“TOM’s” Gold bar meetings

IMG_0061 On August 9. 1959 the series “The Gold bar meetings” sponsored by the Chocolate company TOM’s Factories Ltd.  had its first meeting on Charlottenlund Trotting Track.

The prize, that should be won three times to become property, was a genuine gold bar with a value of DKK 85.000, shaped as a model of the chocolate bar, which gave the meetings it name.

in 1965 the company also donated the below pictured coffee set with a value of 10.000 DKK to the Associated Motor Clubs’s Track Foundation.
The set, that was designed by Sigvard Bernadotte and made by Georg Jensen’s silver forge in Copenhagen, should likewise be won in the 500 cc. Expert class three times to become the winner’s property. First time in 1966.
It caused some knife sharp fights between Kurt W. Petersen and the Swedish rider Björn Knutsson, before the set in 1970 finally got won by Kurt W. Petersen.

Toms Guldbarre pokal 1965

The Gold bar meetings stayed in Charlottenlund until 1976, and got in 1977 transferred to Selskov Speedway. In 1978 it got absolved on the Korskro track by Esbjerg.

There was no Gold bar meeting in 1979, but from 1980 to 2000 the meetings became a firm annual tradition on Vojens Speedway.

In 1983 and 1984 the Gold bar meetings returned to Charlottenlund.
In 1983 the Boxing promoter Mogens Palle embarked in a cooperation with Amager Motor cycle club, Frederiksborg Amts Motor club og Mid Zealand’s Motor club about the meeting, that got absolved as an evening race in floodlight.

Prior to this there was great discussion in the newspapers about, how a boxing promoter at all could be accepted as organizer of a motor race. Maybe the negative attitude in the discussion was the reason why the number of spectators did not exceed 2.500.

Mogens Palle tried again in 1984, This time with Amager Motor cycle club as organizer. To strengthen the interest, the Gold bar race was run parallel with a team competition between 6 nation’s teams and a selected team.

These meetings were extras, as the ordinary Gold bar meetings also were held.
There was no further attempt with meetings in Charlottenlund.

The race format has sometimes been changed. From 1959 to 1976 it was a long track race with initial heats, intermediate- and repercharge heats up to a final with  8 riders.

In 1977 the meeting on Selskov Speedway was a traditional speedway race with 16 riders and a winner on points after 20 heat.
On Korskro in 1978 the long track format was used.
In Vojens again the 20 heat format was in use with the addition, that a final over 6 laps with 6 or 8 riders was deciding.
Once the final got cancelled due to rain, and once the meeting got postponed a few days for the same reason.









09-08 1959 Kauko Juosanen SF Charlottenlund
1960 Kauko Juosanen SF Charlottenlund
1961 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1962 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1963 Bertil Strid S Charlottenlund
1964 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1965 Ekko Koponen Charlottenlund
1966 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1967 Björn Knutsson S Charlottenlund
1968 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1969 Björn Knutsson S Charlottenlund
1970 Kurt W. Petersen DK Charlottenlund
1971 Ole Olsen DK Charlottenlund
1072 Ole Olsen DK Charlottenlund
1973 Ole Olsen DK Charlottenlund
1974 Ole Olsen DK Charlottenlund
1975 Ole Olsen DK Charlottenlund
03-08 1976 Egon Müller D Charlottenlund
26-06 1977 Ole Olsen DK 15 Selskov Hillerød
27-08 1978 DK Ole Olsen Korsko Esbjerg
1979 not ridden not ridden
23-05 1980 Michael Lee GB 13 Bruce Penhall USA Vojens
27-05 1981 Erik Gundersen DK Erik Gundersen DK Vojens
30-04 1982 Erik Gundersen DK 15 Erik Gundersen DK Vojens
13-05 1983 Erik Gundersen DK 13 Hans Nielsen DK Vojens
06-09 1983 Alois Wisböck D 22 Alois Wisböck D Charlottenlund
13-05 1984 DK Hans Nielsen DK Vojens
19-08 1984 Finn Rune Jensen DK 20 Finn Rune Jensen DK Charlottenlund
24-05 1985 Hans Nielsen DK 15 Tommy Knudsen Vojens
02-05 1986 Jan O. Pedersen DK Erik Gundersen Vojens
29-05 1987 Erik Gundersen DK 14 Tommy Knudsen DK Vojens
03-06 1988 Hans Nielsen DK Vojens
05-05 1989 Erik Gundersen DK 15 Brian Karger DK Vojens
04-05 1990 Jimmy Nilsen S 14 Jan O. Pedersen DK Vojens
03-05 1991 Jan O. Pedersen DK 14 rained off Vojens
04-05 1992 Chris Louis GB 14 Jan O. Pedersen DK Vojens
14-05 1993 Tommy Knudsen DK 13 Per Jonsson S Vojens
27-05 1994 Tommy Knudsen DK 13 Tommy Knudsen DK Vojens
12-05 1995 Sam Ermolenko USA 15 Billy Hamill USA Vojens
03-05 1996 Hans Nielsen DK 13 Tony Rickardsson S Vojens
02-05 1997 Jimmy Nilsen S 13 Tony Rickardsson S Vojens
08-05 1998 Tomasz Gollop PL 13 Tomasz Gollop PL Vojens
14-05 1999 Tomasz Gollop PL 13 Tomasz Gollop PL Vojens
12-05 2000 Leigh Adams AUS 13 Rune Holta N Vojens

 The greatest winners





Ole Olsen DK 7 1971, 1972, 1973,1974, 1975, 1977, 1978
Kurt W. Petersen DK 6 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970
Erik Gundersen DK 3 1981, 1982, 1986
TOMMY Knudsen DK 3 1985, 1987, 1994
Hans Nielsen DK 3 1983, 1984, 1988
Jan O. Pedersen DK 2 1991, 1992
Kauko Juosanen SF 2 1959, 1960
Bjørn Knutsson S 2 1967, 1969
Tony Rickardsson S 2 1996, 1997
Tomaz Gollop PL 2 1998, 1999
Bertil Strid S 1 1963
Ekko Koponen SF 1 1965
Bruce Penhall USA 1 1980
Billy Hamill USA 1 1995
Per Jonsson S 1 1993
Alois Wisböck D 1 1983
Egon Müller D 1 1976
Finn Rune Jensen DK 1 1984
Brian Karger DK 1 1989
Rune Holta N 1 2000