther Ryle                 4p.
2. Ingemann Rasmussen 3p.
Ejnar Hansen and Roepke retired-
2. heat
1. Walther Ryle                4p.
No other finished the heat.
Final standing:
1. Walther Ryle                 8p.
2. Ingemann Rasmussen 3p.

4. race, Handicap
1. Svend Jensen
2. Ejnar Hansen
3. Brunnich
4. Christian Hansen

5. race, Track record, 4 laps
1. Walther Ryle                       1,22,0 min.

June 5. 1932
Constitution day, Obviously 4000 spectators preferred watching dirt track rather than listening to political speeches. Maybe the deciding factor was “Miss Europe”, the Danish beauty queen Miss Aase Clausen, who was hired to award the prizes.
Walther Ryle, who the foregoing week enjoyed great success, this time struggled with engine trouble end saw his track record beaten.
1. race, Track record, 4 laps
1. Fr. Clausen                         1,21,4 min. new record.
2. Leo Jørgensen                    1,23,3 min.

2. race Standing start. 
1. Ferdinand Olsen                 1,32,5 min.
2. Emil Hansen                       1,33,2 min.

3. race Crack race:
1. Walther Ryle                       1,22,9 min.
2. Leo Jorgensen                    1,23,2 min.

4. race:
1. H. Larsen                            1,47,5 min.
2. H. Schou                             1,47,8 min.

5. race Handicap:
1. Leo Jørgensen                    1,30,6 min.
2. Ferdinand Olsen                1,36,3 min.
3. Svend Hansen                    1,51,5 min.

6. race, Challenge match.
1. Leo Jørgensen                    1,23,4 min.
The challenger Ejnar Hansen got engine failure on last lap.

June 19. 1932:
The British rider Buttler visited the track. 3000 spectators came and saw the rider  Emil Hansen crashed and be carried away unconsciously. It looked worse than it was. He was hit in the stomach by his handlebar and lost his breath. As safety precaution he was taken to hospital, but was able to return to Copenhagen in the evening.

1. race, Track record, 4 laps 
1. Buttler                                 1,21,4 min. No new record.
2. Røpke                                  1,21,7 min.

2. race Track record, 4 laps
standard bike:

Emil Hansen crashed.

3. race;
1. Emil Hansen                      1,33,3  min.
2. Th Andersen                       1,36,1 min.
Final heat:
1. Emil Hansen                       1,28,9 min.
2. Th Andersen                       1,33,0 min.

4. race.
Heat 1.
1. Skovbjerg – Hansen              1,23,4 min.
2. Buttler                                 1,23,7 min.
Heat 2. 
1. Th. Clausen                        1,25,2 min.
2. Roepke                                1,25,4 min.
Heat 3.
1. Skovbjerg Hansen              1,23,6 min.
2. Th. Clausen                         1,24,6 min.

5. race.
Heat 1.
1. Sejr Dybro                           1,43,1 min.
2. Kaj Johansen                       1,45,3 min.
Heat 2.
1. Peter Nielsen                      1,42,1 min.
2. Borge Bagger
Final heat
1. Sejr Dybro                           1,42,8 min.
2. Peter Nielsen                      1,45,0 min.

1. Skovbjerg Hansen              1,37,2 min.
2. Th. Andersen                      1,39,5 min.
August 14. 1932:
The track was visited by the greatest crowd hitherto, (no figures given). The meeting got absolved in steaming hot weather, which  got blamed for several engine failures. Since the last reported meeting Baltzer Hansen had lowered the track record to 1,20,1 min.
Therefore the first race was record attempts from both  Ejnar Hansen and Baltzer himself.
Both failed and Baltzer ruined his engine too.
2. race had only 3 riders and was won by H. Bache, who was the only one to finish both heats..
3. race was 3 heats between Walther Ryle and Th. Clausen. Ryle won in best 1,26,5 min..

Baltzer and Skovbjerg rode a challenge match in 3 heats. Baltzer won 1. heat while Skovbjerg got engine failure.. Then Skovbjerg won 2. heat in time 1,24,7 min. against  Baltzer’s 1,25,8. min.
In 3. heat both riders got engine failures, but Skovbjerg managed to roll his limping bike over the finish line in the time 1,30,0, min.

