Slangerup Speedway

Track name: Slangerup Speedway Centre
Track owner: Frederikssund Municipality
Address: Hoerup Skovvej 5 A, DK 3550 Slangerup
Length: 340 meter
Surface: Granite granulate & crushed bricks
Width straights: 13 meter
Width bends: 12 meter
Open: 1967

Frederiksborg Amts Motorklub (FAM) got founded on August 14th 1929 with Mr. Carl Suhr as chairman.

 Carl Suhr
Carl Suhr

The dominant field of interest was road motoring, but a law from 1932 banned such competitions on public roads.
Co-founder of the club and chairman from 1938 to 1950 was Niels Kristian Pedersen from Hilleröd town. From 1919 he had been an active rider himself. Later he took up organization work, a career he finalized as president of the Danish Motor Union.


FAM vividly supported more kinds of motorcycle and car competitions. In speedway the main activity from 1954 to 1985 were the meetings on Selskov Stadium in Hilleröd. The club organized the Gold Bar races on Charlottenlund Trotting track from 1959 to 1976 and in 1977 on Selskov. Further together with boxing promoter Mogens Palle the club arranged an extra Gold Bar race at Charlottenlund in 1983. Also an ice race on the frozen lake at Frederiksborg Castle got added to the list.

At Selskov those days’ best national and international meetings displayed a brilliant image for the club, but behind the facade problems lurked. FAM had several members riding in the national tournaments. Some of the matches got staged at Selskov, but strict limitation in riding hours there made the need for more practice time imminent.

The solution was found near the smaller town Slangerup in a damp area adjacent to the Graese creek, where a practice track could be built. The track opened early in the 70-es and was from 1976 home track for FAM’s speedway teams, ”Kulsvierne” (the Charcoalers), ”Drabanterne” (The Guardsmen) and ”Skovtroldene” (The Forest Trolls). Like many other tracks this track had a safety fence made of discarded car tyres. Later a wooden safety fence got erected, which few years ago got replaced by an impact absorbing fence.

Unfortunately, on Saturday October 2. the speedway rider Stig Larsson lost his life in an accident while practicing on the track.

A moped speedway track got added and opened on May 22. 1977. The team ”Gasserne” joined the moped speedway tournament, and made it in 1978 to a second place in group 1, but lost the semi final and missed the year’s final.

On the moped track 1979, René Mortensen (FAM)
outside is passing Per Jensen (FMK)..


A scoresheet from a 2. Divisions match 1981

June 27. 1981. Danish junior Championship qualification:

  No.  Name                                    Club        Point.
1.  Lars Bannebjerg                         FAM        12+3 point.
2.  Sam Nicolaisen                           FrMS      12+2 point.
3.  Hans J. Tobiasen                         EMS       11 point.
4.  Per Sorensen                              FAM       10 point.
5.  John Jorgensen                           FSK        11 point.
6.  Kurt Sorensen                             AMK        9 point.
7.  Ole Thygesen Dam                     FMK         9 point.
6.  Palle Nielsen                               SMS         9 point.

May 2. 1982  DK-S Team meeting FAM – Gnistorna Malmoe
The club from Malmoe, Sweden ”Tändstiftet” ( Swedish for spark plug) visited Slangerup with their 500 cc. team named ”Gnistorna” (Swedish for sparks) for a friendly match against a FAM team mixed riders from Kulsvierne and Drabanterne occasionally named ”Kuldrabantsvierne ” (the Charguardsmencoalers). The Dane Per Pedersen, living in Sweden, scored 14 points for his team, and a young Swedish girl, Lennie Ivarsson, with only one year of speedway experience rode very well. For FAM Kurt Hansen and Per Sorensen both scored 13points.
Result: 1. Slangerup 60 points. 2. Malmoe 36 points.

1983 Danish Team Championship:
1958 a team from Amager Speedway won the Danish Team Championship. Then 25 years passed by before any non-Jutland team could claim the title. The team from Slangerup won the Danish Team Championship in 1983, skillfully managed by the former professional rider Michael Lohmann. The victory got reported under the headline below.
(Historic Danish Championship).


The team Champions with their gold medals.

