The Danish Speedway Tournament

1. div. 500 cc. 1956 – 1985.

Early in the fifties a discussion about establishing series riding for Danish speedway teams, like e.g England and Sweden already had.

Team riding as such was not unknown in Denmark, but not as an organized tournament.Several friendly matches was run between city teams, and also Nation’s matches between Denmark and Norway og Sweden.

However; there still was a long way from idea to acting, Some clubs was simply contrary, and between those, who was pro,  the race format should de settled.
Finally in 1955 an agreement about starting a tournament in 1956 got reached. But that was not so easily done.
The participating teams should be found, and riders should be elected. ore than half the season was spent, before the first teams, who were  FAM, Amager, Odense and Randers, could be published.
A team should consist of six riders, and the meetings should be with two teams, respectively home and away.

In 1959 again strides arose about the tournament.

An international Expert meeting on Odense Speedway mid July in bright sunshine, where also at team match between Funen and Jutland was inserted, gave a substantial deficit, as the spectators just because the good weather  stayed away in great numbers.
That the fine field of Expert riders should have great start money, which emptied the account, was not held responsible for the deficit.
The two upper bosses from SMO and Fyens Motorsport stated that it was the tournament that kept the public away. They wrote in the press, that the tournament had no justification, and at least the riders from Funen should decline from participation.

Hence  from 1960 to 1966 no tournament was held.

In 1967 Fredericia Motor Klub’s Jorgen Dorscheus and H. P. Boisen took initiative to restart the tournament with 2-teams meetings. Teams should consist of six riders plus a possible reserve rider.
Seven teams, who was the Fortress boys from Fredericia, the Vikings from Esbjerg, the Woolers from Herning, The Cimbrians from Aalborg, The Lions from Haderslev, the Charcoalers from Frederiksborg and Odense fromFunen, signed in.
In 1968 the Wall boys from Fredericia got added.

In 1972  the format got changed to 4-teams meetings, A team should consist of four riders plus a reserve rider with the lowest average.
Thus  more riders than before got the opportunity for regular competition riding, which proved to have a useful effect on their riding skills.
At the same time a second division got established, zone divided in north and south, and with rules for promotion and relegation between first and second division.





1956 Odense The Charcoalers Amager
1957 Amager The Charcoalers Australia,  Vejle
1958 Amager The Jutlanders Odense
1959 Amager The Jutlanders Odense
 No tournament
1967  The Vikings  The Fortress boys  Uldjyderne, Herning
1968 The Fortress boys  The Lions The Charcoalers
1969   The Vikings  The Fortress boys The Charcoalers
1970  The Vikings The Fortress boys The Wolves
1971  The Vikings The Fortress boys The Lions

 4-teams  tournament

1972  The Vikings The Fortress boys The Pirates, Aarhus
 1973  The Pirates, Aarhus The Vikings The Fortress boys
 1974 The Fortress boys The Vikings The Redoubt boys
 1975 The Fortress boys The Vikings The Pirates, Aarhus
1976 Holsted Tigers The Vikings The Pirates, Aarhus
1977 Holsted Tigers The Vikings The Pirates, Aarhus
1978 Holsted Tigers The Vikings The Wolves
1979 Holsted Tigers The Charcoalers The Vikings
1980 The Vikings Holsted Tigers Outrup
1981 The Vikings Holsted Tigers Frederikshavn
1982  The Leopards The Vikings Outrup
 1983 The Charcoalers The Vikings The Leopards
1984 The Vikings The Leopards Holsted Tigers,
1985 Outrup The Leopards  Holsted Tigers

In 1986 the Danish Speedway League started as a professional superstructure on the Danish Tournament, See This.

The Danish Tournament continues as before, but on a non-professional level