Skalborg Athletic ground


28. September 1947:

Despite cold weather and showers 3000 spectators came to the athletic ground in Skalborg due south of Aalborg, where Northern Jutland’s Motor Club organized a meeting to benefit of the Children’s aid day i Hasseris.
In the 500 cc. class there was a fierce fight between N.O.Jensen with 14 point and Reinert Jensen with 13 point.
Oscar Madsen got 7 point.
Also in 500 cc. Hartmann Kornum won with 11 point over Knud Willadsen with 10 point.
Erik Riis Nielsen crashed, but escaped unhurt from a 5 m. long slide trough the safety fence.

The Junior 350 cc. class was won by Poul  Ornlef with 15 point ahead of Gammelgaard with 14 point.
Senior 350 cc. was won by Aksel Jensen with 14 point ahead of Victor Simonsen with 13 point.

Rasmus Kornum won the sidecar class, while Orla Nielsen crashed.
Another sidecar class was won by Kai Verner Nielsen

An additional heat between Oscar Madsen in a midget car and the sidecar pilot Rasmus Kornum was won by the latter.

A 350 cc. handicap was won by Aksel Jensen ahead of Victor Simonsen, and a 500 cc. handicap went to N,O. Jensen with Reinert Jensen simultaneously crossing the line.

Frank Larsen Aalborg sent us this article.

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