1983 also was the year when FAM opened an Old boys branch with a set of rules, which without being today’s rulebook, still is a basic part of it.

August 6. 1983. Mini speedway Championship of Zealand.
This championship , run first time on Slangerup Speedway left no doubt about, which club would boast of the champion after the meeting. In fact only riders from FAM participated. Anyway the boys had a tough fight, from which young Henrik H. Hansen came out the best.


Henrik H. Hansen narrowly passing Lars Munkedal inside.

September 22. 1984. 500 cc Championship of Zealand.

No.  Name                                      Club        Point.

1.  Jimmy Andersen                      FAM         15 point.
2.  Peter V. Christensen                FAM        13 point.
3.  René Mortensen                       FAM        12 point.
4.  Peter Olsen                              FAM         12 point.
5.  John Olsen                               FAM         11 point.
6.  Keld Munkedal                        FAM           8 point.

79 years old Morian Hansen rode a few show laps
with the famous No. 13, and after the final heat he
presented the medals to the winners.

September 7. 1986. 500 cc Danish junior Championship final.


No.  Name                                      Club          Point. 
1.  Gert Handberg                           FMK          12+3 point.
2.  Hans Henrik Hansen                  FAM         12+2 point.
3.  Jess Frederiksen                       HAMK        11+3 point.
4.  Torben Hansen                          VSK           11+2 point.
5.  Jesper Olsen                              FAM          10 point.
6.  Carsten Schött                           VSK             8 Point.


Junior Champion Gert Handberg between Henrik H. Hansen (left) and Jess Frederiksen.

May 17. 1987. Danish World Championship qualification.


No.  Name                                      Club          Point.
1.  Hans Nielsen                             HaMK      15 point.
2.  Erik Gundersen                         EMS         13 point.
3. John Jorgensen                           FSK          11+3 point.
4.  Jan Jacobsen *)                          FSK          11+2 point.
5.  Tommy Knudsen                      VSK          10 point.
6.  Peter Ravn                                RMS         10 point.

*) Jan Jacobsen replaced injured Jan O. Petersen, who subsequently got nominated on the last of the 7 places available for Denmark.

July 5. 1987, U.21 nations match Denmark1, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark2. 

1. Hungary              32 points.
2. Denmark 2          28 points.
3. Denmark 1          24 points.
4. Sweden               23 points. .

Danish top scorers were Henrik Kristensen, Esbjerg and Per Sørensen, FAM, both 11points. A final superheat with 6 riders was won by the Hungarian Lazlo Bodi. The day before a similar meeting at Amager Speedway was won by Denmark 1.
ssk12Lazlo Bodi leads the pack in the super 6-man heat.

 May 12. 1988. Nations match Denmark v England:



Danmark                        71 point.             England                          37 point. 
Hans Nielsen                   15 point.              Kelvin Tatum                   10 point.
Jan O. Pedersen              15 point.              Simon Wigg                     10 point.
Tommy Knudsen            15 point.              Gary Havelock                   1 point.
Erik Gundersen                 6 point.              Jeremy Doncaster             6 point.
Peter Ravn                      12 point.              Andy Silver                         3 point.
Jan Stæchmann                1 point.              Chris Morton                     4 point.
Per Sørensen                    7 point.              Neil Evitts                           0 point.
John Jorgensen                  Dnr.                  Simon Cross                       3 point.

The day before a similar meeting at Brovst Speedway was won by Denmark 74 – 34.
In aggregate Denmark won 145 – 71..

Before season opening 1989 the FAM team was on tour in England riding in friendly meetings against Hackney, Arena Essex, Eastbourne and Poole. The team lost every match but got most valuable practice.

May 7. 1989. World U21 Championship qualification.

No.  Name                                      Nation        Point.
1.  Leigh Adams                              AUS          13+3 point.
2.  Henrik Gustafsson                    S                13+2 point.
3.  Dean Standing                          GB             13+1 point.
4.  Niklas Karlsson                         S               11 point.
5.  Claus Jacobsen                         DK             10 point.
6.  Tim Korneliussen                     DK               9 point.
7.  Andy Phillips                            GB                8+3 point.
8.  Tom Knudsen                           DK               8+2 point.
9.  Lars Gunnestad                        N                 8+1 point.

