Naestved Stadium

Naestved Speedway

Track name: Naestved Stadium
Track owner: Naestved Municipality
Track address Naestved Stadium, DK 4700 Naestved
Length: 400 m.
Track surface: Cinders
Track record:   1953, 75, 4 sek.
1982, 71,1 sek,
Record holder: 1953, R. Sörmander.
1982. O. Olsen
Opened year/date: 1949 and 1982
Closed year/date:   1955 and 1982

Credit given to Mr. Henning Hansen from Kalundborg for his collection of data from all speedway meetings at Naestved Stadium,

Naestved Motor Klub got founded in 1932 and as such one of the oldest still active motor clubs in Denmark. From 1932 to 1939 the club on behalf of the owner company ran the dirt track at Karrebaeksminde. WW2 and the German occupation of Denmark put an end to that. After the war it took a couple og years to get motor sport rolling again. In many cities speedway got ridden on the cinders surfaced running tracks at the Athletic Stadiums, which had ample length but in many places were somewhat narrow.


Through the years 1949 to 1955 the Naestved Stadium framed a series of excellent speedway meetings organized by Naestved Motor Klub. All the Danish stars from those days like Orla Olsen, Kiehn Berthelsen, Erhardt Fisker and the veteran “Morian” Hansen rode there together with many of the World stars from abroad and enjoyed attention from fans in numbers up to 21.000. Also Naestved’s own rider Erik Wincentz gained great popularity and achieved fine results.

10/7 – 1949, Opening meeting:
næstved aabning

Around 10.000 spectators were present, when the president of  Danish Motor Union Mr. N. K. Pedersen gave the opening speech.
19 heats for in all 20 riders in the special- and standard classes got absolved.
Most exciting was a challenge match between Kiehn Berthelsen from Ringsted and Erhardt Fisker from Copenhagen.
Fisker lead 3 laps, but got overtaken by Berthelsen, who immediately again had to leave the places to Fisker in the fastest winning time of the day 1,24,9 min. against Berthelsen’s 1,25,4.
1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,            8 point.
2. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen,        5 point.
3. Svend Jensen, Odense,                      4 point.

Senior Std:
1. Leif Hirsborg, Naestved,                    9 point.
2. Kurt Henriksen,                                    5 point.
3. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                3 point.

Junior Std: Gerhard Nordahl Andersen.
Rookies: Arne Hedahl.
Mixed handicap: Holger Hansen.
Special handicap: Peter Nielsen, Slagelse.

 August 1949, Scandinavian Expert meeting:


The second meeting  on the new track offered Danish, Norwegian and Swedish expert riders, but a dramatic crash hit the Swedish rider 18 years old Göte Ohlsson ans was about to spoil the good mood, until it showed, that the escaped with a scratched elbow. It was merely the young man’s fifth motor race and his first on a cinders track.
Aage Andersen from Copenhagen lowered the track record to 1,24,3 min.
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,          8 point.
2. Henry Andersen, Norway,                 6 point.
3. Göte Ohlsson, Sweden,                      3 point.

Special A:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
2. Peter Nielsen, Slagelse.
3. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen.

Special B:
1. Vagn Petersen, Roskilde.
2. Hans Hansen, Naestved.
3. H. Weiling Nielsen, Copenhagen.

Senior std:
1. Leif Hirsborg, Naestved.
2. Arthur Ovesen, Sweden.
3. Norton Hansen, Holbaek.

Junior std:
1. Gerhard Nordahl Andersen, Kalundborg.
2. Arne Hedahl, Ringsted.
3. Kaj Larsen.

Ekspert handicap:
Heat stop on 2. lap due to Göte Ohlsson’s crash.
Restart after a break due to ambulance call.
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
2. Vagn Petersen
3. Peter Nielsen, Slagelse.

29. May 1950: International Expert meeting:

The World champion Tommy Price was announced but did not show up. Hence Bill Kitchen was the only British representative.
The Norwegian Storm Larsen withdrew from the meeting after the first heat  due to illness.
The got replaced by Stig Pramberg from Sweden and the Danish champion Aage Andersen, who definitely was a good replacement.
Orla Knudsen from Copenhagen opened with track record attempt, where he under the audience’s applause with a time of 1,19,5 min. substantially lowered the track record.
Once again the number of spectators tallied about 15.000.
1. Bill Kitchen, England,                         9 point.
2. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen,            5 point.
3. Stig Pramberg, Sweden,                    4 point.

Special 500 cc.:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,              7 point.
2. Uno Jensen, Copenhagen,                 6 point.
3. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen,         3 point.

500 cc. std. A:
1. Ejvind Hansen, Odense,                    9 point.
2. Leif Hirsborg, Copenhagen,             5 point.
3. Borge Morch, Kolding.                       4 point.

500 cc. std. B:
1. Erik Wincentz, Slagelse,                     7 point.
2. John Helfeldt, Copenhagen,            6 point.
3. Gunnar Due, Koege,                            3 point.

Naestved Disconto bank’s Cup:
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
3. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen.

