Danish Long track Champions 1952 – 1992

In 1952 the Danish Championships got separated in Speedway on short tracks under 400 m. and Long tracks over 650 m., also named as 1000 m.

Generally the riders were the same, and still there was ridden in many classes, both sidecars and solo.

The interest for the long track sport is gradually diminished, because a number of suitable tracks, among them the trotting tracks have been closed for motor cycles and with them also practice possibilities. There is still a group of few enthusiastic Long track riders left, but not enough to justify a championship.

The only track in Denmark, still left open for the sport, is the old Skovby track near Haderslev, where occasionally practice and meetings with participation og riders from our neighbor countries are organized.

The Sports Motor Club Gandrup is annually organizing a grass track meeting at Skiveren due north of the Limfjord. Same club embarked some years ago into a leasing arrangement about the Jübeck long track at Schleswig in Northern Germany, which lay idle after being abandoned by the local club.

Add to that, that competition worthy material is costly both in acquiring an maintenance, especially seen in relation to the restricted possibility for utilization.
Since 1992 no official Danish Long track Championship meeting has been held.

The table blow contains only the Champions in the highest 500 cc. sole class.
*). In 1956 was Sport 500 cc. the highest class.






1952 Not ridden
1953 Aarhus trotting track Kiehn Berthelsen Erik Wincentz Aage Andersen
1954 Not ridden
1955 Aarhus trotting track Kiehn Berthelsen Arne Pander Otto Nielsen
1956 Aarhus trotting track *) Knud Nielsen Soren Juul Niels M. Christensen
1957 Aarhus trotting track Arne Pander Jeppe Ussing Kaj Larsen
1958 Odense trotting track Poul Hansen Svend Nissen Erik Kastebo
1959 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Poul Hansen Svend Nissen
1960 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Svend Nissen Gunnar Spitfejer
1961 Amager trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Svend E. Olsson Svend Nissen
1962 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Svend Nissen  John S. Andersen
1963 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen John S. Andersen Svend Nissen
1964 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Hans P. Boisen Svend Nissen
1965 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Svend Nissen John S. Andersen
1966 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Ole Olsen Poul Wissing
1967 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Jan Holm Nielsen Ove Petersen
1968 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Preben M. Christensen Preben S. Pedersen
1969 Skive trotting track Kurt W. Petersen Jan Holm Nielsen Preben M. Christensen
1970 Skive trotting track Bent N. Jensen Preben M. Christensen Jan Holm Nielsen
1971 Skive trotting track Ole Olsen Bent Norregaard Jensen Kurt W. Petersen
1972 Skive trotting track Ole Olsen Jan Holm Nielsen Kurt W. Petersen
1973 Aalborg trotting. track Ole Olsen Preben Rosenkilde Kurt W. Petersen
1974  Not ridden
1975  Nykobing F. trott. track  Kristian Praestbro Peter Hansen  Ole Olsen
1976 Aalborg trotting track  Kristian Praestbro  Ole Olsen Kaj Kristensen
1977 Korskro Kristian Praestbro Jan Holm Nielsen Bo Petersen
1978 Korskro  Kristian Praestbro Alf Busk Torben Therkildsen
1979 Korskro  Kristian Praestbro Hans Nielsen Alf Busk
1980 Korskro Finn Rune Jensen Erik Petersen Poul Erik Nielsen
1981 Korskro Hans Nielsen Alf Busk Finn Rune Jensen
1982 Korskro Ole Olsen  Hans Nielsen Brian Jacobsen
1983 Korskro Erik Gundersen Finn Rune Jensen Alf Busk
1984 Korskro Finn Rune Jensen Hans Nielsen Bo Petersen
1985 Korskro Erik Gundersen Finn Rune Jensen Alf Busk
1986 Korskro Erik Gundersen Finn Rune Jensen Hans Nielsen
1987 Korskro  Hans Nielsen  Finn Rune Jensen Kent Noer
1988 Korskro Hans Nielsen Finn Rune Jensen Jens Henry Nielsen
1989 Korskro Jan O. Petersen Hans Nielsen Henrik Kristensen
1990 Not ridden
1991 Skovby Jens Henry Nielsen René Mortensen Kent Noer
1992 Skovby Jens Henry Nielsen John Pedersen Rene Mortensen