YGT Champions

Youth Gold Trophy, Unofficial 85 cc. speedway World Championship.

In 2000 the international motor sports federation FIM instituted the Youth Gold Trophy , which is the unofficial world championship in speedway for youngsters between 12 and 16 years.
The Danish work with talents in this age group had not gone unnoticed, and through some years forces began to inspire other nations to also take up this work.
The other Nordic countries, who also had this class in the program, supported the proposal.

The Danish member of FIM’s Technical Committee Per Ipland prepared, based on the Danish regulations, the regulations for the race series, which FIM approved. The machine class is 80 cc. with a maximum limit of 85 cc cyl. volume.

The first race in the series in 2001 was assigned to the mini speedway in Vojens, which on this occasion was given a much needed face lift.
The series take place every year in early July, with 4 Quarterfinals between riders, who previously qualified in their homeland. The following day two semi-finals, from which 16 riders + 2 reserves go to Saturday’s grand final.The race series has in his lifetime  been an overwhelming success for Danish 80 cc. speedway.

Since Leon Madsen won the first meeting, most top places on the podium. with the exception of 2007, when the Swedish Anders Mellgren stood at the top, have been occupied by Danish riders.
2018 gave another exception, when Norick Blödorn from Germany won over last years Champion Stian Nielsen





2001 Leon Daniel Madsen Denmark Vojens, Denmark
2002 Nicolaj Klindt Denmark Kumla, Sweden
2003 Kenneth Kruse Hansen Denmark Outrup, Denmark
2004 Nicki Barrett Denmark Eskilstuna, Sweden
2005 Simon Nielsen Denmark Wawrow, Poland
2006 Michael Palm Toft Denmark Skaerbaek, Denmark
2007 Anders Mellgren Sweden Chestokowa, Poland
2008 Mikkel Michelsen Denmark Skaerbaek, Denmark
2009 Mikkel Michelsen Denmark Rybnik, Poland
2010 Anders Thomsen Denmark Vojens, Denmark
2011 Patrick Josefsen Denmark Rybnik, Poland
2012 Sam Jensen Denmark Vetlanda, Sweden
2013 Frederik Jacobsen Denmark Fjelsted, Denmark
2014 Mads Hansen Denmark Chestokowa, Poland
2015 Christian Thaysen Denmark Skaerbaek, Denmark
2016 Benjamin Basso Denmark Kumla, Sweden
2017 Stian Vithen Denmark Elgane, Norway
2018 Norick Blödorn Germany Rybnik, Poland