Kolding Haderslev Road

Earth track

May 11. 1947
After the end of WW2 speedway again was ridden in Kolding. Again the track lay at the road to Haderslev, but closer to the city than the above mentioned. Also this track had a short time of life, but was succeeded in 1952 by a track located neighbor to the Agricultural Fair ground in Kolding.
Kolding 003

Kolding 004

A programme cover from a meeting in 1947. The copy originates from the rider Orla Knudsen,s private collection.
Page 2 shows the race format and the riders’ names. Unfortunately it had been filled in with a pencil, which through many years had become unreadable. However it is traceable that Orla Knudsen rode a track record in 1,39,2 min.



IMG_0219A cluster of pictures from Kolding earth track

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