1 to 8 further to next round in Mariestad, Sweden, no. 9 reserve.

 The riders in the race-off for 8th place ready at the gates.


August 2. 1989. 500 cc Danish Championship final:
This meeting also celebrated FAM’s 60 years anniversary. Heavy rain lasted up to the opening, but the track was so well prepared that Erik Gundersen with 59, 7 seconds rode a new track record in heat 2. Although it was an ordinary workday’s evening, a crowd of 4000 fans attended the meeting.

No.  Name                                     Club          Point.
1.  Erik Gundersen                        EMS          15 point.
2.  Hans Nielsen                            HaMK       13+3 point.
3.  Gert Handberg                         FMK          13+2 point.
4.  John Jorgensen                         FSK           10 point.
5.  Per Sorensen                            FAM          10 point.
6.  Frede Schott                             FMK          10 point.


August 5. 80 cc speedway Championship of Zealand:

No.  Name                                      Club          Point.
1.  Carsten Hansen                        FAM          15 point.
2.  Michael Dahl                             FAM          14 point.
3.  Kim Petersen                            FAM          12 point.
4.  Allan Nielsen                             FAM          12 point.
5.  Anders Nielsen                         FAM          10 point.


August 27. 80cc Danish Championship final:

No.  Name                                      Club          Point.
1.  Kim Brandt                                 FAM          14+3 point.
2.  Henrik Grimstrup                      SMS          14+x point.
3.  Ronnie Pedersen                       FSK           13 point.
4.  Jorn Sorensen                            FSK           11 point.
5.  Flemming Jensen                       FSK           10 point.
6.  Martin Vinther                           FMK            9 point.


September 13. 80 cc Club Championship:

No.  Name                                      Club          Point.
1.  Michael Dahl                            FAM           14+3 point.
2.  Kim Brandt                               FAM           14+ef point.
3.  Allan Nielsen                            FAM           13 point.

1990. 80 cc team meeting, Funen – Jutland – Zealand
was first time held on Slangerup. Funen won ahead of Jutland and Zealand.


23. juni. 1990, U21 nations match Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Poland.

1. Denmark                    37 point.             2. Sweden                      32 point.
 Claus Jacobsen               10 point.             Joakim Karlsson               5 point.
Brian Andersen                 8 point.             Jimmy Engmann               6 point.
Jacob Olsen                       0 point.             Robert Johansson             7 point.
Hans Clausen                    8 point.             Tony Rickardsson           12 point.
Jan Andersen                   11 point.             Göran Flood                     2 point.

3. Norway                      20 point.             4. Poland                        19 point. 
Lars Gunnestad               11 point.             Thomasz Pfeiffer             5 point.
Odd Pettersen                   5 point.              Robert Sawina                 3 point.
Rolf Netland                      0 point.             Janusz Slaczka                   6 point.
Jørn Aardal                        2 point.             Robert Kuzdzal                  1 point.
Nils Mellomstrand            2 point.              J. Karskicwich                   4 point.

This was the first day of a 2-days meeting. Second day was next day on Amager (see Amager CPH)


1991. On FAM’s general assembly the sectioneering in the club organization got discarded. The former speedway section re-emerged as a separate club named Slangerup Speedway Klub. The club’s teams continued as usual, now under the club initials SSK.


The league team announced having signed a contract with American Sam Ermolenko as captain.


Sam Ermolenko and Greg Hancock having a chat in the pit.


May 13. 1993, International speedway. (The Trasborg meeting)
No.  Name                                    Nation         Point. 
1.  Sam Ermolenko                       USA           14 point.
2.  Greg Hancock                          USA           13 point.
3.  Brian Karger                             DK             12 point.
4.  Tommy Knudsen                      DK            11 point.
5.  Billy Hamill                               USA           11 point.
6.  John Jorgensen                         DK             10 point.
7.  Tom Knudsen                           DK               8 point.
8.  Jacek Kryzyanlak                       PL               7 point.


