Gandrup grass track

Track Name:
Gandrup Grass track.
Address: 37 Skivervej  DK 9362 Gandrup.
Length: 450 m
Width: 20m. all over
Surface: Grass and soil.
Open: 10-09-2000

 ((Sources: SMG’s website and Motor Bladet)

Former blacksmith Mr. Claus Quistgaard, Gandrup, an old motorsports man himself was chairman of Gandrup youth club and worked to make young people interested in motorsport.

Before Sport Motor Club Gandrup (SMG) was formed, Quistgaard took initiative in collaboration with Aalborg Motor Klub to make an attempt to revive one in Denmark’s almost forgotten branch of motor sport, namely grass track racing.

The race got named after the former longtime chairman of Aalborg Motorklub and well known rider from the1930-es Mr. N.O. Jensen, and was called “N.O. Jensen memorial “. The objective was that so many different motorcycle classes and age groups as possible should compete in friendly forms.

September 10 2000 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 1
The meeting was held with strong support from both riders and spectators. With 7 solo classes, 3 sidecar classes and a quad racing class and a total of 85 participants it encouraged to embark on starting a club, whose purpose was to bring the sport to the masses at low cost.

The founding meeting was held on November 15. same year. Claus Quistgaard was elected President of the club, and only a month later, the club got adopted in the Danish Motor Union.

In 2001 the new club presented a comprehensive seasonal program, which in addition to meetings at Ornedal speedway also included a repetition of “N.O. Jensen memorial ”
In the following years the club developed  “N.O. Jensen memorial ” to a September tradition, each year in cooperation with other local clubs.

The format was fixed with practice on Saturdays and socializing with dinner in a large tent on Saturday night. Before the race on Sunday from early morning there was various entertainment, among others tractor pulling.

September 9. 2001 “N.O. Jensen memorial “# 2
The meeting was co-organized with a boys scout group and the local gym. It was strong winds and rain, and the track as well as the riders became well muddy.
250 cc. sport:                                                         Poul Larsen,                                                         ALMK
250 cc Classic MX:                                                 Reza Fomsgaard,                                                AMK.
650 cc: Classic MX:                                                Børge Vad;                                                          HDMK
Classic super cup:                                                Thomas Kühl,                                                       ALMK
MX Sidecars:                                                          Kim B. Christensen / Søren B. Christensen     ALMK.
Old Boys:                                                                 Lars Ole Nielsen;                                               BSC
125-500 cc MX:                                                       Martin Pedersen                                                HDMK
500 cc. Spec. ekspert:                                           Bent Jørgensen,                                                 HMS
500 cc. Spec. Sidecars:                                         Niels Ole Hald / Reza Fomsgaard                     AMK
Std. Sidevogne:                                                     Peter B. Jensen / Louise Quistgaard,                SMG. Quadracer:                                                             Svend Pedersen                                                 FAM.

September 2002 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 3.
Another two-day meeting with practice on Saturday and Sunday mornings start with tractor pulling. Much rain fell Saturday night, but even so the course was good and began to dust off a bit on Sunday afternoon.
3000 spectators watched close and hard riding, which also led to a few crashes, both in solo and sidecar, luckily without significant damage..
250 cc Classic:                                                       Thomas Kühl,                                                      ALMK
650 cc Classic:                                                       Niels Ole Hald,                                                    FMS.
500 cc sport sidecars:                                          Jan Sørensen / Mads Lund,                               ALMK
125 cc MX:                                                              Jan Sørensen,                                                      ALMK.
500 cc Spec. Old Boys:                                         Jens Henry Nielsen.                                            BSC
750 cc, sidevogn MX:                                            KIm B. Christensen / Søren B. Nielsen            ALMK
500 cc Spec. sidevogn:                                         Niels Ole Hald FMS / Keld Nielsen                   FRR.
Classic sidecars:                                                   Steen Christensen SMO / Arne Nielsen           FMCK Quadracer:                                                             Jess Thinggaard.

gandrup 3The first three years was the track laid out in various areas south of Gandrup,
but then the following years on the address Skivervej 37, marked A on the map.

September 14. 2003. “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 4.
A huge program with not less than 49 heats in 15 classes of various classes got absolved. There were large crowds and great atmosphere all over.
250 cc. sport:                                                         Carsten Kühl,                                                       ALMK.
250 cc. Classic MX:                                               Poul Kornum,                                                      HEMS.
500 cc. Sport sidecars:                                         Jan Sørensen / Mads lund,                                SMG.
80 cc. open MX:                                                     Niels Deroche                                                     LMC.
500 cc. Spec. old boys:                                         Frantz Greisel,                                                    Germany
500 cc. Classic MX:                                               Per Christensen,                                                ALMK.
Classic MX sidecars:                                            Ole Nielsen, ALMK / Jan Sørensen,                  SMG.
500 cc. Classic Spec. Sidevogn:                          Anders Knudsen, HMS / Stig Knudsen,            FSK.
500 cc. Spec. ekspert:                                          Pal Heia,                                                              Norway.
125-500 cc. MX:                                                     Jorgen Rishede,                                                  HMS.
80 cc. MX:                                                               Simon Klitgaard Jensen,                                    LMC Quadracer:                                                             Soeren Pedersen,                                              MMC.
750 cc. MX sidecars:                                             Kim B. Christensen / Søren B. Nielsen,             ALMK.
500 cc. Spec. sidecars:                                         Arne Jasper / Jan Müller,                                    Germany.
650 cc MX:                                                              Peer Skytte,                                                         MCS.

