Nakskov Speedway

Track name: Nakskov Speedway
Track owner: Sports Motor Club DAN
Track address: DK 4900 Nakskov, Lolland
Length: 402 m. ¼ mile.
Track surface: Soil & cinders.
Track record: 1,24,4 May 20. 1951
Record holder: Irving Irvinger, Copenhagen
Opened year/date: 1946
Closed year/date: 1952

Nakskov is the major town on the island Lolland, located at Nakskov Fjord at the western coast of the island. The town is known to be the place where the shipping company East Asiatic Company got founded, and to be a center for sugar production.The Sports motor club DAN got founded in Nakskov on January 18th 1940, open for motor cyclists who broke out in protest from another motor club.
The outbreak of WW2 in 1939 a. o. led to restriction in fuel supply, but despite that, the club got permission to organize a benevolent meeting on Sunday April 7th 1940 to benefit for charity aid to the people of Finland after the winter war against Russia.
Two days later the German army occupied Denmark and all motor sports activities seized.The club lay idle during the war, but revived in 1945, and despite the restriction in fuels supply, the members again arranged a benevolent meeting on December 2nd to benefit for “Elderly people’s Christmas”.The club wanted to get a speedway of its own, and after time consuming with the municipality of Nakskov finally a suitable site was found. The construction cost would add up DKK 20.000, which the club was far from having. Like many other places the club members in November 1946 volontarily had to dig out a substantial amount of earth and spread 900 m3 cinders to cover the track surface. Thus the costs were kept down to DKK 6.000.

A number of well reputed riders from the entire Denmark joined the opening meeting, among them the famous Nimbus rider Josef Koch in the sidecar class. The first track record attempts for 4 laps gave the results below:

Class                       Rider /Driver       Home                  Time. 
Special 500 cc:.       Svend Jensen      Odense                1,30,4
Standard 500 cc:   Ejnar Andersen   Copenhagen        1,38,6
Midget car:            Kaj Hansen          Copenhagen        1,40,0

The club itself had some good and well known riders, randomly listed,  Erik Melhede, Hans Bondesen, Egon Schlander, Stryg Jensen, Erik Rasmussen, Egon Thorvald, Henry Jorgensen, Palle Houlberg and Erik Langhorn,

5. oktober 1947.
The last meeting of the year began with a number of successful track record attempts. The Odense rider Kaj Holck Mogensen opened with a new record time 1,37,0 in the standard 500 cc class, but got a mere 3 minutes to enjoy his success before Leif Hirsborg from Copenhagen rode 0,5 second faster Track records:

Class                       Rider.                      Home                  Time.  
Special 500 cc.        Irving Irvinger        Copenhagen        1,27,6
Standard 500 cc      Leif Hirsborg         Copenhagen        1,36,5
Midget car               Kaj Hansen            Copenhagen        1,39,4

500 cc.
Nr. Name                Home                    Time heat 1        Time heat 2         Time heat 3       Pts. 
1,  Irv. Irvinger        Copenhagen                     1,34,0                  1,36.4                  1,34,0           8
2.  Uno Jensen        Copenhagen                      1,34,0                  1,31,0                  1,29,0           6
3  Leif Bech             Copenhagen                      1,38,4                  1,35,5                  1,38,9           5

Senior Standard 500 cc. ”The Svingel cup”
1. leg
Nr. Name                            Home  
1.  Kaj. H. Mogensen           Odense
2. Robert Petersen              Copenhagen

2. leg  
1. Leif Hirsborg                    Copenhagen
2  Henry Jorgensen              Nakskov,

3. leg  
1  Leif Hirsborg                    Copenhagen
2  K. H. Mogensen                Odense

Junior Standard 500 cc.
Nr. Name                            Home 
1  Ernst Petersen                Nakskov
2  Eigil Jørgensen                Nakskov

1. leg.
Nr. Name                            Home  
1. Josef Koch                       Copenhagen
2. Svend Knudsen              Odense
3. Johs. Hansen                  Odense

2. leg  
1. Josef Koch                       Copenhagen
2. Svend Knudsen              Odense
3. Johs. Hansen                  Odense (retired)

May 20. 1951. International Expert meeting.

Nakskov 1951 05 20

The meeting opened with an attempt from Morian Hansen to improve Irving Irvinger’s track record from October 1947 1,27,6 over 4 laps. With the time 1,28,4 he failed. Later in the meeting Irvinger himself improved his time to 1,25,4.
The local newspaper “New Day” described the meeting as boring and was disappointed, because the Dutch riders were unable to match the Danes.
International expert:
1. Leg
No. Name                Home                   Time heat 1        Time heat 2         Time heat 3       Pts. 
1,  Irv. Irvinger           Copenhagen                  1,25,4                  1,30.7                   1,28,3           9
2  Co Boef                   Holland                          1,34,0                  1,31,0                   1,29,0           6
3  Jorgen Petersen,    Copenhagen                  1,34,6                  1,35,3                   1,32,5           2
4  Morian Hansen      Copenhagen                Retired                Retired                   1,30,0           1

2. Leg  
No.  Name               Home                   Time heat 1        Time heat 2         Time heat 3       Pts.
1.  Aage Andersen     Copenhagen                  1,29,3                 1,31,3                     1,29,8           9
2.  Uno Jensen           Copenhagen                  1,29,5                 1,21,4                     1,30,5           6
3  Jan de Vreugde      Holland                          1,34,5                 1,37,4                     1,34,0           2
4.  Peter Nielsen        Slagelse                        Retired               Retired                     1,33,7          1

No. Name                Home                   Time
1  Irv. Irvinger          Copenhagen         1,26,5
2  Aage Andersen    Copenhagen
3  Uno Jensen          Copenhagen
4  Jørgen Petersen  Copenhagen

Special 500 cc.
No. Name                Home                   Time heat 1        Time heat 2         Time heat 3       Pts.
1. Falle Jensen           Jyderup                          1,37,2                  1,37,2                  1,36,5          11
2. G.V. Mathiasen     Lyngby                           1,38,4                   1,41.0                  1,35,8           8
3. Crone Jorgensen Copenhagen                   1,37,5                   1,37,5                Retired           6
4.Ole. K. Hansen     Copenhagen                   1,48,5                   1,48,5                  1,47,6           4
5  Kjeld Andersen   Copenhagen                 Retired                 Retired                Retired           0

The economy of the track was poor and jeopardized the club’s existence. At an extraordinary general assembly in 1949 16 members voted for continuing and 13 voted for closing. Anyhow the club survived and is still existing in 2011, although only with few members and with focus on family car touring.

The last speedway meeting in Nakskov was ridden in 1951, and the track got closed.


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