Track name: Boeghoved track
Track owner: Haderslev Motor Sport
Track adress: Simmerstedvej, Haderslev
Length: 325 meter
Track surface: Rolled soil
Straigth width: 9 m.
Bends width: 16 m.
Track records: 500 cc special: 1,20,4
500 cc.Standard: 1,24,5
Sidecar: 1,32,0
Record holders:
500 cc special: Arne Pander, Herning.
500 cc. Standard: Soren Juul, Logstrup.
Sidecar: Leo Petersen, Copenhagen.
Opened year/date: 21.09.1946
Closed year/date: 1967

Haderslev Motor Sport got founded on June 7. 1945. The initiative was taken by Kaj Boilesen, an active rider through many years himself, and through many years thereafter chairman of the club.

Bøghoved Kaj Boilesen
Kaj Boilesen

A year later on September 21. 1946 the club arranged the opening meeting on the track located in a beautifully area at Boeghoved in the northwestern outskirt of Haderslev town. It was planned to have two meetings per year. The tall hillsides surrounding the track offered excellent overview for the public.

Bøghoved banen

The track in 1946. No safety fence surrounded the track.
The fans sat safely high on the hillsides.
Later a fence got erected.

In November the same year in Haderslev a boy child was born who some years later should become a benchmark in Danish Speedway. He was given the christian name Ole Bjarne Olsen.

In the book “License to win” by the Danish journalist Dan Philipsen Ole tells that he together with some other young boys from Haderslev volunteered as helping hands at the preparations of the track areas ahead of the meetings. Among other jobs they had to remove manure from the cows that used to be grazing on the green areas between the meetings. Such efforts usually got paid with free tickets to the meeting. Ole loved to be at the track. No doubt this period of time strongly contributed to maximize his interest in and strong will to his fantastic speedway career which a. o. brought him the first ever speedway World Championship to Denmark, followed by much more.

It was not this track that staged Ole Olsen’s official debut as a speedway rider, but the Lovel track near Viborg.

The terrain where the track was located was and still is quite hilly, and the track was not quite level. On the back straight there was a low hill, by the riders called “the first floor”. A speedy climb could cause the bikes to leap over the peak.

Bøghoved bakke

Sidecars fiercely fighting uphill on the back straight. As it can be seen,
clouds of dust were common then.

From the very first days gating was controlled by a flag marshal, later a rubber string was used until finally a real start grind got installed.

Bøghoved start

Gating at Boeghoved. Left: Kiehn Berthelsen,
the Germans Alfred Danmeyer and Fritz Ringel,
inside Carl Johann Haltmann.

The track hosted the Jutland Championships for various classes in 1953 an 1962

August 9. 1953 Jutland Championships Final

090853 1

500 cc Special:        Arne Pander,                              Herning
350 cc Standard:     Ib Nielsen,                                  Skive
500 cc Standard:    Borge Morch,                              Kolding
500 cc Sidecar:       Henrik Petersen,                         Holstebro
750 cc Sidecar:       Hans Nielsen,                              Haderslev.

Spectators 3400.

Bøghoved Børge Mørck

Borge Morch with the laurels

Bøghoved Hans Nielsen

The sidecar pilot Hans Nielsen, Haderslev.
Despite a permanently disabled leg he was a fine rider..

September 2. 1962 Jutland Championships Final:

020962 1

500 cc Special:       
Bent Jensen,                                     Horsens
250 cc Sport:           Erik Thomadsen,                              Randers
500 cc Standard:     Kresten  Aarup                                  Aalborg *)
500 cc Sidecar:       H.C.Callesen / Erik Skovshoved,     Esbjerg
650 cc Sidecar:       H.C.Callesen / Erik Skovshoved,     Esbjerg
Junior:                     Erik Jensen,                                       Herning

*) In a match report in MotorBladet from October 1962 is Poul Aarup listed as winner of 500 cc. standard, but a filled in programme from the same meeting has Kresten Aarup  as winner, and Poul Aarup is not in the starting list.

Bøghoved KWP
In 1966 Kurt W. Petersen from Ringsted won the
20 years jubilee meeting at Boeghoved.

In 1967 Haderslev Motor Sport officially opened the track at Skovby 10 miles southwest of Haderslev. That ended the 21 years long era of the Boeghoved track. The track got demolished. At the same Address today you will find Haderslev Golf Course where green No. 11 is located on the same ”first floor” as mentioned above.

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