Challenge match:
1. Stig Pramberg, Sweden.
2. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen.

2. July 1950, International Expert meeting:

The old giant Morian Hansen sat a track record for four laps with standing start in the time 1,21,1 min.
All in all he had a good day with  defeating the Englishmen Bill Kitchen and Cyril Brine. The latter lowered Orla Knudsen’s track record for four laps with flying start to 1,18.0 min. An audience of 12.000 watched. The Australian Mc Farlane was announced but did not come.
Expert A:
1. Morian Hansen, Copenhagen,            8 point.
2. Bill Kitchen, England,                            7 point.
3. Cyril Brine, England,                              3 point.

Expert B:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,                8 point.
2. Rune Larsson, Sweden,                        7 point.
3. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,            2 point.

Special 500 cc.:
1. Ejvind Pedersen, Copenhagen,          7 point.
2. Hans Hansen, Naestved,                      5 point.
3. Oluf Elsberg, Copenhagen,                  2 point.

500 cc. std:
1. Stig Lindahl, Sweden.
2. Ejvind Hansen, Odense.
3. Robert Rasmussen, Odense.

Mixed handicap:
1. Hans Hansen, Naestved.
2. Ejvind Pedersen, Copenhagen.
3. Ejvind Hansen, Odense.

Cup race:
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.


20. August, 1950, International Expert meeting:

The turnstiles showed a record entrance of 18.323 spectators. It took quite some time to get so many people arranged on the terraces, but the organizers had shortened the waiting time with model aeroplanes showing aerobatics.
The audience got presented a delicatesse in form of a meeting between the British riders Jack Parker and Bill Kitchen and the good old Dane Morian Hansen, who however had to obey superiority. He crashed in third heat right in front of Jack Parker who evaded him by a whisker, while Bill Kitchen took off the throttle.
Int. Expert:
1. Jack Parker, England,                             8 point.
2. Bill Kitchen, England,                             7 point.
3. Morian Hansen, Denmark,                    2 point.

Expert A:
1. Irving Irvinger, København,                  7 point.
2. Henry Andersen, Norge,                        5 point.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,                 4 point.

Expert B:
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,              9 point.
2. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen,           4 point.
3. Uno Jensen, Copenhagen,                    3 point.

Special A:
1. Ejvind Petersen, Copenhagen,             7 point.
2. Peter Nielsen, Slagelse,                          6 point.
3. Helge Carlsen, Copenhagen,                3 point.

Challenge match 1:
1. Bill Kitchen, England.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
3. Henry Andersen, Norge.

Challenge match 2:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
2. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen.

Handicap 1:
1. Uno Jensen, Copenhagen.
2. Ejvind Petersen, Copenhagen.
3. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.

Handicap 2:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
2. Bill Kitchen, England.
3. Jack Parker, England.

2. September 1950, Junior riders’ meeting:

The experienced old people from Naestved knew exactly how important it would be for the junior riders ti be given the opportunity to participate in a real track race.
At first it was Gentofte speedway, who decided to organize such a meeting, but declined for economical reasons. The it was Gladsaxe speedway, but they could not get permission from the union.
Finally the meeting got organized in Naestved, but unfortunately with a very little audience, merely a couple of hundreds.
For the first time also sidecars appeared on the track.
Much drama was shown in the meeting, because many of the young riders’ guts was not  matched with their skills.
Special 500 cc.;
1. Peter Jacobsen, Copenhagen.
2. J. Crone Jorgensen, Copenhagen.

Std. 500 cc.:
1. Poul Jørgensen, Morkov.
2. Alfred Larsen, Rodvig.
3. Ivan Dideriksen, Ringsted.

1. Ejbjerg Hansen, Naestved.
2. Mogens Torp, Naestved.

17. September 1950. International expert meeting:

At the last meeting of the season the audience record from 20. august got largely beaten. A tally of  21.504 people came through the turnstiles. And they really got value for their money.
The starting  list was topped by the Englishmen Jack Parker, Norman Parker and Bill Kitchen. From Holland came Co Boef and J. J. v.d. Vreugde.
Bengt Gustafsson and Lennart Svensson came from Sweden and Edvin Frederiksen from Norway.
The entire Danish elite spearheaded by Orla Knudsen, Kiehn Berthelsen and Morian Hansen was also present.
Bill Kitchen opened the meeting by lowering the track record til 1,16,3 min. After the meeting The maor of Naestved presented him with laurels, an  he rode a lap  of honor loudly applauded by the audience. Results:
Int: Expert:
1. Bill Kitchen, England,                             6 point.
2. Norman Parker, England,                      5 point.
3. Jack Parker, England,                             4 point.

Expert A:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,                8 point.
2. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen,               7 point.
3. Bengt Gustafsson, Sverige,                  3 point.
4. Co Boef, Holland,                                     0 point.

Expert B:
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,             8 point.
2. Uno Jensen, Copenhagen,                   5 point.
3: Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen,           4 point.
4. J. J. v.d Vreugde, Holland. 1 point.

Match of the day:
1. Morian Hansen.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen.

