Selskov Speedway

31 years with speedway in Hilleroed.

Track name: Selskov Speedway
Track owner: Selskov Stadium/ FAM
Track adress: Selskovvej, DK 4300 Hilleroed.
Length: 400 m.
Track surface: Cinders
Straigth width: 8 m.
Bends width: 12 m.
Track record: 73,3 sek.
Record holder: Erik Gundersen 21-08-1983
Opened year/date: 22-08-1954
Closed year/date: 08-09-1985

The debate.

A more than three year long political debate had to come to conclusion before a speedway track became a reality.

Around 1950 the idea of building an athletic stadium in the town Hilleroed emerged, which caused the local Frederiksborg Amts Motorklub (FAM) to forward a wish, that the stadium might also be suited for dirt track meetings.
That idea did absolutely not become accepted well in all corners of the community.

In the Copenhagen newspaper “POLITIKEN” in the beginning of 1951 a long article full of anger and emotions against the plans could be read. In short extracts are cited:

“- Once or twice per year speculants and developers are sneaking forward to attack our country’s beautifully venues in hope of personal advantage. – Now they have spotted a location out in Hilleroed behind the close. Here we find deep forest areas. – The deers from the nearby Grib Forest dare to move in there, and the birds have found a sanctuary. – Now plans are to build a dirt track stadium with its devilish noise and stinking exhaust fumes, with ice cream vendors and beer tents.”

After such a salute it might not have been difficult to raise an opinion in Hilleroed and vicinity against ”the nasty scheme from those beer quaffing and ice cream eating motor sports people”.

Anyway, some common sense gradually sneaked into the debate making it possible to save the beautifully landscapes around Hilleroed and to find room for motor sport activities a few times per year with duly respect and considerations to the environment.

Thus, in 1954 the 400 meters long cinders track at Selskov Stadium in Hilleroed could be opened as a Speedway track. Very soon it conquered the position as the national speedway stadium of Denmark from Amager Speedway, which was opened only two years before.

August 23.1954;
A newspaper wrote:
Hilleroed has the only real speedway track in the country. Located closely outside the town you find this unique special built track – Selskov Speedway – which with its perfect construction offers excellent facilities for riders as well as for the audience.

The inauguration on 22 August was a festive part of the celebration of FAM’s 25 years of jubilee, which  actually was on the 14th August. Speeches were given by the parish council chairman K. Lassen and FAM’s President, Mr. H. Damkjaer Petersen. Approximately 10,000 spectators turned up.



Pictures from Selskov 1954

Standard solo:                         1. leg,           2. leg.
1. Borge Hansen FAM              1,39,8            1,42,9
2. Poul E. Larsen FAM              1,42,3            1,44,8

1. Sv, Mortensen, Helsinge      1,37,0           1,37,2
2. Sv, H, Petersen, Helsinge     1,37,3           1,38,4

1. Leif Bech/Eivind Petersen                  15 point.
2. Kiehn Berthelsen/Erik Wincentz        14 point.

Expert Match:
1. Kiehn Berthelsen
2. Leif Bech
3. Axel Andersson, Sweden
4. Eivind Petersen

Prize for best time:
Kiehn Berthelsen 1,21,9

Selskov åbning 19541954: Kiehn Berthelsen leading the pack at Selskov.

Selskov kept this position until mid 70-es, when Vojens Speedway headed by Ole Olsen took over the greater and more important events for a longer period of time.

When after 1976 season the Goldbar race abandoned Charlottenlund trotting track the race series went to Selskov for once in 1977. Later it moved to Vojens.

The only Gold Bar race at Selskov had this programme cover.

Bernt Persson replaced Peter Collins. Jens Munkedal replaced John Boolger.

Still many fine meetings were held on Selskov including World qualifications, Danish Championships in senior- as well as in Junior class.
Listed below are some of the more important.

June 12. 1955: Nordic team match.
1. Sweden             36 p.                                           2. Norway                  26 p.