Another challenge match between Ejnar Hansen and Ejnar Lorentzen was won by Ejnar Hansen after both had engine problems in the heat.

In the great final handicap Holger Jacobsen fell right in front of Skovbjerg Hansen, who swiftly laid his bike down to avoid collision. This brought him an extra prize, flower and applause fra the spectators.

August 21. 1932, Test match Denmark – Germany:

With a weather forecast of thunder and rain the public attendance dropped 2000. However the weather was kind enough to stay dry almost to the end of the meeting.Two German riders Hans Krons and Kurt Hecht should compete against two of the best Danes, Baltzer Hansen and Walther Ryle. Quite early it was obvious, that the Germans were unable to defeat the Danes. They won one heat only when Walther Ryle for inexplainable reasons “forgot” to finish the last lap. Baltzer Hansen was invincible in all his heats in the test match..
As usually the meeting opened with track record attempts, but neither Hans Krons nor Walther Ryle came near Baltzer Hansen’s record on 1,20,1.min.


1. race.
Points in 3 heats:

1. Ejnar Hansen     7 points.        best time 1,24,0 min.
2. Th. Clausen        5 points.
3. Ejnar Lorentzen 4 points.

2. race.
Crack race, 2 heats:
1. Svend Olsen,                aggregate time    2,54,3 min.
2. Hans Hansen                                             3,05,5 min.
Only these 2 riders finished.

3. race.
Test match Denmark – Germany:
1. Heat: Denmark   4 point.    –    Germany   5 point.
2. Heat: Denmark   6 point.    –    Germany   3 point.
3. Heat: Denmark  7 point.    –     Germany   3 point.
Total:    Denmark 17 point.    –    Germany 11 point.

4. race.
Friendship match
8 laps.
Pairs, Riders alternating through the heats.

Heat 1:
1. Ejnar Hansen / Kurt Hecht                    2,50,0 min.
2. Baltzer Hansen / Svend Hansen           2,55,2 min.

Heat 2:
1. Baltzer Hansen / Svend Hansen
2. Ejnar Hansen / Kurt Hecht
No times noted. The heat almost drowned in a thunderstorm

1. Hans Hansen                       1,40,8 min.
2. Hans Krons                          1,41,2 min.

Batzer Hansen
Baltzer Hansen, always popular
on Karrebaeksminde dirt track.

As can be seen above, the opening  year 1932 was a very busy one  and gave great optimism for the future. But like many other places the thirties was a period with great – not least- economic challenges.

We have nothing from 1933 yet.

June 24.  1934.  Triangular test match  Denmark – Germany– Australia.
A very well composed programme got awarded with the attendance of more than 5000 spectators, who could enjoy some really fine heats, German Alfred Rumrich and Australian Bronco Dixon were hired to give Baltzer Hansen a qualified opposition, but as the results show, in particular Dixon had a hard time..
1. race.

1. Heat:
1. Willy Olsen                            1,28,0 min.
2. Ferdinand Olsen                   1,32,1 min.
2. heat
1. Willy Olsen                            1,29,5 min.
2. Ferdinand Olsen                   1,32,8 min.

2. race, Triangular match:
1. heat:   
1. Baltzer Hansen                     1,16,5 min. (new record)
2. Bronco Dixon                        1,19,0 min.
2. heat:
1. Alfred Rumrich                      1,17,0 min.
2. Bronco Dixon                        1,19,0 min.
3. heat  
1. Baltzer Hansen                     1,16,8 min.
2. Alfred Rumrich                     1,18,0 min.
3. Bronco Dixon                        1,21,0 min.

3. race, Expert match.
1. heat.   
1. Boegh Mathiesen                   1,23,8  min.
2. Bach Sorensen
Ebbe Lundquist retired
2. heat.
1. Bogh Mathiesen                    1,21,9 min.
2. Bach Sorensen
Ebbe Lundquist retired   .
3. heat.
1. Ebbe Lundquist                     1,21,6 min.
2. Bach Sorensen
3. Ejnar Knudsen

4. race. Crack race
1. heat. 
1. ”Razz” Rasmussen                1,25,1 min.
2. Ejnar Knudsen                      1,26,7 min.
3. Kay Sorensen
2. heat.
1. Ejnar Knudsen                      1,25,6 min.
2. ”Razz” Rasmussen                1,26,8  min.
3. Kay Sorensen.