The Naestved race:
1. Orla Knudsen.
2. Edvin Frederiksen, Norge.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen.

Senior std.:
1. Knud Nielsen, Aarhus,                          7 point.
2. Lennart Svensson, Sverige,                 7 point.
3. Leif Hirsborg, Copenhagen,                3 point.

Junior std.:
1. Alfred Larsen, Rodvig.

Handicap 1:
1. Bengt Gustafsson, Sverige,           100 m. add.
2. Morian Hansen, Danmark,           130 m. add.
3. J. J. v.d. Vreugde; Holland, 5            0 m. add.

Handicap 2.
1. Bill Kitchen, England,                    120 m. add.
2. Edvin Frederiksen, Norge,               70 m add.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen, Danmark,        100 m. add.

 April 1951. Season opening, International Expert meeting:

The Nordic Champion Leif Basse Hveem and English Bob Oakley took superiority over Bill Kitchen and Morian Hansen in the international expert class. They alternately won heats by a narrow margin and after fierce fight. Bill Kitchen could to some degree follow them, but Morian came hopelessly last.
Track record:
Bob Oakley, 1,15,7 min. New record.

Int. Expert:
1. Leif Basse Hveem, Norway,                            8 point.
2. Bob Oakley, England,                                      7 point.
3. Bill Kitchen, England,                                      3 point.
4. Morian Hansen, Denmark,                             0 point.

Expert 500 cc:
1. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen,                          8 point.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,                           7 point.
3. Karl Johan Hultmann, Sweden,                     3 point.

Junior Spc. 500 cc:
1. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                                9 point.
2. E. W. Mathiassen, Copenhagen,                    6 point.
3. Mogens Torp, Naestved,                                 3 point.
4. Falle Jensen, Jyderup,                                     1 point.

Senior std:
1. Stig Lindahl, Sweden,                                      9 point.
2. Robert Rasmussen, Odense,                          4 point.
3. Ejvind Hansen, Odense,                                  3 point.
4. Leif Hirsborg, Copenhagen,                            2 point.

Cup race:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted.
2. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen.
3. Morian Hansen, Copenhagen.
4. Irving Irvinger, Copenhagen.

Int. handicap:
1. Irving Irvinger, Copenhagen, 0 m. add.
2. Bill Kitchen, England, 100 m. add.
3. Bob Oakley, England, 140 m. add.

Challenge match 1.
1. Bob Oakley.
2. Leif Basse Hveem.

Challenge match 2.
1. Bill Kitchen.
2. Orla Knudsen.

Challenge match 3.
Kiehn Berthelsen.
Morian Hansen.
Judged “dead race”

 June 1951: International Expert meeting:



A fine list of riders in the expert class and, and a rare
thing like an Opel bike 
in the standard class.
A note written by pencil in the programme cover says
no. 7 “Kumla” Fransson got replaced by
Verner Lorentsen from Norway and 
Göthe Olsson
got replaced by Edvin Frederiksen, also Norway.

The World Champion Freddie Williams and his brother Eric from England were matched against Olle Nygren from Sweden and Leif Basse Hveem from Norway.
Further participants were ”Kumla” Fransson, Lennart Aaström and Göte Olsson from Sweden, Henry Andersen and Werner Lorentzen fra Norge. See note above about replacements
From Denmark came Morian Hansen, Kiehn Berthelsen, Orla Knudsen, Aage Andersen and Erik Wincentz.
Basse Hveem failed a track record attempt due too dry track.
Expert A:
1. Eric Williams, England,                                    6 point.
2.Henry Andersen, Norway,                               6 point.
3. Freddie Williams, England,                             4 point.

Expertc B:
1. Leif Basse Hveem, Norway,                             9 point.
2. Olle Nygren, Sweden,                                       6 point.
3. Werner Lorentzen, Norway,                            2 point.

Expert C:
1. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen,                           6 point.
2. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,                        6 point.
3. Lennart Aaström, Sweden,                              4 point.

5. July 1951. International Expert meeting:

According to advertising in a newspaper was this meeting  ” Match of the Gigants ”.

Follow the link: Næstved Stadion 1951


With a startin list containing names as George Wilks from England, Leif Basse Hveem from Norway, Rune Sørmander from Sweden and the local Kiehn Berthelsen, definitely something was done to sharpen the public interest, and the 11.000 that came did not go dissappointed home.
Caused by last times  criticism of the track great effort was made to give the track optimal preparation. Despite that Rune Sörmander failed by 1,5 second to beat Bob Oakley’s track record 1,15,7.
In the great interval the Naestved veterans from the old Karrebaeksminde dirt track Max Wunder from Germany and the Danes Thorkild Clausen and Ferdinand Olsen rode a lap of honor under applause from the audience, and the drummer Freddie Crump entertained.
Expert A:
1. Leif Basse Hveem, Norway,                             9 point.
2. George Wilks, England,                                    6 point.
3. Henry Andersen, Norge,                                  5 point.
4. Kiehn Berthelsen, Denmark,                           0 point.