April 29. 1995. World U21 Championship qualification:
No.  Name                                    Club             Point.    
1.  Ronnie Pedersen                     FSK            14 point.
2.  Nicki Pedersen                         FSK           13 point.
3.  Anders Nielsen                         SSK           12 point.
4.  Carsten Hansen                       SSK            11 point.
5.  Klaus Rasmussen                    HSK           10 point.
6.  Bo Larsen                                 GSK             9 point.

No. 1 to 5 further to next round at Uhre, Jutland, DK. No. 6 reserve.

September 28. 1996 Sponsor day 500 cc.
No.  Name                                     Club          Point.
1.  Nicki Pedersen                         FSK           14 point.
2.  Ronnie Pedersen                     FSK           13 point.
3.  Jesper Olsen                             SSK           12+3 point.
4.  Charlie Gjedde                        HoSK         12+2 point.

Final heat over 6 laps.
1.  Jesper Olsen
2.  Nicki Pedersen
3.  Charlie Gjedde

500 cc speedway Championship of Zealand. 1997
No.  Name                                     Club           Point.
1.  Jacob Beierholm                      SSK            17 point.
2.  Thomas Carlsen                       SSK            14 point.
3.  Henrik Vedel                             SSK            14 point.

August 8.  1998. Micro 50 cc Cup Danmark

No.  Name                                     Club            Point.
1.  Tommy Pedersen                     MSC            15 point.
2.  Nicki Barrett                              FSK             14 point.
3.  Klaus Jacobsen                          FSK             13 point.

SSK received a ban warning from Frederiksborg County, ordering that for environmental reasons the pits should be re-built. This initiated a major construction task resulting in a new building with pits for both tracks under roof.

SSK ryttergård
Slangerup speedway with the new pit and a yellow safety fence.

Slangerup Speedway from another angle

September 19. 2010. 500 cc Danish junior Championship Final:

No.  Name                                     Point.
1.  René Bach                               15 point.
2.  Michael J. Jensen                    14 point.
3.  Patrick Hougaard                   13 point.
4.  Simon Nielsen                        11 point.
5.  Mikkel B. Jensen                     10 point.
6.  Lasse Bjerre                            10 point.

Slangerup in the Danish Speedway League.


FAM/SSK is the only Danish team having participated uninterruptedly in all years Danish Speedway League.

20.09.2017: Danish Metal Speedway League Championship:
No. 1, Fjelsted, 41 p.
No. 2, Region Varde, 40 p.
No. 3. Slangerup, 37 p.

See video from the meeting.

Year      Place                               Race format
1986  Bronze medal                      4-teams meetings
1987  Bronze medal                      4-teams meetings
1988  Gold medal                          4-teams meetings
1989 Bronze medal                       4-teams meetings
1990  No. 6                                    4-teams meetings
1991  No. 4                                    4-teams meetings
1992  No. 5                                    4-teams meetings
1993  Bronze medal                     4-teams meetings
1994  No. 7                                    4-teams meetings
1995  No. 5                                    4-teams meetings
1996  No .5                                    4-teams meetings
1997  No. 4                                    4-teams meetings
1998  No. 5                                    4-teams meetings
1999  No. 5                                    4-teams meetings
2000  No. 5                                    4-teams meetings
2001  No. 5                                    DOSL 3- Teams, pairs meetings.
2002  Silver medal                        2- Teams, pairs meetings
2003   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings
2004   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings   .
2005   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings   .
2006   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings
2007   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings   .
2008  Goldmedaljer                      2- Teams, pairs meetings
2009   Silver medal                       2- Teams, pairs meetings   .
2010  Gold medal                         2- Teams, pairs meetings   .
2011  Gold medal                         2- Teams, pairs meetings
2012  No. 5                                    2- Teams, pairs meetings
2013  No. 4                                    2- Teams, pairs meetings
2014  No. 6                                    2- Teams, pairs meetings.
2015  No. 7                                    2- Teams, pairs meetings.
2016  No. 4                                    2- Teams, pairs meetings.
2017  No. 3                                    2-Teams, pairs meetings.

ssk18The League winners 1988

The League winners 2008

The League winners 2010


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