Voldby Grass

Grass-/ long track  (near Middelfart.)

The fourth and final meeting of four in the 500 cc. Nordic Long Track Championship 1996 was scheduled to be staged on the Skovby track near Haderslev, but for some reason the organizing club declined.
The Speedway Commission then considered cancelling the meeting off, but another solution emerged.

Fjelsted Speedway Club in cooperation with the Danish Grass- and Sand Track Riders’ Association organized the meeting on Sunday the. 15. September on a temporary track laid out on a stubble field at Voldby a couple of miles east of Middelfart

On Saturday, a heavy rain caused doubt about the meeting could be held, but Sunday dawned with bright sunshine and made the meeting a good experience for riders and spectators.
However, a couple of riders excused themselves, and a few engine failures occurred along the way.

Three previous meetings in the series were held in Norway, Sweden and Finland and the result was calculated by summing the riders’ points with each rider deducting his worst result of the four.

Nordic Championship.
No. 1. Jens Peter Nielsen,        Denmark,                   34 point.
No. 2. Kjell Heia,                       Norway,                      27 point.
No. 3. Janne Koivula,                Finland,                      26 point.
No. 4. Niklas Karlsson,             Sweden,                     24 point.


Jens Peter Nielsen with the NC cup, gold medal and flowers

 In addition to the NC a qualifying session for the European Sidecar Championship, and a class of 250 cc. Long track, a Speed ​​Cross class and a 500 cc. Old Boys class got ridden.

No. 1. Jens Peter Buurskov / Marianne Roge,            Denmark,         9 point.
No. 2. Kurt Lunde / Trond Bauger,                              Norway,            9 point.
No. 3. Svend Christensen / Poul Christiansen,           Denmark,         4 point.

Kurt Lunde / Trond Bauger (1) passing inside.

250 cc. Long track:
No. 1. Manfred Donath,             Germany,                     8 point.
No. 2. Jürgen Schmidt,               Germany,                     7 point.
No. 3.Johannes Steffensen,       Denmark,                     3 point.

Speed Cross:
No. 1. Lars Ib Christiansen,       15 point.
No. 2. Jonas Mikkelsen               11 point.
No. 3. Jakob Jorgensen,              10 point.

Old Boys:
No. 1. Lars Ole Nielsen,                9 point.
No. 2. Erik Madsen,                       6 point.
No. 3. Finn Jorgensen                   3 point.

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