Glumsoe Speedway

Track name: Glumsoe Speedway 500 cc
Track owner: Midtsjaellands Motor Sport
Address: 32 Stendyssevej, DK 4171 Glumsö
Length: 290 meter
Surface: Crushed bricks, clay and tennis gravel
Width straights: 10,5 meter
Width bends: 15,5 meter
Track record: 58,2 sec.
Record holder: Bjarne Pedersen, 13/5 2016.
Opened: 1968

Track name: Glumsoe Speedway 85 cc
Length: 196 meter
Width straights: 9 meter
Width bends: 12 meter
Track record: 52,6 sec.
Record holder: Norick Blödorn, Germany, 19/8 2017
Opened: 1976

Track name: Glumsoe Micro Speedway 50 cc 
Length: 171 meter
Width straights: 7,5 meter
Width bends: 9,5 meter.

The Mid Zealand’s Motor Sport Club originates from 1926 and its greatest activity is moto cross.
But it also has a speedway branch which in 1967 opened a primitive speedway track in Glumsoe.
There was no safety fence, only old car tires laid to mark the outline. Neither electricity nor water was installed, no referee box or club lodge was built.
The original surface was a mix of soil, grass and clay.
From the beginning the track length was approximately 320 meter long and the width was between 10 to 12 meters. The changes to the current dimensions came late in the 70-es.

Glumsø 16-06-77Gnistorne from Malmo, Sweden called in for a friendly meeting.

The track has been improved several times through the 70-ties and a track for 80 cc speedway in the infield was added in the 80-es.  The pit area got expanded to 420 m2 of which 140 m2 are semi-roofed.
Also a club lodge got built with a cafeteria and other facilities.

The track lay idle for a short period of time due to lack of riders, but most of the time the has been a high level of activity despite some environmental problems which now seem – if not fully solved – then at least acceptable.

Nowadays Glumsø Speedway is a well going track with fine facilities for riders as well as for the audience. Lately a smaller track for 50 cc micro speedway has been built on the high plateau on the opposite side of the access way.

Glumsø 1
Glumsoe in 1991 before the new referee box got built.

Glumsø udkørsel
Entrance to the track from the pits, 1989

Glumsø 22-7-89
Programme cover from a tournament meeting.

Glumsø start
Gating seen from the new referee box.

Celebrating the advancing to division 1.

Satellite view of Glumsoe Speedway

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