Moerke Dirt track.

Moerke is a village on Djursland approximately 10 miles north east of the city Aarhus.

Rudi Hansen, a Dane now living in Auckland, New Zealand sent us a letter, in which he describes a speedway, where he in his childhood attended a meeting.

“Then there was Calle Hansen, who  my father talked with at a speedway track in the village Moerke  north east of Aarhus, where my mother and I was with him..
The riders rode around one at a time, the track was very narrow, and Calle had the fastest time on his Velocette.
I also remember that my father met his friend, Henry Sorensen on BSA. by Rome’s Cave. (Vejle. ed.)
The track at Moerke was there in 1946-47. We stood on the infield and saw them riding around one at a time, and a sidecar pair  toppled right in front of us.
The track looked most of all like a horse training course.

There were riders from Djursland Motorsport participating, and their helmets were not strapped to their heads.
But it was many years ago, and it probably will not be easy to get some light in darkness*), only if you’ll go there and twist arms on the old locals  ! “
*) The name Moerke is also a Danish word for darkness.

September 1. 1946.

The meeting reported below is probably the same meeting
as announced above

his newspaper undated clip is the only one we have found,
reporting a successful meeting with 3000
spectators at the Moerke Dirt track

Speedwaylife thanks Rudi Hansen for the letter, and agree on the difficulties he mentions about getting data on this track.
But now he himself has taken the first and most important step.

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