Saeby Oernedalen


Facts Speedway:
Track name: Oernedale track*
Track owner: Frederikshavns Motor Sport/ Saeby Speedway klub (SaeSK)
Track adress: Vanloese Road, DK 9300 Saeby
Length: 390 m.
Track surface: Mix of soil and cinders
Straigth width: 20 m.
Bends width: 20 m.
Opened year/date: 10/6 1956
Closed year/date: Speedway 1995

(*Oernedalen in Danish means a valley with eagles or, if you like, “Glenneagles”)

The town Frederikshavn is located on the eastern coast of region Northern Jutland. It got its name from the Danish king Frederik 6 (Frederik’s harbor). It is known for its natural harbor, fishing and a shipyard. Since there has been a known population in the area since the Stone Age and the Viking period, also many tourists are attracted to the town. The smaller town Saeby is located 6 miles south of Frederikshavn. The place has for more than 1000 years been known as a center for fishing, which still is the main business, supplied with a canning industry. Saeby is now at part of Frederikshavn Municipality.

Frederikshavn’s Motor Sports club (FrMS) origins from 1937. In 1950 the club opened a speedway on the town’s old stadium, capable of 6000 spectators. Meetings were staged there until 1955. By the club member’s voluntary work a speedway opened in 1956 in the beautifully landscape south west of Saeby town near the manor house Saebygaard. Through the years it has been developed to a multifunctional motor sports center for moto cross (opened 1979), speedway, long track and now autocross and quad racing.

The no longer existing speedway was surrounded by a long track with a length of approx. 700 m. (An alternative length of 750 m. is mentioned.)

Ørn1Satellite view of the Oernedal track 2011. The red oval inserted in the
lower right corner indicates the approximate position of
the speedway from 1956 to 1995.

Songs and speeches: Prior to the inauguration ceremony the Baptist Youth Choir from Saeby entertained with songs. Then the chairman of Frederikshavn Motor Sport, Mr. Valdemar Hansen gave a speech in which he gave thanks, because building of the track was made possible, so people from Northern Jutland no longer needed to travel south to watch motor racing. After a few more speeches, the secretary of the Jutland branch of the Danish Motor Union Mr. Hans Damberg declared, that the track was the most beautiful he had ever seen. (Editor’s note: Through the years several tracks have been declared “The most beautiful track in Denmark”) The superintendant of Saeby Police finally declared the track open, the club’s flag got hoisted and the National Anthem was played.

A total of 36 riders, of which four from Norway and Sweden, joined the meeting. Svend Nissen rode the first 4 lap’s track record in 500 cc special in 1,25,7, min..

Hans J. Pedersen, now located  in Australia, has sent us some clips from his parent’s scrap book
from 1956 – 57.


Ørn12Headline from a newspaper report of the opening meeting

00 cc. special:
No.  Rider                             Home                      Aggr. time 2 heats
1. Roger Forsberg              Sweden                     2,52,2 min.
2. Bengt Brannefors          Sweden                     2,54,8 min.
3. Svend Nissen                 Odense                      2,54,8 min.

500 cc Std:
Junior  A: 

1. Chr. Christensen            Aalborg                     3,23,2 min.
2. Ingvard Jensen               Aalborg                     3,26,0 min.

Junior B:

1. Jorgen Vincent                Aarhus                      3,16,3 min.
2. Thomas Thomsen          Skive                          3,16,8 min.

350 cc Std:
1. Harry Hansen                  Viborg                      3,13,1 min.
2. Ib Nielsen                        Skive                         3,13,7 min.
3. Henry Kjaergaard           Skive                         3,16,4 min.

500 cc Std:
1. Soren Juul                       Viborg                       3,06,8 min.
2. Niels Moller                    Viborg                       3,09,0 min.
3. Johannes Jensen             Aalborg                    3,10,9 min.

1. Kaj Christensen              Aalborg                     3,18,5 min.
2. Folmer Olsen                  Aalborg                     3,21,0 min.
3. L. Backmann Skovsen    Randers                    3,21,1 min.

August 5.  1956: International meeting.

Announcing the second meeting. 

A programme cover from a meeting one month after the opening.

The list of riders with many of those days’ famous names
on the most popular makes of motor cycles..

Sensationally Arne Pander lost to a Norwegian rider.

