The Danish Speedway League

The Super league.

The Danish Speedway League began in 1986 as a superstructure on the Danish Speedway Tournament for teams, where the first division until then, had been the superior row.
The objective for the league was to collect the best Danish riders, also among the professionals together with selected foreign riders to offer high class speedway to a paying audience, and with this attract coverage from printed press, thus creating a sponsor basis, that would make it economic attractive for the riders to participate.

The basis for the league was the 1. division’s top eight teams from 1985.
Up to 2000 the meetings were run in the same 4-teams format as the rest of the Danish Tournament

Despite the good intentions and the initial good reception from the audience the interest diminished.
Only few of the clubs got an acceptable economy out of their efforts. The reasons were multiple, but most of the clubs had, despite the professional touch, still amateurish leadership, of which some had greater ambitions than their money could afford.

The planned TV coverage of the matches did not materialize, and with them a very large proportion of the budgeted sponsor money.
In 1999 one of the leading clubs went bankrupt and had to leave its place to another club.

Kjeld Lund from Outrup Speedway Club took with his enormous knowledge of international speedway tournaments initiative to gather the interested clubs to a debate on the possibilities of continuing with league speedway on a high sporty level withe lesser clubs and possibly with some clubs from abroad.
The clubs could sign in freely, provided the had the economic power to afford it.

Thus the Danish Open Speedway League saw daylight in 2001 with 4 Danish teams plus a tam from Gothenburg i Swede and a team from Güstrow in Germany. At the same time the heat format got changed to 2-teams pair speedway, which is internationally common.

The Club structure has been gradually changed so that the economy is separated between the amateur department and the professional department. This principle and is now monitored by DMU.
Since 2002, the league has again been purely Danish with a growing number of clubs up to the maximum, which is the eight.
There are promotion- and relegation rules between the league and the first division, but they are subject to, that there is a promotion entitled 1. division club, who are interested and have the necessary organization and finance to run league speedway.







1986 4-teams meeting Fjelsted Fredericia Slangerup
1987 4-teams meeting Fredericia Fjelsted Slangerup
1988 4-teams meeting Slangerup Frederikshavn Fjelsted
1989 4-teams meeting Fredericia Fjelsted Slangerup
1990 4-teams meeting Brovst Fredericia Sæby
1991 4-teams meeting Holsted Fredericia Holstebro
1992 4-teams meeting Fjelsted Holsted Fredericia
1993 4-teams meeting Fredericia Holsted Fjelsted
1994 4-teams meeting Holsted Fredericia Randers
1995 4-teams meeting Fjelsted Holsted Fredericia
1996 4-teams meeting Holsted Fredericia Holstebro
1997 4-teams meeting Holstebro Holsted Outrup
1998 4-teams meeting Brovst Holstebro Holsted
1999 4-teams meeting Outrup Brovst Odense
2000 4-teams meeting Brovst Herning Holsted
2001 DOSL, 2-teams meeting Holsted Outrup Brovst
2002 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Outrup
2003 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Brovst
2004 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Fredericia
2005 2-teams meeting Fredericia Holsted Slangerup
2006 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Outrup
2007 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Esbjerg
2008 2-teams meeting Slangerup Esbjerg Holsted
2009 2-teams meeting Holsted Slangerup Brovst
2010 2-teams meeting Slangerup Outrup Vojens
2011 2-teams meeting Slangerup Holstebro Holsted
2012 2-teams meeting Esbjerg Fjelsted Holsted
2013 2-teams meeting Esbjerg Fjelsted Holsted
2014 2-teams meeting Holsted Esbjerg Munkebo
2015 2-teams meeting Munkebo Fjelsted Esbjerg
2016 2-teams meeting Region Varde Holsted Esbjerg
2017  2-teams meeting Fjelsted Region Varde Slangerup
2018  2-teams meeting Region Varde  Slangerup  Holsted