Expert B:
1. Rune Sörmander, Sweden,                              7 point.
2. Orla Knudsen, Denmark,                                 6 point.
3. Dan Forsberg, Sweden,                                    6 point.
4. Aage Andersen, Denmark,                               0 point.

Expert C:
1. Bengt Gustafsson, Sverige,                              9 point.
2. Jorgen Petersen, Denmark,                             4 point.
3. Leif Bech, Denmark,                                         4 point.
4 Leif Hirsborg, Denmark,                                    1 point.

Spc. 500 cc.:
1. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                                 6 point.
2. Stig Pramberg, Sverige,                                    6 point.
3. Kurt Henriksen, Slagelse,                                 4 point.
4. Henry Kjaergaard, Skive,                                  2 point.

Senior std:
1. Alfred Larsen, Naestved,                                 7 point.
2. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                                5 point.
3. Kaj Larsen, Copenhagen,                                 4 point.
4. John Helfeldt, Copenhagen,                            2 point.

Elimination 1:
1. Leif Basse Hveem, Norway.

Elimination 2:
1. Henry Andersen, Norway.

Elimination 3:
1. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.

Elimination 4:
1. Leif Hirsborg, Naestved.

Cup race:
1. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted:
3. Jorgen Petersen, Copenhagen.
4. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.

Challenge match:
1. Orla Knudsen, Copenhagen.
2. Stig Pramberg, Sverige.


12. August 1951. Nordic Speedway Championship:

The Nordic short track Championship, as the meeting was called, was attended by riders from Denmark, Norway and Finland. Sweden did not participate.
The championship took the form of a Norwegian tour de force against Denmark, while the Finnish riders got referred to secondary roles.
The race format was rather complicated. After four initial 4 heats from which the winners went straight to the finals,  the rest went to qualifying  heats before the finals, consisting af 3 legs of 2 heats.

Initial heat 1:
1. Leif Samsing,                     Norway
2..Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark
3. K. Lindegaard Petersen,   Denmark
4. ElmoTeräs,                         Finland
Initial heat 2:
1. Leif Basse Hveem,            Norway
2. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark
3. Ejvind Petersen,                Denmark.
4. Eino Kulmakorpi,              Finland.
Initial heat 3:
1. Thorleif Andreassen,        Norway
2. Aage  Andersen,                Denmark
3. Uno Jensen,                       Denmark
Yrjo Koljonen, Finland retired
Initial heat 4:
1. Verner Lorentzen,             Norway
2. Morian Hansen,                Denmark.
3. Jorgen Petersen,               Denmark
Yrjo Heikkilä, Finland crashed.

Qualifying  heat 1:
1. K. Lindegaard Petersen,    Denmark
2. Eino Kulmakorpi,              Finland.
3. Yrjo Koljonen,                   Finland.
4. ElmoTeräs                         Finland
Qualifying  heat 2:
1. Morian Hansen,                Denmark.
2. Jorgen Petersen,                Denmark.
3. Uno Jensen,                       Denmark.
4. Ejvind Petersen,                Denmark.
Qualifying  heat 3:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark.
2. Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark.
3. Aage Andersen,                Denmark.
Yrjo Heikkilä did not start..

Final 1. leg:
Heat 1:
1. Leif Basse Hveem,            Norway
2. Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark.
3. Thorleif Andreassen,        Norway.
4. Leif Samsing,                     Norway.
Heat 2:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark.
2. Verner Lorentzen,             Norway.
3. Morian Hansen,                Denmark.
4. K. Lindegaard Petersen,   Denmark.

Finale 2. leg:
Heat 1:
1. Leif Basse Hveem,            Norway
2. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark.
3. Leif Samsing,                     Norway.
4. Morian Hansen,                Denmark.
Heat 2:
1. Thorleif Andreassen,        Norway.
2. Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark
3. Verner Lorentzen,             Norway.
4. K. Lindegaard Petersen,   Denmark

Finale 3. leg:
Heat 1:
1 .Leif Basse Hveem,             Norway.
2. Verner Lorentzen,             Norway.
3. K. Lindegaard Petersen,   Denmark.
4. Leif Samsing,                     Norway.
Heat 2:
1. Thorleif Andreassen,         Norway.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen,              Denmark.
3. Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark.
Morian Hansen crashed..

Final standing:
1. Leif Basse Hveem,             Norway                 9 point.
2. Thorleif Andreassen,        Norway,                 7 point.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark,              7 point.
4. Orla Knudsen,                   Denmark,              5 point.
5. Verner Lorentzen,            Norway,                 5 point.

Team Championship:
1. Norway.
2. Denmark.
3. Finland

500 cc special:
1. Erik Wincentz,                   Naestved.
2. Jorgen Petersen,               Copenhagen.
3. Uno Jensen,                       Copenhagen.

500 cc Standard:
1. Knud Nielsen,                    Aarhus,                9 point.
2.. Alfred Larsen,                  St. Hedinge           5 point.
3. Robert Rasmussen,          Odense,                2 point.
3: Henry Vorre,                     Viborg,                  2 point.

