PARKEN Speedway

Speedway indoors

Address; Per Henrik Lings Allé 2
DK 2100 Copenhagen


What was left of speedway in Copenhagen is “PARKEN”, Denmark’s national football stadium, where since 2003 once a year the Speedway Grand Prix got ridden on a “one off” track. The meetings were organized by the International Management Group (IMG) and Benfield Sport International (BSI) with Ole Olsen as race director. Here not only Copenhageners but speedway fans from all over Denmark got an event served with the World’s absolute top riders on the highest sporting and entertaining level. The number of spectators normally added up to 25.000 per event.

The modernized Vojens Speedway Centre from 2009 to 2012 also had Grand Prix meetings, but after 2012 PARKEN again was the sole scene for SGP in Denmark.

How long this would continue in PARKEN, was interresting. It was purely a business relation between the organizers and the “PARKEN Sport & Entertainment Ltd”. In that matter the sport was secondary.
It all dealed with economy.

With the Grand Prix on June 28. 2014 the era came to an end.
The contracten with PARKEN was for two reasons not renewed. Partly the number of spectators had gone down with several thousands, partly the leasing fee got substantially raised.
Then the obituary of speedway in Copenhagen sadly could be finalized.

 Results through the years:

Year No. 1 No. 2 No. 3
2003 Jason Crump Greg Hancock Tony Rickardsson
2004 Jason Crump Andreas Jonsson Greg Hancock
2005 Tony Rickardsson Greg Hancock Antonio Lindbäck
2006 Hans Andersen Jason Crump Bjarne Pedersen
2007 Andreas Jonsson Nicki Pedersen Leigh Adams
2008 Tomasz Gollop Nicki Pedersen Jason Crump
2009 Jason Crump Greg Hancock Tomasz Gollop
2010 Jaroslaw Hampel Tomasz Gollop Chris Harris
2011 Tomasz Gollop Jason Crump Greg Hancock
2012 Jason Crump Frederik Lindgren Greg Hancock
2013 Darcy Ward Matej Zagar Chris Holder
2014 Niels Kr. Iversen Troy Bachelor Greg Hancock

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