Thisted earth- & grass track

Re-written in September 2016, based on info from Frank Larsen, Aalborg.

Located in the North Jutland region, Thisted town at the northern coast of the Limfjord has been a human settlement since the stoneage, where hunters and fishermen could live, protected from the North Sea.
Already around year 600 the place got named after the asagod Tyr or Tir (Thyrstadt).
It got its borrough rights from King Christian 2. In 1866 the first Coop in Denmark emerged in Thisted.
Now Thisted mainly earns its income from various Nutrition industries and their support industries, but also has a harbour for coaster traffic and is a popular holiday resort.


Thisted speedway.


Track name:                  Thisted Speedway
Track owner:                 Thy Motor Sport.
Length:                           400 m. / 475 m. in 1951 / 430 m. in 1952
Surface:                            Earth & Grass.
Straigth width:               ?
Bends width:                  ?
Track record:                 Sat on 10/9 1950. Time is not known.
Record holder:               Aksel Jensen, Aalborg.
Opened year/date:         1947.
Closed year/date:           1953.

The club Thy Motor Sport ran from approximately 1947 -53 a speedway located 2,5 miles west of Thisted in the same area as the cattle show ground. The track appears not to have been a permanent one, but has been laid for occasional meetings with length varying from 400 to 475 meters.

Opening meeting 1947:
(Date is not remembered.)
Despite heavy rain that made the track very slippery and difficult på ride, Thy Motor Sport got a fine debut.
A few crashes occurred, but no person got injured.
Results: Solo under 350 cc:
1. Peter Jacobsen,          Aalborg
2. Victor Simonsen,         Aalborg

Solo over 350 cc:
1. Reinert Jensen,           Aalborg.
2. Norgaard Petersen,    Thy.

Solo 750 cc:
1. Ib Nielsen,                    Skive.

1. Kai Verner Nielsen,    Aalborg.
2. Rasmus Kornum,       Aalborg.

June 13. 1948, Evening meeting:
There was an audience of about 6000 to an evening meeting with 50 riders from Thy Motor Sport, Skive, North Jutland Motor Sport (NMS) i Aalborg, Herning og Hjorring.
A sidecar crashed in a test ride. The pilot hit his head and got unconscious. He got taken to the local hospital.
The meeting got delayed until the ambulance returned to the track.
Because some riders did not make it to the track in due time, because they earlier on the day had ridden in a meeting in Skive, some changes in the programme were needed.
1. Hans Sondergaard,    Thy.
2. Hans Chr. Juhler,        Thy.
3. Peter Vangsgaard,      Thy.

Junior solo:
1. Kjeld Jensen,               NMS.
2. Kaj Halberg,                 Hjorring.
3. Egon Hyldig,                Thy.

Senior solo:
1. N. Christensen,           Hjorring.
2. Aa. Dyhr Thomsen,    Herning.
3. Ib Nielsen                      Skive.

1. Aa. Dyhr Thomsen,     Herning.
2. Rasmus Kornum,        NMS.
3. Martin Moller,              Herning.

We have no record of track meetings in 1949.
But we have info of a well attended hill climb the club organized on the Island Mors with 30 riders in various classes.

September 10th. 1950:
The members of the club had made an excellent piece of work with the  track, and the 39 riders, who were present, were happy with it.
And so were also 5000 spectators, who also were satisfied with the organization and the well ridden heats.
Almost compulsory it rained in the morning, but the track was dry during the meeting and improved along the day.
The only incident was a crash that hit the senior rider Christian Dahl from Randers, who came under his bike.
He escaped with a few scratches, but was too shaken to continue.
According to the Motor Book from 1951 Aksel Jensen from Aalborg rode a track record in this meeting, but the time is not given.

September 2nd. 1951:
Obviously it always rained when Thy Motor Klub had meetings, so also this day.
But the audience had fun, when the riders “sailed” through the bends and from time to time tumbled around at the safety fence or simply slipped amid the track.
But nobody got hurt.
Despite the rain more than 4000 people came through the turnstiles, so Thy Motor Sport was happy with the entrance fee.

1. Hans Gaarn Poulsen, Silkeborg.
2. Knud Norgaard,           Thy Motor Sport.

Junior u. 350 cc.:
1. Niels H. Andersen,     Silkeborg.
2. Aage Sorensen,           Aalborg.