Lars Petterson       11 p.  (2,3,3,3)                             Henry Andersen       12 p.  (3,3,3,3)
Bernt Nilsson         10 p.  (3,3,3,1)                             Basse Hveem              7 p.  (2,2,1,2)
Göte Olsson             8 p.  (3,F,2,3)                             Rolf Westerberg          4 p.  (1,1,1,1)
Bertil Carlsson         7 p.  (3,2,2)                                Reidar Kristoffersen   3 p.  (0,1,1,1)
Birger Forsberg       0 p.  (F)

3. Denmark           22 p.                                           4. Finland                  11 p. 
Kiehn Berthelsen  10 p.  (3,2,3,2)                             Antti Pajari                   6 p.  (2,1,2,1)
Leif Bech                 7 p.  (0,2,2,3)                              Kauko Jousanen          3 p.  (1,0,0,2)
Arne Pander            5 p.  (2,2,1,0)                             Simo Ylanen                1 p.  (0,1,0,0)
Aksel Müller            0 p.  (0,0,0,0)                             Aulis Tuominen           1 p.  (1,0,0,0)
Only a nut:
“MotorBladet” in June 1955 brought this little story from a team meeting on Selskov between the local team “Kulsvieren” and “Kaparne” from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Swedish rider Norlin got knocked off in a bend. In chagrin, he left his bike on the track while he went back to the pit and sat down.
Soon after a track official came and gave him a small nut – This is yours yours.
Norlin looked at the nut and asked frightened – is it all what is left of my bike?
He only fell down, when a few minutes later his mechanic came into the pit with the motorcycle.

October 7. 1956. Danish Championship final.
1: Arne Pander. 14+3
2: Aksel Müller.  14+2
3: Erik Wincentz.

September 22. 1957. Danish Championship final.  
1: Svend Nissen 13 p.
2: Erik Kastebo   13 p.
3: Arne Pander   12 p.

Selskov 1957 Sv. Nissen
Svend Nissen with the laurels in 1957


A huge bump for Svend from his comrades

May 2. 1958. International speedway.
No.  Name                           Nation           Point.   

1  Aage Hansen                   Norway              15
2  Antti Pajari                       Finland              12
3  Erick Hockaday                England             10
4  Arne Pander                    Denmark             9
5  Reidar Kristoffersen        Norway               5
6  T. Laine                             Finland                5
7  R. Gilbertson                   Scotland               4
8  Erik Wincentz                  Denmark              4
9  Erik Kastebo                    Denmark              3
10  Poul Hansen                  Denmark             3
11  K. Petersen                    Denmark             3
12  S. Olsson                        Denmark             3
13  E. Hansen                       Denmark             1

1961. Denmark – Norway nations match.
Norway                               62 point.                Denmark                  45 point

Aage Hansen                       15 point                  Arne Pander              13 point
Sverre Harrfeldt                  14 point                  Erik Kastebo                9 point
Reidar Kristoffersen           10 point                  Jorgen Hoffman          8 point
Öystein Mellerud                10 point                  Poul Wissing               5 point
Jon Ödegaard                       10 point                  Kristian Karger            5 point
Gunnar Skjetne                     3 point                  Ole Thygesen Dahm  4 point
H. P. Boisen              1 point

Selskov Poul Wissing
Poul Wissing at Selskov

September 19.1964: Danish Championship final.
1: H.P. Boisen                               15 p.
2: Kurt W. Petersen                     14 p.
3: Erik Kastebo                             13 p.

 May 27. 1965. WC qualification round.
1: Leif Larsson,           Sweden    14 p.
2: P. O. Södermann,  Sweden     13 p.
3: Hans Holmkvist,     Sweden    12 p.

5. september 1965. Danish Championship final. 
1: Erik Kastebo.                            15 p.
2: Ole Olsen.                                 13 p.
3: J. Sylvest Andersen                  12 p.

