Danish Champions 1930 – 1951

Earth- & Long track

From 1930 to 1951 the Danish Championship meetings got ridden in various classes as Special 500 cc., Standard 500 cc. and 350 cc. lightweight like 200 or 175 cc, plus some sidecar classes. All in all great mixed meetings, that could last from early morning to late night.
There could be up to 80 – 90 participants in the same meeting, and some riders could ride in more classes the same day.
Often the classes got changed from one year to another.

For the sake of simplicity the survey only deals with the champions in the highest ranking class, normally called the Expert class or Special 500 cc.

The track length varied from 1200 m. to 650 m. with Amager and Frederikssund as the longest and Fangel as the shortest, and generally 5 laps per heat.

A special chapter was the championship, which from 1929 and a few years after got won by riders from the emerging dirt tracks like Roskilde Road, Karrebaeksminde, Vejle and Aarhus. These tracks were commercial companies, where the riders were employed, and many of them were not licensed by the Danish Motor Union, but were licensed by Greyhound Racing Ltd. who organized the meetings on Roskilde Road and in Hamburg. Hence these rider’s championship was not recognized by DMU.
Among others was Svend Aa. Engstrom in 1931 mentioned as Danish Dirt track Champion.

The international federation FIM decided in 1930, that the dirt track riders should be licensed by their national federation. This caused some difficult negotiations between DMU and Greyhound Racing Ltd. and some quarrel between “Copenhagen Dirt track Club”, who represented a great part but not all of the riders, and Greyhound  Racing Ltd.
From 1931 all agreed on a common rider’s license issued by DMU.






1930 Amager Trott. track Aage Wagner
1931 Not  ridden
1932 Amager Trott. track Aage Wagner Sv. Aa. Sorensen Chr. Jorgensen
1933 Korsoer Sv. Aa. Sorensen Sejer Dybro Poul Kalor
1934 Korsoer Sv. Aa. Sorensen Bent Jensen Poul Kalor
1935 Amager Trott. track Sv. Aa. Engstrom Boegh Mathiesen Poul Kalor
1936 Amager Trott. track Sv. Aa. Engstrom Hans Hansen Sv. Aa. Sorensen
1937 Frederikssund Baltzer Hansen
1938 Amager Trott. track Baltzer Hansen
1947 Fangel Irving Irvinger Niels Erik  Nielsen Svend Aa. Rasmussen
1948 Charlottenlund Bent Jensen Aage Andersen Peter Andersen
1949 Hobro Orla Knudsen Aage Andersen Bent Jensen
1950 Fangel Svend Nissen Lindegaard Petersen Jorgen Nielsen
1951 Aarhus Trott. track Kiehn Berthelsen Morian Hansen Orla Knudsen

From 1939 to 1946 due to WW2 no Championship meetings were held.