“The Match of the day”:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen,             Denmark.
2. Verner Lorentzen,            Norway.
3. Thorleif Andreassen,        Norway.
4. Orla Knudsen,                    Denmark.

16. September 1951, Danish – Swedish team meeting:

The season was coming to an end, and the weather had been chilly. Hence “only” 9000 spectators watched the wolves from Norrköping defeat a mixed Danish select with 56 – 52.
Although haunted by a couple of engine failures Kiehn Berthelsen was Danish top scorer with 14 points of which 2 was bagged while replacing an ill Erik Wincentz.
A standard class was won with 7 point by Johannes Mygind ahead of Robert Rasmussen also 7 point and Alfred Larsen with 3 points. Unfortunately Norton Hansen got his bike wrecked in his first heat and retired from the meeting.
A challenge match between Orla Knudsen and Stig Pramberg got  won by Knudsen.


19. May 1952, Season opening, International expert meeting:

Traffic chaos in the air caused problems for the organizer, Bill Kitchen should arrive by plane in Kastrup airport, where a car was waiting to take him to Naestved. But the plane got engine trouble and made a security landing in Amsterdam. No one in Naestved knew anything about this, while the audience began to come in. Kitchen got a seat with another airline to Copenhagen, and contacted Morian Hansen to wait for him with a taxi plane there, bound for Naestved.
They should land on an airstrip close to Naestved, which the pilot had difficulties to find, so the got extra delayed.
The organizer managed the problems with swabbing  heats until Kitchen and Morian arrived to the track.
Expertmatch A:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Denmark,                         9 point.
.2. Bill Kitchen, England,                                    6 point.
3. Ove Bodin, Sweden,                                       2 point.
4. Morian Hansen, Denmark,                            0 point.

Expertmatch B:
1. Joel Jansson, Sweden,                                     9 point.
2. Edvin Frederiksen, Norway,                           5 point.
3. Orla Knudsen, Denmark,                               3 point.
4. Co Boef, Holland,                                            2 point.

Special A:
1. Leif Bech, Copenhagen,                                 8 point.
2. Reidar Jensen, Norway,                                  7 point.
3. Ejvind Pedersen, Copenhagen,                      2 point.

Special B:
1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,                         8 point.
2. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,                       7 point.
3. Jorgen Nielsen, Copenhagen,                        2 point.
4. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                                1 point.

Junior Special:
1. J. Crone Jorgensen,Copenhagen,                  5 point.
2. Ole Koenig Hansen,                                         5 point.
3. Ole Kaeseler,                                                      1 point.

Senior std:
1. Robert Rasmussen, Odense,                          9 point.
2. Johannes Mygind, Odense,                            7 point.
3. Alfred Larsen, Rodvig,                                    2 point.
4, Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                              0 point.

Cup race:
1. Morian Hansen, Copenhagen.
2. Leif Bech, Copenhagen,
3. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen.
4. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen.

1. Kiehn Berthelsen, Danmark.
2. Bill Kitchen, England.
3. Joel Jansson, Sverige.

2. Juni 1952, International Team meeting:

A Swedish team met an English team, supplied with the Danish Kiehn Berthelsen. But although the Swedes lost the match 35 – 37 it anyway was the Swedish riders, in particular Rune Sörmander and Joel Jansson, who impressed the 14.000 attenders on the track. Oppositely the former world champion Freddie Williams was the great disappointment of the day. Kiehn Berthelsen too had a lesser good day with crash and engine failures.
Team match:
England:                                       37 point.                    Sweden,                                  35 point.
Freddie Williams,                           7 point.                  Rune Sörmander,                   11 point.
Eric Willliams,                              10 point.                  Bengt Gustafsson,                    6 point.
Bill Kitchen,                                    7 point.                   Joel Jansson,                           10 point.
Jimmy Gooch,                                1 point.                   Sven Skoglund,                         4 point.
Bill Longley,                                   8 point.                   Thorsten Carlsson,                   2 point.
Kiehn Berthelsen (guest)              4 point.                  Gunnar Johansson,                  2 point.

Senior std:
1. Johannes Mygind, Odense,               9 point.
2. Ejvind Hansen, Ejlstrup,                    5 point.
3. Alfred Larsen, Rodvig,                       4 point.
4. Aage Iversen, Sonderborg,                0 point.

Senior special:
1. Leif Hirsborg, Naestved,                    6 point.
2. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,            5 point.
3. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                   5 point.
4. Kaj Larsen, Copenhagen,                   1 point.

Junior special:
1. Arne W. Rasmussen,                          6 point.
2. Svend Ove Petersen,                          2 point.
Only 2 finished,

Challenge match:
1. Rune Sörmander.
2. Bill Kitchen.

 28. June, 1952: Danish Meeting.

In this meeting 21 junior riders competed in various classes. A nasty crash happened in Junior special, when Henning Dinesen collided with Svend Ove Petersen. The latter was taken to hospital with a broken  arm.  In this class the strong standard rider Johannes Mygind debuted in special.
Senior spec:
1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,             8 point.
2. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                   5 point.
3. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,            3 point.
4. Kaj Larsen, Copenhagen,                    1 point.

