Hinge earth track

Track name: Hinge earth track.
Track owner: Kjellerup Motor klub
Track address: Hinge at Kjellerup, Jutland.
Length: 440 meter
Track surface: Soil
Track record: 500 cc Special: 1,30,4
500 cc standard: 1,27,6
Record holder: 500 cc Special: Ejvind Pedersen, Copenhagen.
500 cc standard: Ernst Osterlund, Silkeborg
Opened: 1946
Closed:   1951.

HingebanenDespite the poor quality of the picture, it still gives an impression of the track.

11. april 1948. Season opening:
Thanks to good weather many good riders and appr. 5000 spectators got a fine day.
It opened with two by two laps, for which the fastest time was ridden of Knud Nielsen, Aarhus in 45.5 seconds.

knud nKnud Nielsen for full throttle

1. Henrik Andersen, Skive.
2. A. M. Nielsen, Silkeborg.
3. Preben Schou, Kjellerup.

Solo 350 cc:
1. Henry Vorre, Viborg.
2. Peter Staal Jensen, Randers.
3. Ib Nielsen, Skive.

Solo 5oo cc:
1. Knud Nielsen, Aarhus.
2. Henrik Baekgaard, Randers.
3. Robert Nellemann, Randers.

Solo +500 cc:
1. Henry Sorensen, Silkeborg:
2. Jens Nielsen, Silkeborg.

Junior sidecar:
1. Martin Moller, Herning.
2. Jens Nielsen, Silkeborg.

Senior sidecar:
1. Kresten Kristensen, Aarhus.

No more meetings are recorded from the track in 1948. Like most of the other Danish tracks it got hit by the Danish secretary of trade, Jens Otto Krag’s foolish and malplaced banning of motor racing. A ban that got lifted in March 1949.


June 2. 1951:

Hinge program

Programme cover from 1951. Confusingly; on the cover it is printed terrain race.
Many would regard that as scramble. It was not. The Hinge track was
an ordinary oval track,with minor height differences from bend to bend.

Hinge race
Rider no. 7 is Arly Jensen. Inside is Richard Mathiesen riding a Harley Davidson

Hinge 020651
June 2. 1951. Randers riders at Hinge. From left is Henrik Baekgaard on AJS.
E. Jacobsen, Kaj Lykke, the twin brothers Niels and Ove Floor, all on BSA,
and outmost Richard Mathiesen on Harley Davidson.
The picture is likely to be the last one of Niels Floor.

July 1. 1951:

Floor A newspaper from Randers wrote according to this clip, sent to us from a relative to Niels Floor, that he at high speed lost control over his bike, hit the fence, fell and got slung back on the track.  A rider behind him tried to avoid him by laying his bike down. Unfortunately his footrest hit Niels Floor in the head. At arrival to the hospital he got declared dead. The race doctor said that presumably he was dead already on the track.
All flags on the track went on half mast, and the remaining heats on the day got cancelled.

19. August 1951:
The last reported meeting on the Hinge track was watched by 1200 spectators.
A single crash hit the junior rider Hans Poulsen from Silkeborg, who escaped with a light concussion. Apart from that, the meeting got well and quickly absolved.
500 cc special:

1. Bent Jensen,                  Aarhus,              15 point.
2. Aksel Moller,                 Aarhus,              12 point.
3. Egon Nielsen,                Horsens,              7 point.

Senior standard,
1. Ernst Osterlund.           Silkeborg,          15 point.
2. Arne Svendsen,             Silkeborg,          12 point.
3. Johannes Mygind,         Odense,               9 point.

Junior standard:
1. Arne Christensen,         Herning,            10 point.
2. Karl Hjort,                      Silkeborg,            6 point.
3. Carsten Christensen,    Herning,              5 point.

Sidecar final:
1. Thorkild Thy,                Copenhagen, 1,39,4 min.
2. Vagn Poulsen,               Aarhus,          1,40,4 min.
3. Svend Hoj,                     Viborg,           1,45,0 min.

Cup race solo:
1. Ernst Osterlund,           Silkeborg.

Cup race sidecar:
Thorkild Thy,                     København.

Australian pursuit:
1. Bent Jensen,                  Aarhus.

The reason for the closing of this track is said to be a fatal crash on July 1st 1951, where the rider Niels Floor aged 19 sadly lost his life in the beginning of a promising career

.After the accident the authorities demanded increased safety precautions, which neither club due to poor economy were able to fulfill.
After that the authorities banned further usage of the track.

 A meeting listed in the calendar on April 14. 1952 is not seen to be held.

At the Kjellerup club’s general assembly on April 21. 1952 in agreement with the meeting organizer Silkeborg Motor sport it was decided to close the track

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