Bjaeverskov Trotting track

Long track racing

Track name: Skovbo Trotting track
Track owner: Skovbo Trotting Society
Track address: Vollerslevvej 18 A, 4632 Bjaeverskov
Length: 1000 m.
Track surface: Granite granulate
First meeting:  April 20.1980
Last meeting:  April 6.1986.

When in 1970 the Amager Trotting track closed no more motorcycle meetings could be held there. No long track was available on Sjaelland. Skovbo Trotting Society bought the Amager Trotting Society and moved in 1974 to Skovbo Trotting track located in the small village Bjaeverskov approx. 6 miles west of the town Koege.

Bjæverskov trav
Satellite view of Skovbo trotting track near Bjaeverskov

It lasted until 1980 before a motorcycle meeting could be organized on this track, when the Trotting Society invited Ole Olsen and his companion Aage Sondergaard’s company Speed Sport in Vojens to arrange a meeting in cooperation with the motor union of Zealand.

April 20.1980 International Long Track Meeting:

0511 004
Programme cover from the opening meeting .

Thus a lineup of 18 international top riders plus two substitutes from 7 nations headed by the current World Champion Alois Wisböck and former Champion Ole Olsen gathered at the track on April 20 1980. Further there was a junior class.

Bjæverskov overskrift
Headlines from the race report in Motor Bladet

On the very day everything was chillingly close to go wrong. Heavy storm and rain did every ting to bother the organizers. The ferry Dana Regina lay the entire Sunday in the North Sea with the British rider’s bike onboard, while their owner stood in Bjaeverskov, where they needed to find bikes to borrow. They succeeded but some found it difficult to adapt themselves to other bikes than their own. Best off was Peter Collins when the tuner Hans Zierk offered him a Roth engine.

Skovbo Wisböck
Alois Wisböck leading Peter Collins

Alois Wisböck won the race ahead of Ole Olsen, Bruce Penhall USA and Peter Collins, Chris Morton and John Davies all GB.
The junior class went to Brian Jacobsen, Erling Rasmussen and Mich Borup.

Skovbo sv. 1

Traffic in bend 1. 12 Kristian Præstbro, 11 Jan Holm Nielsen, 10 Bruce Penhall,
9 Chris Morton, 7 Alf Busk, 8 Jiri Stancl.

 Skovbo sidevogn
Sidecar racing at Bjaeverskov

 April 18.1982  Nordic Long Track Final: 

Skovbo NM

The next meeting was the Nordic Long track Team & Individual Championship on April 18 1982 together with a sidecar class. This time the rain stayed away, but as usual a strong westerly wind blew over the track and 6000 spectators.
The winning Danish team captained by Ole Olsen included Svend A. Schmidt, Lars B. Hansen, Finn Rune Jensen and Skjold Larsen.
Individually Ole Olsen claimed the title ahead of Anders Michanek, Sweden and Veijo Toureniemi, Finland.

Skovbo vinderhold
The winning Danish team. From left Ole Olsen, Svend Aage Schmidt,
Lars B. Hansen and Finn Rune Jensen.
Unfortunately Skjold Larsen missed the ceremony.

Skovbo 1,2,3 NM
individual vwnner Ole Olsen between Anders Michanek and Veijo Toureniemi

Junior Class:
No. 1 Per Sorensen, Hilleröd,
No. 2 Jan Rasmussen, Fredericia.

1. Jan Rasmussen/Per West.
2. Steen Christensen/Villy Hansen,
3. Kaj Schmidt/Anders Knudsen who had to run ¼ lap to the finish line with their vehicle after an engine failure.

Skovbo sidevogn
idecar racing at Bjaeverskov

The sidecar team Gert Nielsen/Poul Rasmussen suffered a severe crash in the morning practice when their vehicle hit the curb in a bend and catapulted to the sky. Both men fell off and escaped with a knee wound and a concussion, while the bike returned to mother earth as a heap of scrap metal.

 Skovbo højt at flyveSkovbo dybt at falde
Flying high,                  –                        falling deep.

April 5.& 6. 1986, Inter-Nordic Practice session.

The practice session got organized by the Amager Motorcycle Club on Saturday and Sunday. The session got finalized with a regular race Sunday afternoon, which Norway utilized til select their riders for further qualification to the World Long tack Championship.

Sunday results:
Class A.
1. Benny Thögersen                   DK 15 p.
2 Asgeir Bjerga                             N 13 p.
3 Öjvind Rökeberg                       N 12 p.

Class B.
1 Niels O, Haraldsen                   N  15 p.
2 Rene Jepsen                             DK 14 p.
3 Martin Jensen                          DK 12 p.

1 Benny Thögersen.
2 Rene Jepsen.
3 Kurt Hansen.

Norwegian qualification:
Dagfinn Dahl,
Jan Olsen,
Öjvind Rökeberg
Willy Tjessem.

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