Map of Zealand. The needle A points on Koege town

The Moped track

The Motor cycle sport in Koege has through many years been dominated by motor cross strongly promoted by the late chairman of Koege Sports Motor club and ambulance rescuer Mr. Karl Rogind, and remembered for the famous Police superintendent Vagn Bro, who was a rigid guardian of law and order in his district, but at the same time a friend of motor cycling, when he gave permission to arrange a road racing meeting on the new circular road around the town.

Speedway however was not unfamiliar to Koege town. The sports motor club had mid 70-es a speedway in the small village Olsemagle 2½ mile northwest of the town. An enthusiastic universal handyman named Arne Andersen was all over the place repairing the start machine, buying trophies and writing programmes etc. How many meetings there have been on the track we do not know.

The magazine “Motor Bladet” brought in 1976 a report from a meeting held on July 24th that year. It was a moped speedway programme with a starting list of 51 riders in 3 groups. Among them a girl, Susanne Nielsen who did not reach the top but impressed with brave and powerful riding.

The competition was close and a total of 63 heat had to be ridden before all places were settled. But one rider left all the others behind. Young Tommy Knudsen from Skaerbaek won all his heats.


The riders lining up at the gates.

Susanne Nielsen bravely passing the boys inside takes the lead.


Group A
1.  Tommy Knudsen          Skaerbaek        15 Point.
2.  Kim Madsen                  Vejle                 13 Point.
3.  René Christiansen        Kolding             13 Point.
4.  Peder Ovesen               Bogense           11 Point.
5.  Bjarne Christiansen     Skaerbaek          9 Point.

Group B
1.  Jorgen Pilgaard             Silkeborg          13 Point.
2.  Kenneth Larsen            Broager            12 Point.
3.  Kim Kristiansen            Koege               11 Point.
4.  Finn Lundahl                 Silkeborg         11 Point.
5.  Lars Mailand                 Haderslev        10 Point.

Group C
1.  Leif Hansen                   Vissenbjerg     14 Point.
2.  Kurt Hojris                     Spottrup          13 Point.
3.  Jan Hojbye                     Koege              12 Point.
4.  Bendt Svendsen            Silkeborg         12 Point.
5.  Niels Hansen                 Vissenbjerg     12 Point.

No meeting is recorded on the track in 1975. As further no meeting in 1977 – 78 and no team from the track is listed in the tournament ranking lists these years, we believe the track was active only in 1976.


Koege Dirt track

At the end of the 1920-es and the beginning of the 30-es there was a dirt track track at Koege. We do not have much information about the track, but we do know for sure that the famous dirt track star Svend Aa. Engstrom got his first rider’s license on that track in 1927, and we have the picture below from the season opening in 1928.

Rider no. 3 is Richard Darup on Norton, and no. 4 is Engstrom on Rudge.
Note the canvas curtain 
on the outside fence to prevent viewing without paying.


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