Senior std: 1.
Johannes Mygind, Odense,                    8 point.
2. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                  7 point.
3. Alfred Larsen, Naestved,                    3 point.
4. Ejvind Hansen, Ejlstrup,                    0 point.

Junior Spec:
1. J. Crone Jørgensen, Copenhagen,     8 point.
2. Henning Dinesen, Naestved,             6 point.
3. Johannes Mygind, Odense,                6 point.
4. Oluf Elsberg, Copenhagen,                5 point.

Junior std:
1. Asger Andersen, Kastrup,                  8 point.
2. Kenneth Müller, Copenhagen,          8 point.
3. K. Smith, Holbæk,                               6 point.
4. Poul Hansen, Sundby,                        4 point.

1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,        60 m. add.
2. Johannes Mygind, Odense,             0 m. add.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted,       120 m. add.
4. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,      30 m. add.


17. August 1952. International meeting.

The World Champion Jack Young should have been there but excused himself for some dubious reason. In his place came Split Waterman, who did not cheat his fans, but took a clean sweep in all his heats.

Jack Young was absent

Split Waterman replaced Young

In the 500 cc special class Leif Hirsborg from Copenhagen had a nasty crash and got run over by the rider behind. Luckily both escaped unhurt

Expert A;
1. Split Waterman              England                  9 point.
2. Göte Olsson,                  Sweden                   8 point.
3. Joel Jansson,                   Sweden                  1 point.

Expert B:
1.Bert Lindarv,                   Sweden                   8 point.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen,          Denmark                7 point.
3. Leif Bech,                        Denmark                 4 point.
4. Gunnar Hellquist,           Sweden                  2 point.

Special 500 cc;
1. Erhard Fisker,                Copenhagen           8 point.
2. Erik Wincentz,                Naestved                6 point.
3. Aage Andersen,             Copenhagen           3 point.

Standard 500 cc:
1. Johannes Mygind,          Odense                   9 point.
2. Alfred Larsen,                 Naestved                5 point.
3. Norton Hansen,              Holbaek                  4 point
Cup race:
1.Erik Wincentz,                Naestved              84,4 sek.
2. Jorgen Petersen,           Copenhagen         85,1 sek.
3. Erhard Fisker,                Copenhagen        86,7 sek.

Match of the day:
1. Split Waterman,             England
2. Göte Olsson,                  Sweden
Jeff Lloyd,                          England  fell.
The match of the day should have been ridden with flying start, but after 3 aborted attempts to keep the riders in line a standing start got ordered.
Jeff Lloyd’s crash caused a knee injury, which needed medical attention at the local hospital.

14. September 1952, International meeting:

The last meeting in the season.

Expert A.
1. Bill Kitchen, England,                                    8 point.
2. Bertil Karlsson, Sweden,                               5 point.
3. Kiehn Berthelsen, Denmark,                        4 point.
4. Olle Andersson, Sweden,                              1 point.

Expert B:
1. Bill Longley, England,                                    9 point.
2. Leif Bech, Denmark,                                      6 point.
3. Per Svensson, Sweden,                                 2 point.
4. Erhardt Fisker, Denmark,                              1 point.

Expert C:
1. Stig Svensson, Sweden,                               12 point.
2. Erik Wincentz, Denmark,                               6 point.
3. Morian Hansen, Denmark,                            4 point.
4 Svend Aage Rasmussen, Denmark,               2 point.

Junior Spec:
1. Bue Jensen, Koege,                                         8 point.
2. Alfred Larsen, Naestved,                               6 point.
3. Henning Dinesen, Naestved,                        4 point.

Senior std:
1. Poul Kalør, Odense,                                       9 point.
2. Kenneth Müller, Copenhagen,                      4 point.
3. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                             2 point.

1. Hans Th. Jacobsen, Copenhagen,                 6 point.
2. John Lindberg, Copenhagen,                        4 point.
3. Egon Walther, Copenhagen,                         2 point.

Crack race:
1. Bill Longley, England,                                     5 point.
2. Bill Kitchen, England,                                     3 point.
3. Stig Svensson, Sweden,                                  2 point.
4. Bertil Carlsson, Sweden,                                1 point.

Challenge match:
1. Bill Kitchen.
2. Leif Bech.

Mixed handicap:
1. Per Svensson, Sweden.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Ringsted:
3. Henning Dinesen, Naestved.
4. Alfred Larsen, Naestved.

Cup race:
1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen.
2. Morian Hansen, Copenhagen,
3. Erik Wincentz, Naestved.


3. Maj 1953, Swedish – Danish – Team meeting.

The Season opening meeting got attended by 8000  spectators, who saw the local hero Erik Wincentz get a break through on the great speedway scene.

