Amager Trotting track

Amager LT Facts:
Track name: Amager Trotting Track.
Track owner: Amager Trotting Society
Track adress: Lojtegaardsvej 76, Taarnby DK 2770 Kastrup
Length: 1250 m.
Track surface: Granite granulate and gravel Straigth width: ? Bends width: ? Track record: ? Record holder: ?
Opened year/date: 1922 Closed year/date: 1970 *), 1974, 1976

*) The Amager Trotting Society got in 1970 sold til The Skovbo Trotting Society and the Amager Trotting track thereafter closed. In 1974 the trotting society moved to Skovbo Trotting Track (Bjaeverskov). I 1976 the old Trotting track in Kastrup near Copenhagen finally got removed..

In 1952 the new Amager Speedway opened in the infield of the trotting track. (See separate page)

Before 1939.

From the early days through the 30-es many great motor cycle races got ridden on the track, which had electric flood light. After the end of WW2, from 1946 and on to 1970 again many meeting including automobile racing were held there

Amager travbane 2- cylindret JAP.

A bike mounted with a 2 cylinder V engine.
With its long exhaust pipe 
on the left side it looks l
ike Husqvarna’s two piped model from 1935. 

February 2011: Marco Bjerkén wrote, that most l
ikely the rider is 
Yngve Eriksson from Sweden,
who also rode a similar Husquarna on ice.

 Nordic Championship: The Nordic Motor cycle Union got founded on the 5th April 1925, and organize the first Nordic Long Track Championshipog in Oslo in 1926. In 1931 Denmarks organized the Championship on Amager Trotting track.

Programomslaget fra NM 1931

n the class for solo motor cycles 5 initial heats of which one was for engines up to 350 cc, three heats for engines up to 500 cc, and one up to 750 cc. Regardless of cylinder volume the Championship was decides by the fastest riding time for 4 laps. The Nations Team Championship was decided by the lowest aggregate time for each nation’s 3 fastest riders. In the side car class Ivar Skeppstedt was passenger Gunnar Kalén. Edvard Klein from Sweden on Harley Davidson and Ishoyer from Denmark on Triumph both retired with engine failures. A final challenge heat over 10 laps was won by the Norwegian E. Sande i tiden 8,14,8 ahead of his fellow citizen Rolf Lau.
Individual Championship.
Pl. Name: Nation: MC: Time min.
1. Svend Aa. Engstrom Denmark AJS 500 cc. 3, 03, 8
2. Gunnar Kalén Sweden HVA 750 cc. 3, 04, 0
3. Ivar Skeppstedt Sweden F. N 750 cc. 3, 04, 3 4.
R. Jonsson Sweden HVA 350 cc 3, 09, 0

Sidecars over 1000 cc:
Pl. Name:                                 Nation:        MC:          Time min.
1. Gunnar Kalén                      Sweden       HVA             3, 33, 2
2. H. Axelson                           Denmark     Harley D.      3, 59, 1
3. D. Axelson                           Denmark     Harley D.      4, 11, 0
4. H. Skov                                Denmark     Triumph        4, 13, 0

Team Championship:
Pl. Nation: Aggregate time min.
1. Sweden                        9, 36, 6
2. Denmark                      9, 41, 8
3. Norway                      10, 03, 3

Ama nm 1931
Persons from left: Ivar Skeppstedt, Gunnar Kalén og Bramell, all from Sweden,
Paul Sande from Norway and Svend Aa. Engstrom from  Denmark.
(Picture from the The Motor Sports Blue Book)

August 2.1931 1. Autumn meeting:
1. race, 1. Heat: 6 laps.
No. Rider                                Motorcycle                   Time
1 Chr. Jorgensen                     Royal Enfield                 5,37,4 min.
2 Oluf Jensen                          Panther
3 Richard Nielsen                    Royal Enfield

1. race, 2. Heat: 6 laps.
1 Knud Hornung                      Royal Enfield                 5,26,7 min.
2 Aksel Jensen                        Norton
3 Harry Zinglersen                  Suecia

1. race, Final: 6 laps.
1 Chr. Jørgensen                     Royal Enfield                5,29,0 min.
2 Knud Hornung                      Royal Enfield                 5,36,2 min.
3 Oluf Jensen                          Panther                         5,51,5 min.


2. race. Senior 350 cc: 6 laps.
1 Ejnar Andersen                     Chater Lea                     5,37,5 min.
2 Sv. Aa. Sorensen                  Norton                            5,38,4 min.
3 Holger Sonderup                   A.J.S.                             6,07,0 min.

