Bred Speedway


Track name: Bred Speedway
Track owner: Motorklubben Vestfyn
Track address:
Length: 400 meter
Track surface: Earth
Opened year/date: May  18. 1947
Closed year/date: ?

The Motor club “Vestfyn” got founded in the fall of 1946 and opened in 1947 a 400 meter long track in a valley between two large hills at a road junction shortly north of the village Bred. Up to 20.000 fans on the hillsides had excellent view all over the track.

Bred 1 (2)
The riders lining up for the very first heat at Bred 1947

Bred 2 (2)
It is all about skill and balance. The track could show some ruts.

Bred 3 (2)
A fierce sidecar fight could raise the dust.

Bred 4 (2)
West Funen motor club presented their own riders. 

May 18. !947 Opening meeting:

We have got hold of a programme from the opening, see below.

Bred 1

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