Skovdalen Stadium

Forest Valley Speedway

We have got a report from a meeting at Skovdalens Stadium in Aalborg in 1948.

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The meeting was organized by North Jutland’s Motorsport on a Friday night in connection with the ending of the Danish Worker’s Athletic Association’s athletic week.

All heats got ridden over 3 laps on the 400 meter long cinders track, giving a heat length of 1200 meter.
The lineup was 15 riders, all from North Jutland’s Motorsport
The track was bumpy and rutted and not particularly well suited for speedway riding. But the riders mastered it in good mood and without any incidents.

1. Poul Ornlef,                      B.S.A,                   1,09,0 min.
2. Ove Carlsen,                     Matchless,           1,12,5 min.

1. Victor Simonsen,              Triumph,             1,02,5 min.
2. Erik Carlsen,                     Nimbus,               1,06,5 min.
3. Oskar Madsen,                 B.S.A. ,                 1,06,7 min.

Old boys:
1. Aksel Villadsen,                Nimbus,               1,18,3 min.

1. Rasmus Kornum,             Triumph;              1,04,5 min.

Frank Larsen Aalborg sent us the newspaper clip above.

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