3. race. Senior 500 cc: 12 laps.
1 Kurt Malmstrom                    Suecia                            11,18,0 min.
2 Bogh Mathiesen                   Douglas                          11,40,9 min.
3 Richard Nielsen                    Royal Enfield                  11,49,8 min.
4 Gotfred Karlsson                   Suecia                           11,52,6 min.
Only these 4 riders reached the finish line.

4. race. Sidecars: 6 laps. No.
1 Bogh Mathiesen                    Douglas                           5,48,0 min.
2 H. Axelson                            Harley Davidson               6,06,6 min.
3 A. Reinhardt                          Indian
4 Carlo Holtermann Harley D.

5. race. 1 mile record with flying start.
1 Bogh Mathiesen                    Douglas                           1,47,0 min.
2 Sv. Aa. Sorensen                  Norton                             1,57,0 min.
3 Karl Malmstrom                     Suecia                             1,57,7 min.

May 22. 1932. Season opening:
Nearly 6000 spectators watched a meeting, that truly was successfully conducted by Sports Motor Club, but which unfortunately ended tragically.
In the final handicap heat  the 20-year Borge Gregers Andersen crashed and hit his head so badly, that he was killed on the spot. There were no other riders involved in the accident.
Prior to that, the young man,  who  first time participated in ground track racing,  showed promising riding and had occupied the third place in the 500 cc standard class on his B.S.A.

Amager travbane Svend_Aage_Sørensen
Svend Aage Sorensen being awarded the laurels for his Danish Championship
front of the grandstand at the Amager trotting track 1938

Amager Travbane start line up
tart line up

Amager travbane fuld fart gennem svinget
Full throttle through the bend

Amager travbane langside foran tribunenThe the straight in front of the grandstand

Picture fom the 30-es. Very few buildings around the track.
Only the water tower inTaarnby in the background reveals it is on Amager.

 The Elektrol Cup was sponsored by the oil company ”Elektrol Oil” was a handmade genuine silver cup that should be won 3 times to become the winner’s property. Before WW2 the events were in 1936 and 1937 staged on the Amager trotting track. Both times it was won by the Swedish star rider Torsten Sjöberg, who in the forties sadly lost his life in an accident at Varberg, Sweden.

Torsten Sjöberg.

  Watch a movie clip from the 1936 Elektrol Cup race:

Danish Championships on Amager in the 30-es

500 cc.
1. Aage Wagner. Rest of results are missing.

500 cc. special:
1. Aage Wagner:
2. Svend Aage Sorensen.
3. Christian Jorgensen.

350 cc. solo:
1. Svend Aage Sorensen.
2. Tage Schmidt.
3. Carl Topp.

250 cc. solo:
1. Carl Topp.
2. Svend Aage Sorensen.
3. Arne Fog.

Sidecar u. 500 cc:
1. David Axelsson.
2. William Petersen:
3. Herman Axelsson.

Sidecar o. 500 cc:
1. Hans Skov.
2. Jens Jensen.
3. Christian Jorgensen.

500 cc. special:
1. Svend Aage Engstrom.
2. Boegh Mathiesen.
2. Jensen Jensen.

350 cc. solo:
1. Erik Orth.
2. Hans Frederiksen.
3. Agner Hansen.

250 cc. solo:
1. Leif Hirsborg.
2. Borge Hansen.
No third.

1. David Axelsson.
2. Rud. Petersen
3. Name missing.

500 cc. special:
1. Svend Aage Engstrom:
2. Hans Hansen.
3. Svend Aage Sorensen.

350 cc. solo:
1. Erik Orth.
2. Svend Aage Sorensen.
2. Bent Larsen.

250 cc. solo:
1. Svend Aage Sorensen.
The Danish Motor Union awarded him the Championship without riding, because he rode on a 250 cc. machine in the 350 cc. class.

1. Hans Skov.
2. Th. Bengtsen
3. Rud. Petersen

Amager 1938 danske mestre

The Danish long track Championship 1936 got ridden i four solo classes on Amager.
Champions are from left: Freeman Steensen, Svend Aage Sorensen,
Svend Aage Engstrom and Erik Orth

Amager 1938. Hans Hansen og Sv.Aage Sørensen
Left: Hans Hansen and Svend Aage Sorensen with flowers 1938

Amager 1938. Engstrøm i midten
Ready at the gates 1938. Engstrom in the middle.