Team match:
Denmark,                                   43 point.                        Sweden,                                    40 point.
Orla Knudsen,                           12 point.                        Hasse Dahlström,                     6 point.
Erhardt Fisker,                           9 point.                        Bror Stenström,                         2 point.
Leif Bech,                                     9 point.                        Hasse Engborg,                         0 point.
Aage Andersen,                           4 point.                        Kjell Fransson,                        10 point.
Erik Wincentz,                            7 point.                        Nils Erik Persson,                    16 point.
Jorgen Stabirk,                            1 point.                        Sture Persson,                           5 point.
Alfred Larsen,                              1 point.                        Børje Ljungdell,                        0 point.
Svend Aage Rasmussen,           0 point.                        Percy Svensson,                         1 point.

Senior spec:
1. Alfred Larsen, Naestved,                               8 point.
2. Jeppe Ussing, Borkop,                                   5 point.
3. Johannes Mygind, Odense,                          4 point.
4. Svend Aage Rasmussen, Odense,                1 point.

Senior std:
1. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                             9 point.
2. Ernst Osterlund, Ry,                                      6 point.
3. Niels E. Nielsen, Odense,                              2 point.
4. Ejvind Hansen, Ejlstrup,                               1 point.

Junior spec: 
1. Henning Dinesen, Naestved,                        5 point.
2. Henning Hansen, Naestved,                        5 point.
3. Verner Nielsen,                                               2 point.

The match of the day:
1. Leif Bech.
2. Erik Wincentz.
3. Nils Erik Persson.
4. Erhardt Fisker.

Challenge match 1:
1. Henning Dinesen.
2. Henning Hansen.

Challenge match 2:
1. Johannes Mygind.
2. Aage Andersen.

7. June 1953, Naestved – Gladsaxe team meeting:

 Albeit a dazzling performance of Erik Wincentz, who bagged 16 points, the Naestved team anyhow saw themselves defeated with 39 point against Gladsaxe’s 44 point.
There were two groups in Senior standard. The first group was won by Norton Hansen from Holbaek ahead of the Silkeborg riders Ernst Osterlund and Jens Nielsen.
In the second group won Ejvind Hansen from Ejlstrup after a hard fight with Christian Schmidt from Holbaek.
Unfortunately a sidecar match faded somewhat out, when the favorite Egon Walther from Copenhagen got his motor ruined in his first heat and withdrew. Then Hans Th. Jacobsen won with 6 point ahead of Niels Andersen with 4 point.
The match of the day between the four fastest rider was won by Orla Knudsen ahead of Erik Wincentz, Bue Jensen and Kaj Larsen.
The day finished with a challenge match between Norton Hansen and Ejvind Hansen. Under the audience’s applause they roared  four laps  shoulder by shoulder with Ejvind Hansen outside.
It got judged “dead race”.


2. August 1953, International Expert meeting:

The great issue among the audience after the race was  Erik Wincentz, who got his long  time awaited international break through in a victory in the “match  of the day”, where he replaced a withdrawn Edvin Frederiksen from Norway hvor han indsat , defeated Bill Kitchen, Kiehn Berthelsen and Leif Bech.  He took the lead right from the gate, and under applause from 8000 spectators he finished 3/10 of a second ahead of Kitchen.
A team  match between Naestved and Funen got won by Naestved 42 – 39.  Erik Wincentz scored 15 point.

1. Leif Bech, Denmark,                          7 point.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen, Denmark,           7 point.
3. Bill Kitchen, England,                       5 point,
4. Edvin Frederiksen, Norway,            3 point.

Senior std.:
1. Knud Nielsen, Aarhus,                      5 point.
2. Norton Hansen, Holbaek,                4 point.
3. Arne Svendsen, Silkeborg,               4 point.
4. Borge Morch, Kolding,                     4 point.

Challenge match:
1. Knud Nielsen.
2. Norton Hansen.

9. May 1954, Season opening:


7000 people came to the season opening and saw a. o. Naestved’s  Erik Wincentz win two heat in the international  expert match fastest time of the day.
21 heat got perfectly absolved with only one crash, that hit Alfred Larsen, who in the international handicap tangled with Gunnar Hellkvist. He was lucky to escape unhurt from the crash.
Int. Expert:
1. Karli Killmeier, Austria,                    8 point.
2. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                 7 point.
3. Bill Kitchen, England,                       5 point.
4. Gunnar Hellkvist, Sweden,              4 point.

Nat. Ekspert:
1. Erhardt  Fisker, Copenhagen,         11 point.
2. Jorgen  Stabirk, Copenhagen,          8 point.
3. Aage Andersen, Copenhagen,          4 point.
4. Niels E. Nielsen, Odense,                  1 point.

Senior spec:
1. J. Crone Jorgensen, Copenhagen, 12 point.
2. Kaj Larsen, Copenhagen,                  6 point.

Senior std:
1. Christian Schmidt, Holbaek,            8 point.
2. Niels Erik Nielsen, Odense,             5 point.
3. Erik Wincentz, Naestved,                 3 point.
4. Arne Nielsen. Soroe,                          2 point.

Std. 175 cc: 
1. Erhardt Fisker, Copenhagen,           6 point.
2. John Howard, Copenhagen,            4 point.