Junior o. 350 cc.:
1. Hans Pedersen,          Thy Motor Sport.
2. Reinholdt Nielsen,      Randers.
3. Karsten Christensen,  Herning.

Senior u. 350 cc.:
1. Arne Svendsen,           Silkeborg.
2. Kjeld Jensen,               Silkeborg.
3. Arne Mikkelsen,          Aalborg.

Senior o. 350 cc.
1. Aksel Jensen,              Aalborg.
2. E. Jacobsen,                Randers.

Sidecars u. 500 cc.:
1. Rasmus Kornum,        Aalborg.

Sidecars o. 500 cc.:
1. Oskar Madsen;            Aalborg.
2. Frostholm Brothers,  Thy Motor Sport.

August 3rd. 1952:
Sunday morning came with a monsoon like rain as habit is in Thisted.
But after few hours the weather cleared up, and at 2 pm the track was good, and near the end it began dusting.
An audience of 4000 watched a good meeting with only 3 crashes and no one got hurt.
1. Anders Hangaard,      Thy Motor Sport.

Junior 350 cc.
1. Bent Th. Jensen,
2. Martin Fischer,               Randers
3. Elmann Olsen,                Frederikshavn
4.Henning Sondergaard, Thorsted
5. Leif Mortensen,              Aalborg

Junior 500 cc:
1. Thorkild Rasmussen,   Aarhus.
2. Karsten Kristensen,      Herning
3. Arthur Glavind,              Viborg.
4. Harry Carlsen,               Thy Motor Sport
5. Robert Christensen,     Aarhus

Senior 350 cc:
1. Søren Juul,                  Viborg.
2. Ib Nielsen,                    Skive.
3. Svend Larsen,             Stenlose.
4. Gunnar Williams,        Aarhus
5. Egon Nielsen,              Aarhus

Senior 500 cc:
1. Børge Pedersen,         Aarhus.
2. Arne Pander,                Herning.
3. Henrik Bækgaard,      Randers
4. Hans Pedersen,          Thy Motor Sport.
5. Bent Rasmussen,

Sidevogn A:
1. Harry Hansen,              Viborg
2. Frostholm Brothers,   Thy Motor Sport
3. E. Bang Jørgensen.

Sidevogn B:
1. Vagn Poulsen
2. Harry Pedersen,                              Aarhus
3. Henrik Pedersen                             Holstebro
4. Leo Bachmann Skovsen,             Taastrup.

August 23rd. 1953:
An audience of 3000 and 38 participants was not enough to save the organizer a healthy economic plus.
However the meeting showed good sport and many fine heats, although the track was somewhat challenging for the riders after rain in the morning and caused a few crashes, of which one hit Svend Larsen from Stenlose so hard, that he could not ride in the final heat.
The weather kept dry during the meeting.
1. Gunnar Pleth,              Thy Motor Sport.
2. Anders Hangaard,      Thy Motor Sport.
3. Vagn Stevnhoved,      Aarhus.

1. Svend Jespersen,       Silkeborg.
2. M. Kjaer Hansen,        Randers.
3. Jorgen Jensen,           Aalborg.

Lightweight. 175 cc:
1. Frederik Amtsbiller,    Hjorring.
2. Jorgen Ejstrup,            Hjorring.
3. Egon Christensen,       Hjorring.

Senior 350 cc:
1. Ib Nielsen                     Skive.
2. Niels H. Andersen,     Silkeborg.
3. Vagner Larsen,            Aalborg.

Senior 500 cc:
1. Gunnar Willadsen,     Aalborg.
2. Ernst Osterlund,          Silkeborg.
Tied 3. Aksel Jensen, Aalborg / Arne Pander, Herning.

Sidecar. 500 cc:
1. Harry Pedersen,          Aarhus.
2. Henrik Pedersen,        Holstebro.
3. Georg Christensen,    Aarhus.

Sidecar. 750 cc:
1. Rasmus Kornum,        Aalborg.
2. Tage Nielsen,              Aarhus
3. H. I. Christensen,        Aalborg.

There are no reports found from the track in 1954, so we must assume, that 1953 was the last season

From the last meeting in Thisted. In front sidecar No. 34 with Harry Pedersen and
Gunnar Williams from Aarhus, behind Henrik Pedersen and John Lindeberg from Holstebro.
The track looks almost like a grass track.
(Picture recieved from John Williams).

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