“The forgotten Champions”

Danish Championships in solo- sports- and standard classes.
1932 – 1973


1947 – 1973:
The period reflected the postwar motor sport’s development and in some ways the general population’s motorization, first with older vehicles that had been preserved during the war and resurrected to honor and dignity. Later with new vehicles in line with the increasing importation.
Many riders used the same bike for daily transportation and leisure applications for various forms of motor sport.

In the sixties the audience’s interest in motor racing diminished and therefore also the number of active riders.
When the interest after 1971 began to return, it was almost exclusively the special class that got  influx of new riders.
The last Championship was settled in 1973 in the 250 cc. as the only class.

The Championship meetings were characterized by many classes with engine capacity from 50 cc to 500 cc. solo bikes, that all were petrol powered as opposite to the special classe’s methanol.

The boundaries of standard classes were floating, as changes on the motor bikes were allowed. Just the frame and engine had to be identical to the brand, the machine was notified at. It was up to the technical steward to determine if a bike could be approved ad standard, leading some times to protest.

Some brands had sports models that not differed from standard models except for a higher compression ratio and higher HP effect.
In some cases these sport models rode in a separate class.


No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

250 cc. Carl Topp Svend Aage Sorensen Arne Fog
350 cc. Svend Aage Sorensen Tage Schmidt Carl Topp
250 cc. Agner Hansen Holm Madsen Peter Nielsen
350 cc. Svend Aage Sørensen Ivan Jensen Tage Schmidt
250 cc. Leif Hirsborg Borge Madsen Carl Henriksen
350 cc. E. Truelsen Leif Hirsborg Edvard Jensen
250 cc. Leif Hirsborg Carl Henriksen No third
350 cc. Erik Orth Hans Frederiksen Agner Hansen
250 cc. Svend Aage Sorensen Awarded Championship
350 cc. Erik Orth Svend Aage Sorensen Bent Larsen
500 cc. Freeman Steensen Ejnar Knudsen Axel Nielsen
350 cc. Svend Aage Sorensen Tage Brautsch Erik Orth
500 cc. Charles Christiansen Holger Hansen Aage Andersen
250 cc. Irving Jensen (Irvinger) Agner Hansen Anders Pedersen
350 cc. Erik Orth Agner Hansen Finn Larsen
500 cc. Orla Knudsen Aage Andersen Johannes Nielsen
1939 – 1946, No Championships
250 cc. Henry Sorensen Viggo Bender Agner Hansen
350 cc. Ejnar Andersen Erik Melhede Lauritz Amstrup
350 cc. spec. N. V Jensen Irving Irvinger Agner Hansen
500 cc. Kaj Holck Mogensen Helge Kamuk Svend Schmidt
250 cc. Svend Aage Sorensen Preben Pedersen Leif Bech
350 cc. Peder Staal Jensen Ejnar Andersen Kiehn Berthelsen
350 cc. spec. N. V. Jensen Svend Aage Sorensen Peder Nielsen
500 cc. Agner Hansen Ejvind Hansen Leif Bech
250 cc. Preben Pedersen Erling Jensen Frits Madsen
350 cc. Poul Kalor N. O. Jensen Finn Larsen
350 cc. spec. Aage Andersen
500 cc, Knud Nielsen Poul Kalor Niels Blumensaadt
200 cc. Johannes Hansen Erik Krog None finished
250 cc Erik Wincentz Svend Aage Sorensen
350 cc. Ib Nielsen Henrik Baekgaard Ejler Svendsen
500 cc. Aage Iversen Ejvind Hansen Ernst Osterlund
50 cc. Sport Bent Jensen Thor Pedersen Otto Pedersen
175 cc. Henrik Wozny Erhardt Fisker Kiehn Berthelsen
350 cc. Arne Svendsen Ejler Svendsen Erhardt Fisker
500 cc. Std. Johannes Mygind Ernst Osterlund Robert Rasmussen
500 cc. Sport Niels Blumensaadt Axel Jensen Henry Vorre
Not ridden
175 cc. Kiehn Berthelsen Hans Peter Boisen Erhardt Fisker
250 cc Gunnar Williams Aage Iversen Holger Iversen
350 cc Henrik Baekgaard Erhardt Fisker A. Mikkelsen
500 cc. Johannes Mygind Ernst Osterlund Knud Nielsen
Not ridden
175 cc. Henrik Baekgaard Kjeld Jensen G. Andersen
350 cc. Mogens Kjaer Hansen Henry Kjaergaard Harry Hansen
500 cc. Soren Juul Arne Svendsen Borge Morch
175 cc. Axel Jensen Kjeld Jensen Erhardt Fisker
250 cc. Arne Pander Niels Blumensaadt Harry Christensen
350 cc. Harry Hansen Bent Rasmussen Henry Kjaergaard
500 cc. Sport Knud Nielsen Soren Juul Niels Moller
 175 cc.  Kjeld Jensen  Svend Larsen  Torben Dahl
 250 cc.  Arne Pander  Henry Vorre  Harry Christensen
 500 cc. Sport  Hans Peter Boisen  Bent Thomsen  Niels Moller
175 cc. John Arendtesen Axel Jensen Svend Larsen
250 cc. Henry Vorre Harry Christensen Thorkild Kirk
500 cc. Knud Nielsen Soren Juul Peter Soeby
250 cc. Preben Bollerup Erik Thomadsen Christian Christensen
500 cc. Sport Soren Juul Knud Nielsen Bent Svenningsen
250 cc. Preben Bollerup Christian Christensen Erik Thomadsen
500 cc. Sport Soren Juul Niels Moller Poul Jorgensen
250 cc. Erhardt Fisker Aage Langthjem Erik Thomadsen
500 cc. Sport Soren Juul Niels Moller Bent Thomsen
250 cc. Kurt W. Petersen Egon Walther Niels Moller
500 cc. Soren Juul Niels Moller Bent Thomsen
250 cc. Kurt W. Petersen Erik Thomadsen Erhardt Fisker
500 cc. Poul Jorgensen Ingvard Jensen
250 cc. Finn Pauli Thomsen Kurt W. Petersen Erik Thomadsen
500 cc. Soren Juul Kr. Aarup Finn Jorgensen
250 cc. Finn Pauli Thomsen Carsten Bryde Nielsen Jens Munkedal
500 cc. Preben Moller Christensen Erik Jensen Bent Svenningsen
250 cc. Christian Christensen Erik Thomadsen Carsten Bryde Nielsen
500 cc. Preben Moller Christensen Carsten Kühl Bent Svenningsen
250 cc. Finn Pauli Thomsen Erik Thomadsen Th. Bak Nielsen
500 cc. Henning Thomadsen Poul Nygaard Peter Meder
250 cc. Finn Pauli Thomsen Christian Christensen Mogens Christensen
500 cc. Henning Thomadsen Preben Moller Christensen Willy Mathiasen
250 cc. Carsten Jorgensen Ernst Jensen Hans J. Nielsen
500 cc. Henning Thomadsen Carsten Kühl Mogens Dam
250 cc. Henning Thomadsen Carsten Jorgensen Ernst Jensen
250 cc. Carsten Kühl Poul J. Larsen Ernst Jensen
Not ridden
250 cc. Carsten Jorgensen Poul J. Larsen Preben Jensen