September 12. 2004. “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 5.
The 5th edition of N.O. Jensens grass track meeting was held in bad weather conditions. But attendances still reached up around 2000. As usual the machine classes were very mixed:
250 cc sport + Classic MX:                                   Poul Kornum,                                                    HEMS.
Short track:                                                            Jan Sørensen                                                      SMG
500 cc, Short track Classic:                                 Per Christensen,                                                 ALMK.
500 cc, Spec. Old Boys:                                        Bent Jørgensen,                                                  HMS. Quadracer:                                                             Carsten Andersen,                                             ALMK
500 cc, Sport sidecars:                                         Jan Sørensen / Mads Lund,                              SMG
Classic MX sidevogn:                                           Kim Borg ALMK / Søren Bohl,                          SMG
MX Sidevogn:                                                        Kim Borg ALMK / Søren Bohl,                          SMG

Close sidecar battle in a bend,  the”sand bags” hard at work.

Græs Gandrup 1

September 11. 2005 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 6
About 3000 guests could enjoyed the fine sunshine and 29 exciting heats, which proceeded largely without incidents.
At the end of the meeting two people who said goodbye to the sport got hailed for their long career. Finn Jørgensen from Silkeborg rode here last time after more than 50 years as an active rider. Referee Lars B. Hansen from Esbjerg thanked after 40 years, partly as rider, preferably on grass and long course, and several years as referee at speedway and long track meetings. Both got presented with a large bouquet of flowers.
250 cc mixed class:                                               Poul Kornum,                                                     HEMS
500 cc old boys:                                                     Bent Jørgensen                                                   HMS
500 cc Classic short track:                                   Thomas Kühl,                                                     ALMK. Quadracer:                                                             Carsten Andersen,                                             ALMK.
500cc sport sidevogn:                                          Jan Sørensen / Mads Lund,                               SMG
Short track:                                                            Jan Sørensen,                                                     SMG.
Large sidecars:                                                      Jan Sørensen / Mads Lund,                               SMG

For several years SMG worked to revive the almost forgotten machine class called Sport sidecar, which is petrol-powered sidecar motorcycles of street type, previously an established class on soil tracks until the middle of 70-s.
Many – by now elderly – riders still had such machines left over, which sometimes  were used for showrides during intervals in speedway meetings, or otherwise ridden mostly on the Skovby track near Haderslev.

Claus Quistgaard got in touch with others interested in this class and the Speedway control board, and after a few – sometimes hard – negotiations, it was agreed upon a rule book for the class. DMU would accept a National Championship in this class, only if a minimum of 12 pairs who met the regulations, could come to start.

September 10. 2006 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 7
At this event a National Championship in sport sidecar got opened. After some tough heats, which gave both crashes and mechanical failure, the local pair Jan Sørensen and Mads Lund prevailed with maximum points. In 500 cc special old boys, the newly crowned European long track Champion Frantz Greisel from Germany lost to the local hero Henrik Grynnerup. 2000 spectators were present..

Gandrup græsbaneA 500 cc sports sidecar in action

500 cc sport sidecars:        Danish Champion   Jan Sorensen / Mads Lund,                              SMG.
500cc spec. old boys:                                            Henrik Grynnerup                                             SMG
Short track:                                                             Jan Sørensen,                                                    SMG
500 cc Classic short track:                                   Thomas Kühl,                                                     ALMK Quadracer:                                                              Carsten Andersen                                             SMG.
500 cc spec. & 750 cc sport sidecars:                 Leif Frandsen / Mads Jensen,                           VBMK.
Nordisk Cup Forgotten Era sidevogn:               Jan Sorensen / Mads Lund,                              SMG.

September 9. 2007 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 8.
As a novelty this time the meeting also opened for the very young boys and girls in classes 50 cc and 80 cc.
500cc Special Expert:                                           
Pal Heia,                                                              Norway
500cc Special Old Boys:                                       Frantz Greisel,                                                    Germany
N. O. Jensen Superheat:                                      Pal Heia,                                                              Norway
500cc Sport Sidecars:                                           Kim Borg & Thomas Andersen,                        SMG
Quad Racers:                                                         Carsten Andersen,                                             SMG
Classic Short Track:                                              Thomas Kühl,                                                     ALMK
500cc Special Sidecars:                                        Leif Frandsen & Mads Jensen,                          VBMK
Short Track:                                                           Kasper Hermansen,                                           LMC
80cc Short Track:                                                  Andy Anthon Agerkvist,                                     FMCK
500cc speedway:                                                   Claes Nedermark,                                              BSC
80cc speedway:                                                     Mathias Yder,                                                     SMG
50cc. speedway:                                                    Stine Abel Jensen,                                              SMG


