East Svenstrup

12 august 1951. Track opening meeting:

The weather was against the orgainzer Han Herred’s Motor  Club. From noon til about 4 pm it was light rain, then the rain got heavier, and the track got very slippery.
However an audience of about 1500 kept standing through the 3 hours it took to get 22 heats absolved.

The wet track took its toll, but apart from a broken collarbone, all escaped unhurt

Junior solo:
1. Niels H. Andersen, Silkeborg
2. Verner Poulsen, Aalborg
3. Reinhold Nielsen, Randers
4. Aage Lunddahl, E. Svendstrup
5. Aage Sorensen, Aalborg
6. Hans Sondergaard, Thisted

Senior solo, 350 cc:
1. Kjeld Jensen, Aalborg
2. Ejler Svendsen, Aalborg
3. Viktor Simonsen, Aalborg

Senior solo 500 cc:
1. Aksel Jensen, Aalborg
2. John Jensen, Silkeborg
3. Lykke Sørensen, Silkeborg

Sidecars 500 cc:
1. Rasmus Kornum, Aalborg
2. Oskar Madsen, Aalborg
3. Ejnar Wandel, Horsens.

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