5. race. Handicap
1. heat.  
1. Baltzer Hansen                     1,27,4 min. (+130 m.)
2. Bach Sorensen                      1,29,5 min. (+70 m.)
3. Bronco Dixon
4. Ferdinand Olsen.
2. heat.  
1. Alfred Rumrich                     1,27,2 min. (+120 m.)
2. ”Razz” Rasmussen                1,31,0 min. (40 m. tillæg)
3. Bøgh Mathiesen
Final heat.
1. Baltzer Hansen                     1,27,6 min.
2. Bach Sorensen                     1,48,1 min.

The final handicap heat was a mess:. The two front riders fell when they got passed by Baltzer and Rumrich. Later also Bach Sorensen fell, but came up and continued. On the last lap Rumrich got the “rooster tail” from Baltzer’s bike in his face and could see nothing, so he stopped.
Those days “real men” did not wear goggles.

July 1. 1934.
A big crowd was gathered to watch Baltzer Hansen meet the Swede Torsten Sjöberg an the  Australian Bronco Dixon.
Other good riders were in the programme too, so many good heats were foreseen. But several crashes and engine failures made the expectations not quite to be fulfilled. Extreme temperature was said to cause most of these misfortunes.

1. race.
”Race of Stars”

1. heat:
1.Torsten Sjöberg                     1,18,5 min.
2. Baltzer Hansen
3. Bronco Dixon
2. heat:
1. Torsten Sjöberg                    1,19,5 min.
2. Baltzer Hansen
3. Bronco Dixon

2. race
1. heat:
1. Bogh Mathiesen                   1,21,3 min.
2. Bent Jensen                          1,24,5 min.
2. heat:
1. Bent Jensen                          1,22,8 min.
2. Th. Clausen 1,43,1 min.
3. heat:
1. Bent Jensen                          1,20,8 min.
2. Th. Clausen                           1,21,4 min.

3. race.
1. heat:
1. Hans Hansen                        1,23,8 min.
2. Willy Olsen                           1,28,0 min.
2. heat:
1. Hans Hansen                        1,22,3 min.
2. Niels Nielsen                        1,28,3 min.
3. heat:
1. Baltzer Hansen                    1,20,3 min.
2. Hans Hansen                        1,24,2 min.

Challenge match 1:
1. Bronco Dixon                       1,20,0 min.
2. Boegh Mathiesen                  1,20,3 min.

Challenge match 2. :
1. Torsten Sjöberg                   1,20,0 min.
2. Th. Clausen                           1,23,5 min.

1. Baltzer Hansen
2. Bent Jensen
3. Torsten Sjöberg

July 15. 1934
The warmth from July 1. continued and increased and caused engine trouble for some of the riders, who could not figure out how to adapt carburetor and ignition to cope with the high temperatures. .
As usual Baltzer Hansen was the man of the day.
The German champion Sebastian Roth was hired to give Baltzer some competition, but his bike did not arrive to the track in time, so he had to ride on a borrowed bike. Further he was not familiar the small curiosities of track, so his competitive ability against Baltzer was below standard.

In the first 3 heats of the first  race only ”Razz” Rasmussen from Aarhus finished all. In the other end Ejnar Knudsen from Copenhagen finished none.

5. July 1936

Karrebæksminde 1
A programme cover from Karrebaeksminde 1936

Karrebæksminde 001List of riders from the same programme. (Text made readable)
“We remove the stains, the riders will give you”
Results unknown.

6. juni 1938, Season opening:
Besides the opening Karrebaeksminde dirt track absolved 3 more meetings and closed the season on August 14.
In comparison with other Danish tracks  Karrebaeksminde was economically  lucky not to loose money, although the earning was microscopic.

July 2. 1939. 


Jack Parker, England, unofficial World Champion 1932 and 1934,
rode the ultimate track record on Karrebaeksminde dirt track

It was not the economy, but politics and war that stopped the track in 1939. It all came to an instant halt when the Germans in 1940 occupied Denmark, and after the war it was impossible to get the track going again. It got removed and the entire area has been developed into a holiday resort with summer cottages.

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