Dall Speedway

Aalborg Motor Klub leased in 1952 a quarry at Dall a few miles south of Aalborg. and established a moto cross track there, which still exists.

When in 1967 the Lindholm Speedway closed, a 333 m. long  speedway in 1968 got built in the same area. It never attracted meetings of great importance but was used for practice and as home track for the speedway team’s meetings. Some well known recent speedway riders, among them Mads Korneliussen and his elder brother Tim have worn their first iron shoes at Dall.
The track never reached a high standard and closed in 1985 due to internal disagreement in the management on how the.club’s scarce resources could best be utilized.


A newspaper clip from a meeting on Dall Speedway telling of close and hard racing with a few crashes and a rider, Jens Hangaard, who got hospitalized with a broken leg.
The 500 cc. class was won by Knud Knudsen from Brovst ahead of Jan Olsen from Aalborg and John Jensen, Frederikshavn.
A 50 cc. class was won by Bent Bjerregaard from Aarhus ahead of Kenneth Hansen, Aalborg.

Furthermore the reporter wondered why the club despite a public success did not follow up with more meetings and thought, that maybe they already then considered an expansion of the moto cross facilities.

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