Robbedale Speedway

The Robbedale track was located in a forest a few miles south east of Ronne and close to Ronne airport.

Robbedale åbningOpening meeting September 1950 Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd.september 1950
ttended by a crowd of 4000 fans. (Pics are clips from Borholms Tidende)

 Many good Swedish riders joined the meeting. The best of the Danish riders were Kiehn Berthelsen from Ringsted and Irving Irvinger from Copenhagen. The latter had a crash from which he escaped with minor skin abrasions and a dislocated thumb, but that didn’t keep him away from riding a track record of 1,27,2.

Berthelsen og Irwinger
Kiehn Berthelsen and Irving Irvinger


July 22. 1951 International meeting:

Ronne 1951 001

There is a scent of autencity over this wrinkled programme
cover, stained by track dust and oiled fingers.

Riders in this meeting were:
Expert Class:
Piet van Aartsen and V. d. Vreugde from The Netherlands.
From Sweden came Stig Ekberg, Yngve Roskvist, Bror Book, Sture Book and Roland Karlsson.
The Danish riders were Kiehn Berthelsen, Uno Jensen, Jorgen Petersen, Poul Moller, Kurt Henriksen, Morian Hansen and J. Crone Jorgensen. All on JAP bikes.
 Sidecar class:
John Lindberg (Ariel), Th. Jacobsen (Triumph), Thorkild Thy (BMW) and Aksel Vang Hansen (JAP).
(Results missing ??)

 April 4. 1952

Ronne 1952 04 02
A well preserved programme cover can also
look like this from April 1952.

Special 500 cc A:
1. Jorgen Nielsen
2. Kaj Larsen
3. Poul Moller.

Special 500 B:
1. Crone Jorgensen
2. Bue Jensen
5. Ole Koenig Hansen

Special 500 C:
1. Kjeld Andersen
2. Kristian Pedersen

Standard Sport:
1. Willy Strandgaard Petersen
2. C. A. Hasselbach
2. Gunnar Noesgaard

1. Poul Moller (0 m.)
2. Kjeld Andersen (10 m.)
3. Jorgen Nielsen (65 m.)
4. Crone Jorgensen (40 m.)

On July 6. Kaj Hermansen sat new track record in the standard 500 cc class on a 20 years old Norton and improved that on May 24. 1953 on the same old bike.

25. maj 1955. Last meeting at Robbedale:
The meeting was held in bright sunshine with 3500 spectators. The was a female attraction in the meeting in form of 29 years old Miss Aase Sehested, who clearly showed that a woman can be fully capable in mastering a motor cycle on a speedway track.
Since the days at Roskildevej Dirt track such thing has not been seen, because the Danish Motor Union  (foolishly) were too fast to follow  the British ACU’s ban of female speedway in 1931 because of (misunderstood) respect to women’s fertility. The ban was still valid, so the young lady only rode a few fast laps under great applause from the crowd.
It lasted to 1969 before the ban got lifted.

Elemination heat 1: Kaj Larsen
Elemination heat 2: Henry Christensen
Elemination heat 3: Benny Badsen
Special 500 cc: Kaj Larsen
Standard 500 cc: Kenneth Moller – new track record 1,30,4 min.

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