Expert 500 cc.:
No. Rider                              Home                     Aggr. time 2 heats
1. Aage Hansen                     Norway                  2.43.5 min.
2. Arne Pander                      Herning                 2,43,6 min.
3. Rolf Westerberg                Norway                 2,47,7 min.

500 ccspecial:
1. Bengt Ruden                      Sweden                 2,55,3 min.  
2. Kristian Kristiansen          Copenhagen         3,01,8 min.
3. Roy Lundgren                    Sweden                 3,02,6 min.

500 cc Std:
Junior A:
1. Aage Langthjem                Hjorring                 3,04,8 min.
2. Thorkild Thomsen             Skive                      3,09,6 min.
3. Henry Schmidt                  Copenhagen          3,12,4 min.

Junior B:
1. Jorgen Vincent                   Aarhus                   3,10,0 min. 
2. Max Rasmussen                Aarhus                   3,13,8 min.
3. Svend Pedersen                Aalborg                  3,16,4 min.

350 cc. Senior  Std:
1. Harry Hansen                    Viborg                    3,13,2 min.  
2. John Nielsen                      Skive                       3,18,7 min.
3. Bent Rasmussen               Aarhus                    3,19,0 min.

500 cc . Senior Std:
1. Arne Svendsen                  Silkeborg               2,59,5 min.  
2. Knud Nielsen                     Aarhus                   2,59,9 min.
3. Niels Møller                       Viborg                    3,02,4 min.

1. Harry Pedersen                 Aarhus                   3,13,2 min.    
2. L. Backmann Skovsen       Randers                 3,13,8 min.
3. Borge Thy                          Copenhagen           3,19,4 min.

1. Kaj Christensen                 Aalborg                  3,14,7 min.  
2. Poul Jensen                        Frederikshavn       3,16,9 min.
3. A. Haugaard Pedersen     Nykobing M.          3,25,0 min.


Orla Aarup and Torben Olsen preparing the BSA ready for start.

November 1956. Sidecar race at Oernedalen. Gert W. Petersen in front

May 16. 1957, Cimbria meeting:
Cimbria is the Latin name of the northern region of Jutland around the Limfjord. In the Nordic Iron Age a part of the population began a long emigration walk southwards and reached the Roman Empire, where they vanished. This is described a. o. by the Danish author Johannes V. Jensen and the ancient Roman author Plutarch.


The headline in Aalborg Stiftstidende emphasized, that there were good achievements but no new records at the meeting

Between 7000 and 8000 fans watched a lot of good racing. Arne Pander’s track record in special as well as Arne Svendsen’s in 500 cc standard survived attacks from respectively Aksel Müller and Knud Nielsen both from Aarhus. The reporter wrote ecstatic about the sidecar passenger’s acrobatic in the junior class.

Class 500 cc. Expert:
No.  Rider                              Home                     Aggr. time/2 heats
1. Göran Norlén                    Sweden                  2.40.5 min.
2. Arne Pander                      Copenhagen          2,41,8 min.
3. Roger Forsberg                  Sweden                 2,47,7 min.

500 cc. Special:
1. Mogens Jensen                  Holstebro              2,56,8 min.
2. Ditlev Falk                           Aalborg                 3,01,8 min.
3. Kaj Jensen                           Viborg                   3,00,7 min.

Cimbria race:
500 cc Std. Junior A:
1. Thorvald Obro                   Odense                  3,04,0 min.
2. Erik Petersen                     Holstebro               3,20,2 min.
3. Jorgen Vincent                    Aarhus                  3,22,6 min.

500 cc Std.  Junior B:
1. Thorkild Kirk                      Aalborg                  3,04,9 min. 
2. Victor Thygesen                Hobro                     3,08,2 min.
3. E. Kragelund                      Holstebro               3,10,4 min.

500 cc Std. Senior:
1. Bent Thomsen                   Holstebro              3,01,7 min.
2. Johannes Jensen                Aalborg                  3,02,5 min.
3. Knud Nielsen                     Aarhus                   3,04,5 min.

650 cc. Sidecar Senior:
1. Werner G. Petersen          Aalborg                  3,07,2 min. 
2. Harry Pedersen                 Aarhus                   3,10,4 min.
3. Kaj Christensen                 Aalborg                  3,14,6 min.

