Elling Speedway

Track name: Elling Speedway
Track owner: Silkeborg Motor sport/Silkeborg Speedway Club
Address: Ellingvej 14, DK  8600 Silkeborg
Surface: Earth and cinders mix.
Open:  April 1967

Silkeborg Motor Sport got founded on April 11.1928.
Shortly after WW2 the club ran an earth track located at Hinge by Kellerup ( see Hinge in the menu). After a fatal accident in 1951 this track got closed for safety reasons in 1951.

In the mid-sixties the Club established a moto cross track at Elling, located between Funder Kirkeby and Engesvang west of the town Silkeborg.
In the same area the club in1967 built a speedway approx. 300 m. long, which mainly got used – and still does – for the club’s meetings in the various classes in the Danish tournaments. Like several other Danish tracksI also this track got environmental problems due to the noise from the motorcycles. Therefore the track got re-built few years ago.

The club Silkeborg Motor Sport got split in two, and the speedway is now run by Silkeborg Speedway Club (SSC)

Elling motorbanel

Elling Motor center is a complex consisting of a moto cross trail and a speedway with a mini speedway in the infield. After the rebuilding a micro speedway is added to the right, where earlier an old farmhouse – now demolished – was.

In an article in Motor & Sport about the future for the Korskro track, the Elling track is marginally mentioned as a possible competitor. It is however not before May 1967 we can find a report from a meeting on Elling Speedway held in April.
The exact date is not given.

(Until we find more precise data, we must consider this meeting the track opening.)

Results from the opening:

Senior Special 500 cc.
No. 1. Poul Vissing,                                      Vejle,                     16 point.
No. 2. Preben Moller Christensen,            Odense                    8 point.
No..3. Godtfred Andreasen,                        Horsens,                  7 point.

Junior Special 500 cc.
No.1. Bent Norregaard Jensen,                 Bække,                  10 point.
No. 2. Ernst Mortensen,                             Herning,                  7 point.
No. 3. Poul J. Larsen,                                  Aalborg,                   6 point.

Senior Sport 500 cc.
No.. 1. Karsten Kühl,                                   Odense,               18 point.
No.2. Henning Thomadsen,                       Randers,               18 point.
No.3. Freddy Eriksen,                                 Herning,                  9 point.

Senior Sport 250 cc.
No.1. Erik Thomadsen,                               Randers,               20 point.
No. 2. Chr. Christensen,                             Aalborg,                16 point.
No. 3. Thorkild Bak Nielsen,                       Silkeborg,                9 point.

Junior Sport 500 cc.
No.1. Poul Nygaard,                                   Svendborg,           15 point.
No.2. Frank Damgaard                               Aarhus,                   8 point.
No.3. Erling Pedersen,                               Silkeborg,                8 point.

Junior Sidecar 500 cc.
No.1. Poul Christensen / Jens Poulsgaard,    Fredericia,        11 point.
No.2. Jorgen Svendsen / Alex Hasager,          Hinnerup,          6 point.
No.3. Niels Erik Christensen / ?,                      Vejle,                  3 point.

The next meeting on Elling speedway was a double header in the Denmark series on May 13.
Esbjerg won 33 – 20 over Haderslev and Fredericia 26 – 24 over Herning.

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