Billund Trotting track

Long track.

Billund trav

Aerial view of the Billund trotting track

The Motorcycle meetings at Billund trotting track was organized in cooperation between the Sports Motor club Gandrup, Holsted Speedway Klub and the Billund Trotting Society.

July 17. 2004.

billund kørerparade

Riders Parade at Billund (Pic. Motorbladet)

The 1200 meter long track was used first time for a long track meeting with many riders in many classes.
Although the meeting opened at 1 pm., the comprehensive programme took its time, and the last heats were ridden in the evening hours in floodlight.
Only one rider crashed and escaped with minor bruises. But no less than 12 motors ended on the scrap heap, partly due to the warm weather, partly to some riders’ lack of experience in setting up of the bikes to this very long track.

80 cc. Speedway:

1. Michael Vissing.
2. Jannik Barasinski.
3. Ronni Viuf.

250 cc sport:              
1. Kaare Heia,                           Norway.
2. Carsten Kühl.                        Denmark
3. Tom Dulin,                            Norway.

Short track:                
1. Ole Nielsen.
2. Mads Lund.
3. Jan Bodum.

Old boys 2-valves:
1. Hartmut Ernst,                     Germany
2. Franz Greisel,                       Germany
3. Kaare Heia,                           Norway.

Old Boys Lay down:
1. Jens P. Nielsen.                    Denmark
2. John Hartley,                        United Kingdom
3. Miklos Nemeth,                   Norway.

Old boys 4-valves:  :
1. Per Prytz,                              Norway.
2. Ole Rom.                               Denmark
3. Torben Pedersen.                Denmark

500 cc Speedway: 
1. Henrik Moller.                      Denmark
2. Claus Vissing.                       Denmark
3. Charlie Moller.                     Denmark

500 cc LT Expert: 
1. Tim Korneliussen.               Denmark
2. Janne Koivula,                      Finland.
3.  Klaus Gerdemann,             Germany

500 cc Sport sidecar:
1. Svend Pedersen / René Pedersen.
2. Steen Nordskov / Jorgen Qvistgaard.
3. Per Kristensen / Lillian Christensen.

1000 cc Forgotten Era:
1. Svend Pedersen / René Pedersen.
2. Steen Nordskov/ Jorgen Qvistgaard.
3. Kim Borg/ Soeren Bohl.

June 19. 2005, Nordic Open Long Track Championship:

billund 001A funny programme cover

The final in the Nordic Long track Championship was announced as an open event, which allowed riders from The Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany to enter, but with no possibility of being awarded the Nordic Championship, although they had the chance to win the Golden Bear race final, sponsored by Haribo. The programme included classes for 80 cc, sidecars, short track, 250 cc sport and old boys.

Due to an accident which hit the female Norwegian rider Stina Boerufsen, there was a break of approx. 1 hour. Hence the programme got shortened accordingly by leaving some secondary heats out.
Stina in pain got taken to hospital in Vejle to be scanned for internal injuries, but left there the next day, and already next Saturday she rode in a meeting i Norway.
A cool girl – indeed !

1. Janne Koivula,                    Finland. Nordic Champion
2. Willy Tjessem,                    Norway.
3. Sjoerd Rozenberg,               The Netherlands
4. Klaus Peter Gerdemann.    Germany
5. Dean Garrod,                       United Kingdom
6. Tim Korneliussen.               Denmark
7. Ian Leverington ,                 United Kingdom
8. Henrik Grynnerup.              Denmark
9. Tim Mount,                          United Kingdom
10. Pal Heia,                             Norway.
11. Marius Rökeberg,              Norway.
12. Kenneth Borgenhau,         Norway.
13. Martin Ernst,                      Germany
14. Stina Boerufsen,                Norway.
15. Nynke de Jong,                   The Netherlands.
16. Ronny Stüdemann,            Germany
17. Kim-Andre Aas,                  Norway.
18. Steffen Bredal.                   Denmark

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