Match of the day:
1. Karli Killmeier, Austria.
2. Gunnar Hellkvist, Sweden,
3. Erik Wincentz, Naestved.

Challenge match:
1. Erhardt Fisker.
2. Jorgen Stabirk.
3. J. Crone Jorgensen.


June 27. June 1954. Team match  England – Sweden –  Denmark:
According to the organizers a weather forecast predicting heavy rain over most of Zealand was the main reason for the attention of “not more” than 10.000 spectators to a meeting which numbered a great part og the world’s finest speedway riders.


The Danish team was reinforced with the best possible guest rider, Olle Nygren from Sweden who payed for the honor by bagging a 15 point maximum.  Also the the British team had powered up with Ronnie Moore and Barry Briggs from New Zealand, but got bad luck when Moore crashed in his first heat and retired from the match
Team match:
1. Denmark             35 point.             2. Sweden                 33 point.              3. England             22 point.
Olle Nygren               15 point.             Rune Sörmander       14 point.              Trevor Redmond    12 point.
Leif Bech                    13 point.             Joel Jansson               11 point.               Barry Briggs           10 point. Kiehn Berthelsen        5 point.              Allan Poppe Nilsson   5 point.               Bill Kitchen               0 point.
Erik Wincentz               2 point               Kaj Forsberg               3 point.                Ronnie Moore         0 point.

Standard 500 cc:
1. Erik Wincentz,                Naestved               9 point.
2. Poul Christensen,          Copenhagen          6 point
3. Arne Nielsen,                 Soroe                     3 point.

Challenge match:
1. Leif Bech                                                 78,9 sek.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen                                    79,1 sek.

Match of the day:
1. Olle Nygren
2. Rune Sörmander
3. Leif Bech
4. Trevor Redmond.

May 8. 1955, Season opening. Team match England – Sweden.
The British team had Leif Bech as guest and reinforcement.

Apart from the color the cover front usually did not vary much

Team match:
1. England                  25 point.                   2. Sweden                      23 point.
Gerry Hussey               12 point.                   Göte Olsson                                 ?
Leif Bech                      10 point.                    Stig Pramberg                  8 point.
Bert Roger                                 ?                    Olle Segerström              6 point.
Terry Courtnell                         ?                    Dan Forsberg                               ?

The distribution of the missing points is unknown to us. Can anyone help?

Special 500 cc:

1. Erik Wincentz,                 Naestved              9 point.
2. Erhard Fisker,                 Copenhagen         6 point.
3. Jorgen Rasmussen,        Odense                 3 point.

Standard 500 cc.
1. Knud Nielsen,                 Aarhus                12 point.
2. Johannes Jensen,           Aalborg                 6 point.
3. Jens Nielsen,                  Silkeborg               4 point.

Match of the day:
1. Gerry Hussey
2. Leif Bech
3. Stig Pramberg

Challenge match:
1. Leif Bech
2. Göte Olsson
Both in same time 84,4 sek.

Usually in it’s active period the track staged 4 – 5 meetings per year, but gradually the public interest diminished.
I 1955 the for the time last meeting at Naestved Stadium got absolved. Then the club concentrated around moto cross.
However speedway returned to Naestved Stadium for a short but happy visit. Together with Lions Club Naestved Motor Klub organized the ultimate meeting on the stadium on Thursday July 1st. 1982. .

July 1.  1982  International meeting:
Ole Olsen helped to contract a number of international stars to give the crowd of 7000 super speedway for their money.


Ole Olsen himself opened the fun with a track record attempt which lowered Rune Sörmander’s record on 75, 4 second in 1955 to 71,1 seconds.

The thrill skyrocketed when after heat 20 4 riders tied on 13 point, and a race-off was needed.

No. Name                           Nation                               Heat p.                   Total point.
1. Phil Crump                      Australia                            3,1,3,3,3                  13+3
2. Anders Michanek           Sweden                              2,2,3,3,3                  13+2
3. Ole Olsen                        Denmark                            3,3,2,2,3                  13+1
4. Erik Gundersen              Denmark                            2,3,3,3,1                  13+0
5. Preben Eriksen               Denmark                            3,3,F,0,3                   10
6. Bo Petersen                    Denmark                            2,2,2,3,1                   10
7. Hans Nielsen                  Denmark                            3,2,2,1,1                     9
8. Bobby Schwartz              USA                                    0,3,3,2,0                     8
9. Finn Thomsen                Denmark                            1,1,2,2,0                     6
10. Steve Bastable             England                               0,0,F,2,2                     5
11. Gordon Kenneth          England                              0,2,0,0,2                     4
12. Ari Kopponen               Finland                               2,1,1,0,0                     4
13. Mitch Shirra                  New Zealand                     1,0,0,1,2                     4
14. Thomas Hyding            Sweden                              1,0,0,1,1                     3
15. Conny Samuelsson      Sweden                              0,1,1,0,F                     3
16. Pär Gudmyndsson       Sweden                              1,0,0,1,0                     2

Olsens track record is now and forever history, because the cinders track no longer exists, and King Football is now sovereign of the stadium.

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