Danish 85 cc. Champions


Already in 1951, the Trotting Track in Aarhus named a Danish Champion in the 50 cc class in the conduct of the Danish Long Track Championships in many other classes.
There were 11 participants in the class, divided in 5 Diesella, 5 BFC and 1 Bantam.
Danish champion was Bent Jensen from Aarhus on a Diesella moped.
Possibly this is the first Danish Championship in this class.

It is known, however, that in 1950  in the same class was run at the Fangel track on Funen, and later in the same decade in several other tracks, also in Copenhagen. But whether these meetings were recognized as championships is uncertain.

50 cc machines back then were not specialized speedway bikes, but street bicycles fitted with small engines, and the riders were not teenagers, but adults fully equipped in leather suits. The top speed has been about 30 to 35 kph.
A magazine noted in a report from Fangel track that it was “a sight for gods” to see large men maneuver the small machines around the track in a battle with the narrow bicycle wheel’s lack of grip in the track and drive rolls slipping around in the mud, the wheels picked up from the track.
Moped racing on the track was mostly seen as interval entertainment.

And so it remained for the next 20 years until, among others, the Sport Motor Odin together with Fjelsted Speedway Club and a few Jutland clubs organized moped speedway for youngsters from 12 to 18 years.
It soon flourished, and on September 1, 1973  Alf Busk from Silkeborg won the Danish Championship at a well attended meeting in Fjelsted.

Since it went in quick succession, and down the list you’ll see many riders, who have made themselves an outstanding speedway career, both Danish and internationally.

Up to 1982 the class was called Mini speedway, and was run with 50 cc. engines.




1973 Alf Busk Silkeborg Motor Sport
1974 Alf Busk Silkeborg Motor Sport
1975 Tommy Knudsen Skaerbaek Motor Klub
1976 Tommy Knudsen Skaerbaek Motor Klub
1977 Kim Madsen Haderslev Motor Sport
1978 René Christiansen Silkeborg Motor Sport
1979 Jan O. Pedersen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1980 Jan O. Pedersen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1981 Peter Johansen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1982 Martin Bach Vojens Speedway Klub

Since then 80 cc. engines (max. 85 cc.) have been used.

1983 Allan Johansen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1984 Lars Munkedal Slangerup Speedway Klub
1985 Tom Knudsen Holsted Speedway Klub
1986 Hans Hindsgaul Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1987 Claus Jacobsen Esbjerg Motor Sport
1988 Jacob Olsen Fredericia Motor Klub
1989 Kim Brandt Slangerup Speedway Klub
1990 Ronni Pedersen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1991 Ronni Pedersen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1992 Anders Martiny Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1993 Nicki Pedersen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
1994 Charlie Gjedde Holstebro Speedway Klub
1995 Hans N. Andersen Holstebro Speedway Klub
1996 Henning Bager Holstebro Speedway Klub
1997 Niels Kristian Iversen Holsted Speedway Klub
1998 Mads Korneliussen Aalborg Motor Klub
1999 Kenneth Bjerre Outrup Speedway Club
2000 Leon Daniel Madsen Fredericia Motor Klub
2001 Klaus Jacobsen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
2002 Patrick Hougaard Fredericia Motor Klub
2003 Klaus Jacobsen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
2004 Claes Nedermark Grindsted Speedway Klub
2005 Johannes Kikkenborg Esbjerg Motor Sport
2006 Simon Nielsen Vojens Speedway Klub
2007 Mikkel Michelsen Slangerup Speedway Klub
2008 Mikkel B. Jensen Midtsjællands Motor Sport
2009 Kenni Nissen Vojens Speedway Klub
2010 Rasmus Jensen Holsted Speedway Klub
2011 Sam Jensen Holsted Speedway Klub
2012 Jason Jorgensen Vojens Speedway Klub
2013 Jonas Seifert-Salk Slangerup Speedway Klub
2014 Mads Hansen Skærbæk Motor Klub
2015 Christian Thaysen Fjelsted Speedway Klub
2016 Peter Clement Vissenbjerg-Bred MK
 2017 Benjamin Basso Vissenbjerg-Bred MK