Frederikslyst Speedway

Track name:  Frederikslyst Speedway
track owner:  Frederikslyst Forest Inn
Address:  Frederikslystvej 51 DK 8723 Løsning
Length:   365 m.
Surface: Earth & clay.
Width straights:   12 m.
Width bends 15 m.
Open: 25.05.1957
Closed:  1999

From Royal love to speedway.

The beautiful Frederikslyst Forest is located 6 miles southwest of the city Horsens near the township Loesning.

It may be hard to imagine the distance between two worlds. One world which accommodated a royal romance. The other approximately 100 years later, when the silence in the forest got broken by the sound of motorcycles, loudspeakers and a crowd of people by the thousands. The forest saw both worlds.

The Forest is named after King Frederik 7, who used to have a secret love nest in the forest. (Frederik’s joy.)

Fr. 7

Frederik 7. (*1808 – †1863)

A narrow and twisted gravel way through the forest led to the Forest Inn and the Speedway.

Fr.lyst kort

The map shows the town Loesning between the E45
motorway and the railway Fredericia – Aarhus.
The pin is pointing at the Forest Inn.

Fr.lyst luft
The oval symbol shows approximately the location of Frederikslyst Speedway.
The Forest Inn can be seen in the upper right corner.

The current Frederikslyst Forest Inn originates from 1886 and is thoroughly renewed in 1994.
An area south of the forest owned by the inn got leased to Horsens Motor Sport who built Frederikslyst Speedway there, which opened on Sunday May 26th 1957.

Fr. prog

Programme cover from the opening meeting. 41 riders and 11 sidecar passengers signed in.

Fr.lyst åbning
The winners parade and the prize giving ceremony

Horsens Motor Sport organized the meetings, which often after the race got finished with dinner and dance at the inn, until Fredericia Motor Klub, due to restrictions in the number of meetings allowed at Fredericia Stadium, took over and leased the track for their meetings in the Danish Speedway Tournament, and from 1986 to 1996 also for the Danish league meetings.

Fr.lyst dommerThe referee’s box was spacious, but often got crowded.

092 1963
On a nice summer day in 1963 Frederikslyst
speedway was a popular target for as picnic

May 4. 1980

Fr.lyst 1980
Programme cover from the Danish qualification
for the World Championship.

No. 1: Bo Petersen FSK,                    15 point.
No. 2: Preben Eriksen FSK,               13 point.
No. 3: Bent Rasmussen HeMS,        12+3 point.
No. 4: Finn Rune Jensen VSK,          12+2 point.
No. 5: Finn Thomsen AMK,              10 point.

Ole Olsen and Hans Nielsen were pre-seeded to the Nordic final in Skien, Norway on June 15. Further Bo Petersen, Bent Rasmussen, Preben Eriksen and Finn Thomsen got selected.

The inn got sold at the end of the 1990-es. At the same time some neighbors complained over noise from the motorcycles, which led to termination of the leasing contract.


One last wistful view in 1999 from pits over the
beautiful Frederikslyst speedway.
Photo: Soren Kjaer.

The track got closed and removed in 1999. Some of the materials got transferred to Vejlby mini speedway. The water tanker got sold to Munkebo Speedway.
Then Fredericia stood without a track for 500 cc speedway and has from time to time hired Fjelsted Speedway for their meetings.


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