May 19.1966. WC qualification round.
1: Kalevi Lahtinen,     Finland      14 p.
2: Ole Olsen,              Denmark   13 p.
3: Sverre Harrfelt,     Norway      12 p.

September 25. 1966. Danish Junior Championship final.                          .
1: Hans W. Johansen.
2: Per Ehlert.                           .
3: Arne Andreasen.


May 4. 1967. WC qualification round

 Selskov 040567
Programme cover from May 4. 1967    

1. Olle Nygren,             Sweden,       15 point.
2. Bengt Larsson,         Sweden,       14 point.
3. Bengt Jansson,         Sweden,       13 point.
4. Hasse Holmquist,    Sweden,       11 point.
5. Sverre Harrfelt,        Norway,       11 point.
6. Per Aulie,                  Norway,       10 point.
7. Bengt Persson,         Sweden,      10 point.
8. Ole Olsen,                 Denmark,      7 point.
9. Kurt Boegh,               Denmark,      6 point. Reserve.          

June 4. 1967. Nordic finale and WC qualification .

Selskov 040667

1: Ove Fundin,            Sweden    15 p.
2: Sverre Harrfeldt,    Norway    13 p.
3: Leif Enecrona,        Sweden    10 p.

 September 24.1967. Danish Championship final.
1: Ole Olsen                                 15 p.
2: Kurt Bogh                                 12 p.
3: Hans W. Johansen                   12 p.

 May 12. 1968. Nordic finale and WC qualification.
1: Reidar Eide,            Norway    14 p.
2: Öjvind S. Berg,       Norway    13 p.
3: Odd Fossengen,     Norway    12 p.

August 25. 1968. Nordic Pair Championship.
1: Gunnar Malmqvist / Conny Samuelsson,  Sweden   22 p.
2: Kurt Boegh / Bent Norregaard Jensen,       Denmark  17 p.
3: P. O. Södermann / Leif Enecrona,             Sweden    15 p.

September 29. 1968. Danish Junior Championship final.
1: Preben Rosenkilde.
2: Bjarne Nygaard
3: Henning Hansen

6. juni 1971. Nordic finale and WC qualification .

Hillerod (Selskov) 1971 06 06 WC Nordic Final

1: Ole Olsen                              Denmark        15 p.
2: Reidar Eide,                          Norway           12 p.
3: Bent Norregaard Jensen    Denmark         10 p.

 September 12. 1971. Danish Junior Championship final.
1: Ervin Juul Hansen                           .
2: Jens Erik Krause Kjaer
3: Kurt Schelde

May 7.1972. Danish – English team meeting.
The Charcoalers                     59 p.                             Bradford                         37p.
Bent Norregaard Jensen  15 point.                             Dave Baugh                13 point.
Kurt Bogh                          13 point.                             Robin Adlington            8 point.
Arne Andreasen                  9 point.                             Sid Sheldrick                 6 point.
Skjold Larsen                       6 point.                             Alan Knapkin                5 point.
Jorn Kinnerup                     5 point.                               Mick Fairbairn             4 point.
Finn Schelde                       5 point.                               Alan Bridget                2 point.
Jens Ring                             4  point.                              Barry Meeks                1 point.

September 4. 1972.  Nordic Pair Championship. .
1: Ole Olsen / Bent Norregaard,                    Danmark 33 p.
2: Bo Josefsson / Hans Holmkvist,                 Sverige    23 p.

May 27. 1973. Nordic WC qualification.

Selskov 270573

Selskov 270573-5

September 30. 1973: Danish Championship final.  
1; Ole Olsen                       15 p.
2: Kurt Bogh                       13 p.
3: Godtfred Andreasen     12 p.

April 27. 1974. Danish WC qualification.

