Lake Brabrand

Speedway on Ice.

February 21. 1954
On a freezing ly cold Sunday an ice racing meeting was held on the lake in front of 5000 paying spectators. More than 70 soldiers were called in to perform entrance and fence control, but nevertheless several hundred people watched the meeting without paying entrance fee.

Brabrand sø isKnud Nielsen, Aarhus riding his spike mounted Norton on the frozen Lake Brabrand

Standard motor cycles, equipped with steel spiked tyres and extra mud guarding to protect the riders from contact with these spikes, were used for racing.
Although only few of the riders had any skills in riding on such suface, no crashes occured. The majority of the riders expressed, that they were happy for riding on a surface much more even than the earth tracks, they were used to.

Senior 500 cc.                                                  best time:
1. Ernst Osterlund,                      Silkeborg     1,56,0 min.
2. Knud Nielsen,                          Aarhus         1,57,2 min.
3. Jens Nielsen,                            Silkeborg.    1,58,3 min.
4. Arne Svendsen,                       Silkeborg      2,06,0 min.
5. Henry Vorre,                            Viborg.         2,06,6 min.

Senior 350 cc,                                                   point:
1. Bendt Rasmussen,                  Aarhus        6 point.
2. Niels Andersen,                       Silkeborg    5 point.
3. Henning Krog,                         Aarhus        2 point.
4. Harry Christensen,                  Randers      1 point.

175 cc, point.
1. Henry Vorre,                            Viborg         8 point.
2. Ruddy Nielsen,                        Viborg         6 point.
3. Carl Andersen,                        Aarhus        3 point.

1. Harry Pedersen,                      Aarhus      11 point.
2. Kresten Krestensen,                Aarhus        8 point.
3. Bachmann Skovsen,               Randers       6 point.
4. Tage Nielsen,                           Aarhus         5 point.

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