650 cc. Sidecar  Junior: 
1. E. Thomsen                        Aalborg                  3,17,5 min.
2. Leif Andersen                    Frederikshavn       3,20,2 min. 
3. Poul Jensen                        Frederikshavn       3,26,4 min.

The speedway became home track for the teams from FrMS, who got named after the town’s close connection to the sea and the fishing industry. Therefore the teams had names like the sharks or the plaices etc.

On May 22. 1977 the club celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with an opulent meeting enjoying the participation of Ivan Mauger, Peter Collins, Ole Olsen, Anders Michanek, Steve Hartley, Phil Crump, Dave Morton, Tommy Johansson, Malcolm Simmons, Dave Jessup, Kurt Boegh and the rapidly rising star Hans Nielsen. Further there were championship heats in two car classes

May 28. 1978 STENA CUP meeting:


The ferry company STENA LINE who a. o. operates the ferry line between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg sponsored in 1978 a large meeting called Stena Cup, which deserved greataer attention than the 3.500 who came. One reason could be that bright sunshine lured people to forest and beach.
The track was not so good as it used to be, bumpy and rutted it was a challenge for the riders,

Ekspert  500 cc. 
No.  Rider                              Home                     Points.
1. Hans Nielsen                     Denmark                13
2. Dave Jessup                       England                  12
3. Ole Olsen                           Denmark                11
4. Anders Michanek              Sweden                  10

Junior special:
1. Casper Christensen          Frederikshavn    .
2. Lars Aage Nielsen             Fjelsted
3. Henrik Ziegler                    Frederikshavn

Junior  sidecar:
1. Sv. Pedersen/Poul E. Christensen   Haderslev
2. Kaj Schmidt/Finn Schmidt                Odense
3. Steen Christensen/ Willy Hansen    Haderslev

May 27. 1979, Stena CUP meeting:

Ørn16Oops sorry! The club was late with announcing the meeting,
and issued this last minute note instead.

From early morning to late in the evening the meeting was haunted by heavy rain, Nevertheless the meeting got carried trough with a total of 38 heats for motor cycles and cars. 2000 fans stayed patiently until the final heat at 7 pm.


This picture from STENA cup 1979 clearly illustrates the
hopeless conditions for the riders in the rain.

Expert 500 cc.
No.  Rider                              Home
1. Ole Olsen                           Vojens
2. Hans Nielsen                     Brovst
3. Michael Lohmann             Frederiksborg
4. Bo Petersen                       Fjelsted

Junior 500 cc.
1. Keld Hansen                      Brovst
2. Karl Erik Olsen                   Frederikshavn
3. Peter Ravn                         Randers
4. H. J. Tobiasen                    Esbjerg

August 19. 1985. Sundby Wenbo CUP meeting:

The great north Jutland meat industry Sundby – Wenbo sponsored af large meeting named Sundby – Wenbo Cup on the Oernedale track. The picture below shows the team that won the Bronze medals in the 80 cc. class.


In 1987 FrMS joined the Danish Speedway League which began thi 1986. The club had no team in the 1st Division but one in the 2nd. Division. In 80 cc speedway the club had a team in both 1st and 2nd division. The league campaign payed off in 1988 with silver medals for the club, but ended in 1988 with a second last place in the table.

The picture below shows the winning team from the neighbor club Brovst with flowers after a match in 2. Division 500 cc.


The Speedway section of FrMS got early in 1990 separated from the club, and continued in all divisions and league under the name of Saeby Speedway Club, in short SaeSK. The new club claimed bronze medals in the league same year, but already in 1991 it ended on the 8th place.
The deep dive continued in 1992 with the last place in 1st division group A. The 2nd division team finalized in place 9 out of 10.
Unfortunately things did not go better in 1993 when the results again were the last place in 1st division group A. No team in 2nd Division, and place 6 in 2nd Division 8o cc. 1994 gave 7th place in 1st division 500 cc and 6th place in newly opened 3rd division 500 cc. The 80 cc team ended 8. in 2nd division.

Whether the poor results or lack of money was the reason, we don’t know, but from 1995 on SaeSK did not appear in any of the tournament classes. The Motor Sports Center still exists, now being used for moto cross, autocross and quad racing.

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