Selskov 270474

Selskov 270474.4

May 8. 1975. Nations match Denmark – Sweden.
A Swedish national team, which had to do without the two strongest Swedish riders, world champion Anders Michanek and Tommy Nilsson took a surprisingly large victory, and after the match announced the Danish national team manager as also some changes in the return match in early June in Gislaved,

Denmark                          49 point                              Sweden                           59 point  
Ole Olsen                               16                                     Tommy Johansson            15
Bent Norregaard Jensen        9                                      Tommy Jansson                13
Finn Thomsen                         8                                       Bengt Jansson                  11
Kurt Bogh                                6                                       Bo Josefsen                       11
Jan René Henningsen             6                                       Bernt Persson                    8
Kristian Præstbro                    3                                       Eddie Davidsson                1
Mikael Lohmann                     1

September 28. 1975.Danish Championship final.
1: Ole Olsen
2 Michael Lohmann
3 Kristian Praestbro

May 27. 1976. International best pair.
1: Finn Thomsen / Mikael Lohmann,             Danmark  23 p.
2: Bo Josefsson / Terje Henriksson,               Sverige     18 p.
3: Tom Godal / Öjvind S. Berg,                       Norge       16 p.

September 19. 1976: Danish Junior Championship final.

A 16-year-old boy from the North, with little fuss and a sixth place had escaped through a semi-final on Uhre speedway at Karup was certainly not on top of the favorites list, as he modestly was wheeled into Selskov Stadium in an old orange red VW Transporter.
Not many knew anything about him, but they soon learned. From nothing he led all 5 heats he started in, and with 15 points and a Junior Championship he stood on top of the podium. when the meeting was over.
So everyone knew that his name was Hans Nielsen and came from Brovst. Behind the story is that a group of people in Brovst  had collected a sum of money  large enough for him to get a brand new 4-valve Weslake motor put in his speedway bike.

086 1976

The 16-year curly head Hans Nielsen on top of the rostrum at Selskov in 1976.

June 26. 1977. TOM’s Goldbar meeting.
1: Ole Olsen                   15 p.
2; Ivan Mauger, NZ       14 p,
3: Bernt Persson, S       13 p.Selskov6

May 21. 1978. Danish – Nordic team meeting.
This match was something of a damp squib, because it failed to provide a sufficiently strong
Nordic crew to provide the Danish team just a little bit serious resistance.
The result was a towering Danish victory on the 74 – 34.

September 7. 1980: Best pairs meeting.  
1: Finn Thomsen / Jørgen W. Johansen                       18 p.
2: Bo Petersen / Erling Rasmussen                              18 p.
3: Klaus Lohmann / Jens Henry Nielsen                      16 p.

May 12. 1983. 4- nations meeting DK-GB-S-PL.
DK 41 p. – S 24 p. – GB 23p. – PL 20 p.

eg selskov
Erik Gundersen gated ahead of Per Jonsson and Michael Lee.
We haven’t the name of the Pole on the outside lane.

 August 21. 1983.Danish Championship final.
Track records fell on Selskov that day. First Hans Nielsen cut 1 second of the old record, and shortly after – in Heat 8
Erik Gundersen cut additional ½ seconds of the time, so the new record was 73.3 seconds. This heat was crucial, as Hans Nielsen here lost a point to champion Erik.  Jens Rasmussen from Fjelsted surprised positively by capturing the bronze medal in front of Peter Ravn.

1. Erik Gundersen         15 point
2. Hans Nielsen             14 point
3. Jens Rasmussen

 May 31. 1984. Krone Bank international meeting.
1: Peter Collins, GB            14 p.
2: Bo Petersen                    14 p.
3: Dennis Sigalos, USA       13 p.

September 8. 1985, Last meeting at Selskov Speedway. WC revenge.

Selskov 080985

1: Erik Gundersen         14 p.
2: Tommy Knudsen       14 p.
3: Hans Nielsen             12 p.

Near the end of the 70-es Frederiksborg Amts Motorklub separated its speedway section as an own club named Slangerup Speedway Klub (SSK) and moved most of the speedway activities in the Danish team tournament, the league and mini speedway to Slangerup Speedway where – with certain restrictions – the practicing facilities, which the limitations at Selskov did not allow, were present.

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