September 7. 2008 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 9.
Also this time the very young competed in classes 50 cc and 80 cc.
500cc Special Expert:                                           Torben Praestgaard,                                          SMG.
500cc Special Sidecars:                                        Stinus Lund/Thomas Nielsen,                          HMS.
500cc Special Old Boys:                                       Frank Bratholt,                                                   BSC.
Short Track:                                                           Kasper Hermansen,                                           LMC.
Classic Short Track:                                              Thomas Kühl,                                                     ALMK.
500cc Speedway:                                                   Mads Georgsen,                                                 BSC.
80cc. Speedway:                                                    Jacob Nymark,                                                    SMG
50cc. Speedway:                                                    Martin Bohl,                                                       SMG


September 5. 2009 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 10.
The 10 year anniversary of this race featured a number of changes. First and foremost, the club had decided to absolve it on a Saturday night with floodlight on the track. Then they had opened a class for low cost race cars (Folk race = second hand cars, not exceeding DKK 8000 in value) , and the completion was celebrated with festive fireworks. Preparations for the meeting had been plagued by rain, and it was necessary to pump excess water away from one bend and apply a huge load of sand on the track to make it usable.
500 cc. Spec. ekspert:                                          Arne Andersen,                                                   SMG.
500 cc. Spec: sidecars:                                         Tim Larsen, HMS / Nikolaj Therkelsen,            SSK
500 cc. Spec. Old boys:                                        Frantz Greisel,                                                     Germany.
Classic Short track:                                              Thomas Kühl,                                                      RMS. Quadracer:                                                             Johnny Carlsen,                                                  ASC.
50 cc. Speedway:                                                  Simon Andersen,                                                SMG.
80 cc. Speedway:                                                  Kevin Sambleben,                                               SSC.
500 cc. Speedway:                                                Mads Georgsen,                                                  SMG.
Folk race:                                                               Finn Pedersen,                                                    RAS.


September 5. 2010 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 11.
SMG’s two former partners had withdrawn, and the meeting moved back to the original place for the 2000 meeting.
The track was made more rectangular shaped than usually, which in particular challenged the sidecar pilots, who had to turn sharper, which Villy Lund from Haderslev failed and crashed, but both he and his passenger Lars Plesner could walk unhurt away.
Inside the larger track a speedway track, similar to what began already in 2007, but this time the track was more oval than before, which put more speed to speedway bikes.
Around 1100 spectators enjoyed the nice weather and the exciting heats and some other entertainment.
500 cc. Spec. ekspert:                                           Mads Georgsen,                                                 SMG.
500 cc. Spec. Old boys:                                         Frantz Greisel,                                                    Germany.
500 cc. Spec. sidevogn:                                        Steffen Bredahl / Rasmus Haarkjaer,               GSK.
500 cc. Speedway;                                                  Jacob Sorensen,                                                SMG.
80 cc. Speedway:                                                    Martin Bohl,                                                       SMG.
50 cc. Speedway:                                                    Patrick Baek.                                                      HOSK.
Short Track:                                                            Claus Harbo,                                                       ALMK.
Classic Short track:                                               Flemming Vad,                                                   HDMK. Quadracer:                                                             Søren Pedersen,                                                 ALMK.
Folk race:                                                                Mick Pedersen,                                                   RAS..


September 4.  2011 “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 12.
The local newspaper wrote next day. “Mud race on Skiveren. Grass racing was due to rain a muddy affair. The track at Skiveren was very wet and the meeting was close to cancellation”.
Unfortunately, there were many withdrawals in several classes. Some riders reported injury, others just stayed away. Hardest hit was the Quad class. 4 riders were listed, but only Søren Pedersen from Aalborg Motorklub showed up. In return, alone he gave the audience a fine show of quad racing skill in three heats.
The riders renounced from practice on Saturday. On Sunday the track was difficult, but there could, after swapping of some heat, be ridden on it. A folk racer gave up, because the car was simply too low for the deep track. The classes 50cc and 80cc speedway was canceled because the little riders got stuck in the mud.
Classic Short Track:                                             Peter Nørgaard
Short Track:                                                           Klaus Harbo.
Quad racer:                                                            Søren Pedersen
Folk race:                                                               Kurt Hansen
500cc. Special Grand Old Boys Demoheat:     Bent Just Olesen
500cc. Special Old Boys:                                      Frank Bratholt.
500cc. Spec. Expert, N.O. Jensen Cup:             Torben Præstgaard.


September 2. 2012  “N.O. Jensen memorial ” # 13.
500cc. Special Old Boys:                                      Frank Bratholt,                                                    BSC
500cc. Special Sidecars:                                      Stinus Lund / Mike Frederiksen,                        HMS.
Quad Racers:                                                         Thomas B. Larsen,                                              LMC.
50cc. Speedway:                                                    Simon Abel Jensen,                                            SMG.
80cc. Speedway:                                                   Kevin Sambleben,                                               GSK.
Short Track:                                                           Claus Harbo,                                                       DORMCK.

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