After 1946

Like all other motorsport the motor racing meetings at the Amager track lay idle during WW2, and got in 1948 hit by the – at that time – Secretary of Trade, Jens Otto Krag’s ridiculously banning of all motor racing due to fuel shortage. The ban got lifted after a few months without effect..
The meetings mainly got organized by The Motorcycle Club’s Track Foundation, occasionally in cooperation with the Danish Automobile Sports Union. (DASU)

Amager bilrace

Cars lined up for start at Amager. 1953
Leftmost Robert Nellemann’s
Ford V8 powered Allard. 

Amager 1957 A SvendsenMay 1957, Arne Svendsen on his Triumph giving
full throttle out of the bend 
to secure
his Anglia trophy victory ahead of
Soren Juul and Niels Moller.

Amager 1958 Anglia

May 1958, Jorn Sorensen and Niels Blumensaadt
riding abreast in the Anglia race.

Amager 1958 HPBoisen

H. P. Boisen, winner of the Anglia trophy 1958 ahead of
Jorn Sorensen and Niels Blumensaadt.

The Scandinavian Race 1959.

Amager 1959 Sidevogn

Swedish sidecar pilot Court Larsson showing how
tricky the balancing of a left side mounted
sidecar at high speed through the bends can be.

500 cc special:
No. 1. Kauko Jousanen,           Finland              18 points.
No. 2. Aulis Tuominen              Finland              13 points.
No. 3. Kiehn Berthelsen,          Denmark            11 points.
No. 4. Walther Gernert,            W. Germany        6 points.
No. 5. Erling Simonsen,            Norway                5 points.
No. 6.  Willy Mathiasen             Denmark             5 points.


Scandinavian race May 13. 1960  KLG Race:

Amager 1960 Program

The fine Programme cover 1960.

The KLG Cup. Special 500 cc class:
No. 1 Kauko Jousanen,            Finland              18 points.
No. 2 Erling Simonsen,             Norway             15 points.
No. 3 Aulis Tuominen,              Finland              12 points.
No. 4 Svend Nissen,                 Denmark             6 points.
No. 5 Tore Melby,                     Norway                6 points.
No. 6 Hermann Viets,               W.Germany         5 points.
Kauko Jousanen rode a track record in 1,55,2 minute for 3 laps (117, 2 km/h=73,25 mph).

The Amager Trotting Society’s Cup. Standard 500 cc:
No. 1 Søren Juul,                     Viborg                18 points.
No. 2 Bent Thomsen,               Struer                 15 points.
No. 3 Peder Søby,                   Randers             10 points.

The Moto Guzzi Cup. Sport 250 cc:
No. 1 Preben Bollerup,             Silkeborg            10 point.
No. 2 Erhard Fisker,                 Copenhagen         8 point.
No, 3 Axel Thorslund,               Copenhagen       6 points.

Danish Long track  Championship 1961.
500 cc. Special:
No. 1 Kurt W. Petersen,           Ringsted            18 points.
No. 2 Svend Erik Olsson          Copenhagen     11 points.
No. 3 Svend Nissen,                 Odense             10 points.

500 cc. Standard:
No. 1 Soren Juul,                      Viborg               17 points.
No. 2 Bent Thomsen,                Struer               13 points.
No. 3 Niels Moller,                    Viborg               13 points.

250 cc. Standard; No.
1 Erhard Fisker,                        Copenhagen     17 points.
No. 2 Aage Langthjem,             Randers            12 points.
No. 3 Erik Thomasen,               Randers            10 points.


Amager 1961 KWP DM

Danish LT Champion 1961, Kurt W. Petersen

May 3 1964 European Long track Championship Qualification:
No. 1. Olavi Turonen,               Finland              18 points.
No. 2 John Sylvest Andersen   Denmark           12 points.
No. 3 Kurt W. Petersen            Denmark           12 points.
No. 4 Alfred Danmeyer             W.Germany      11 points.
No. 5 Einar Hansen                  Denmark           11 points.
No. 6 Manfred Poschenrieder,   W. Germany    10 points.
6 riders qualified for the EC final in Scheessel, W. Germany on the 6th September.


Amager 1964 Olavi TurenenOlavi Turonen

Amager 1964

Rider No. 5 Timo Leine, Finland, No. 3 Kurt W. Petersen, Denmark,
No. 6 Joseph Untzarholzer, Germany, No. 2 Bert Hörnfelt, Sweden.


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