Danish Long track sidecar Champions

1947 – 1992

Per Ostergaard,
Motor og Sport,
and John Williams (AMK archive),

The sidecar sport is almost vanished in Denmark, which for a great part is caused by a lack of suitable tracks, but also and not least the great costs in acquiring and maintaining competition worthy machinery.

Lesser than a handful of Danish riders occasionally go abroad, primarily to Germany or Holland, where the sport is still driven on long- and grass tracks.

In a little more than ten years there has been annual meetings with various kind of sidecars on a grass track at Skiveren in Northern Jutland. Further some heats with classic sidecars inserted in the intervals in connection with the Danish Speedway Tournament are run.
None of these races have status of Championship.
Since 1992 no Danish Sidecar Championship has been held.


Left is a classic sports motorcycle with sidecar.
1 or 2 cylinder engines on sport 500 cc. or 750 cc. are petrol powered.
Special 500 cc. engines are methanol powered.

The motor cycle right is a highly specialized vehicle, a so-called “Banana” model with the characteristic low seat. A 1-cylinder  max 500 cc. engine is solely methanol powered


  Sidecar Sport 750cc

Sidecar Sport 500cc

Sidecar Special 500 cc.

1947 David Axelsson, Copenhagen. Johannes Hansen, Odense
1948 David Axelsson, Copenhagen E.V. Mathiasen, Copenhagen.
1949 Carlo S. Jensen /
Harry B. Andersen, Aarhus
Kr. Krestensen /
Frede jacobsen, Aarhus
1950 Carlo S. Jensen /
Harry B. Andersen, Aarhus
Johannes Hansen/
Ejner Hansen, Odense
1951 Not Ridden Axel W. hansen /
Poul Jensen, Copehagen.
1952 Not Ridden Not Ridden
1953 Kr. A. Krestensen /
Harry B. Andersen, Aarhus
Hans Th. Jacobsen,.
Gilbert Jacobsen, Copenhagen
1954 Not Ridden Not Ridden
1955 Hans Th. Jacobsen,.
Gilbert Jacobsen, Copenhagen.
Willy Baasch /
Ejner Hansen, Odense
1956 Egon Walther /
Verner Poulsen, Copenhagen.
Willy Baasch /
Preben Larsen, Odense
1957 Leo Petersen/
John Osterholt, Copenhagen.
Willy Baasch /
Preben Larsen, Odense
1958 Johannes Hansen /
Ivar Rasmussen, Odense.
Egon Walther /
Verner Poulsen, Copenhagen
1959 Carl Andersen /
Gunnar Williams, Aarhus.
Carl Andersen /
Gunnar Williams, Aarhus
1960 Kurt Larsen /
Sv. E. Hüttemann, Odense,
Carl Andersen /
John Skjodt, Aarhus
1961  Kurt Larsen /
Sv. E. Hüttemann, Odense.
L. Bachmann Skousen /
Peter Korsgaard, Randers
1962  Carl Andersen /
Carsten Braedder, Aarhus
Carl Andersen /
Carsten Braedder, Aarhus
1963  H.C. Callesen /
Erik Skovshoved, Haderslev.
H.C. Callesen /
Erik Skovshoved, Haderslev.
1964 Not Ridden H.C. Callesen /
Erik Skovshoved, Haderslev.
1965 Not Ridden Gynther Bommé /
Erik Petersen, Haderslev.
1966 Not Ridden H.C. Callesen/
Erik Skovshoved, Haderslev.
1967 Kurt Larsen /
Leif Larsen, Odense
1968 Kurt Larsen /
Leif Larsen, Odense
1969  Not Ridden Kurt Larsen /
Leif Larsen, Odense
 Kurt Larsen /
Leif Larsen, Odense
1970 Not Ridden John Havnbo /
Frits Kristensen, Soborg.
H.C. Callesen /
Thorkild Callesen, Esbjerg.
1971 Not Ridden Niels Kjeldsen/
Gert Nielsen, Aarhus
Frank Damgaard /
Henning Damsgaard, Aarhus
1972 Not Ridden  Bob Jensen, Aarhus /
Torkild Callesen, Esbjerg.
Victor Larsen /
Poul E. Nielsson, Odense
1973 John Steffensen /
Finn Møller, Aarhus
Not Ridden Niels Kjeldsen /
Gert Nielsen, Aarhus
1974 Not Ridden Not Ridden
1975 Jorgen Svendsen/
Alex Hasager, Aarhus
Not Ridden
1976 John Steffensen /
Finn Møller, Aarhus
Pauli Pedersen /
Reinholdt Jensen, Odense
1977  Bent Jensen /
Mogens Lind, Copenhagen.
Frank Damgaard /
Jorn Andersen, Aarhus
1978 Niels Munk Nielsen /
Poul E. Nielsen , Esbjerg.
1979 Niels Munk Nielsen / Esbjerg.
E.D. Hansen, Aarhus
1980 Steen Christensen, Odense /
Villy Hansen, Haderslev.
1981 Steen Christensen, Odense /
Villy Hansen, Haderslev.
1982 Jan Rasmussen /
Per West, Aarhus
1983  Niels Munk Nielsen/
Jens Pedersen, Esbjerg.
1984 Niels Munk Nielsen/
Jens Pedersen, Esbjerg.
1985 Niels Munk Nielsen, Esbjerg./
Finn Schmidt, Odense
1986 Jan Rasmussen/
Remi Kruse. Aarhus
1987 Niels Munk Nielsen/
Johnny Nielsen, Esbjerg.
1988 Finn Schmidt/
Gert Nielsen, Odense
1989 Jan Rasmussen, Aarhus /
Magnus Ager, Holstebro.
1990 Kristian Ager/
Magnus Ager, Holstebro.
1991 Jan Rasmussen/
Bo Andersen, Aarhus
1992 Johannes Hansen,
J.P. Buurskov, Haderslev.

The  empty cells mean, that the respective was not open that year.
Not ridden means, that the Championship was cancelled in the respective class.