Ronne Stadium


July 13. 1947 Opening meeting:
The first speedway meeting on the newly opened Ronne Stadium. It must be seen as an experiment, because the stadium management had some considerations whether the track surface could stand the pounding from the bikes.

July 20 1947
After the successful experiment on the opening day conclusion was, that the stadium track was OK for speedway, and a decision was taken to arrange a new meeting only a week after the opening.
Ejvind Petersen from Copenhagen rode the first track record. Among other riders were Weiling Nielsen and Fritz Holst also from Copenhagen
With a success and 3000 fans the date must be seen as the true birthday of Bornholmian Speedway.

August 17. 1947
2000 fans watched Poul Moller from Ronne first time ride on his new 500 cc 4 – valve Rudge DT.
H. H. Nielsen from Roskilde and Fritz Holst from Copenhaben also rode.
September 14. 1947
Once again the Copenhageners Ejvind Petersen, Frits Holst, Weilling Nielsen came to Ronne to meet the local riders spearheaded by Poul Moller from Ronne.

September 28. 1947 Charity meeting:
The meeting was a part of a greater event for the benefit of the Danish Minority in South Sleswig. At that occasion also side cars took part in the meeting.

After opening of the Robbedale track in 1950, the speedway era at Ronne Stadium ended in 1951.

Rønne NordAerial view of Ronne Stadium in 2008. In 1951 the track surface was cinders covered.

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