Herning BOXEN

Indoor speedway

Jyske Bank, BOXEN
7.Kaj Zartows vej
DK 7400 Herning.

This large building is located directly at the exhibition center Herning as a multi arena for all sorts of sport and events like concerts etc. Also indoor motor sport like Super cross is an option.

On February 4. & 5 2011 300 tons of surface material was laid on the floor to create a 150 meters long speedway track . Esbjerg Motor Sport provided the helpers and officials for jobs where a BMU license was needed.
A number of international stars should participate. Whether they could foresee problems is not known. Fact is that some of them did not show up, with or without excuses.
Truly, the track was not good. As it can be seen on the picture, it was narrow and smaller than most of the 80 cc tracks. That called for more than excellent riding skill to master the bends. It did not help much when the surface could not stand the pounding, broke up and became rutted and loose, which lead to many falls.

Prior to the meeting the newspapers were much interested and wrote a  lot.  After first night’s meeting they wrote, that it was a great fiasco without any sporting value, both for the withdrawals, the track condition and the falls.
The next day a lot of effort was spent partly to improve the track, partly to find riders to fill the holes in the riders list.
The track got better but never really good.

The hard verdict from the newspapers surely caused many people to spend their Saturday night elsewhere than at the speedway, so the organizers suffered a substantial loss of more hundred thousands of DKK.

Whether such initiative ever will be repeated is doubtful. Truly indoor speedway can be a success as in PARKEN and Cardiff. There the tracks are larger and more rounded in shape, and above all the surface can withstand the pounding from the bikes.

As a hard core speedway fan through many years this webmaster found, that the best impression on the night came when the old German star rider Egon Müller in the interval took the microphone and sang the old Frank Sinatra hit “I did it my way”.


Saturday nights results:
Main event:
1. Nicki Pedersen                     13 point.
2. Kenneth Hansen                  12 point.
3. Michael Jepsen Jensen        12 point.
4. Martin Smolinski                 11 point.

The 8 riders with the highest scores then rode 2 semifinals and a final.

1. Kenneth Hansen
2. Nicki Pedersen
3. Leon Madsen
4. Michael Jepsen Jensen (F)

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