Fjelsted Speedway

How Fjelsted Speedway Klub was born.
Part 1: History told by Carl Andreasen
Part 2: Written by Annette Vesterskov (Chairman of FSK)
Part 3: Written in 1982 by Anders W. Berthelsen (Journalist and Author)
Part 4: Epilogue by Soeren Kjaer
(Translated by Soeren Kjaer.)

Inserted oct. 2015, video from the Danish Championship Final day 2 in 1993

“It was a dark and stormy night”. (Originally written by the British author Edward Bulwer-Lytton).
When the cartoon dog Snoopey starts writing a new novel, he always opens with that line, (- and never comes further).

The history of FSK got opened the same way, but didn’t stop the same way.
Truly it was a dark and stormy night, when about ten persons gathered in a small attic room at the premises of “Ejby Junior Club” with the purpose of getting FSK – or rather Fjelsted Moped Club – come true around a moped track, already existing for 3 years.
Two years under the Ejby Junior Club and one year under SMO (the Sports Motorclub “ODIN” from Odense 22 km. east of Fjelsted).
Mainly it was riders and their parents, who could sign in as members of the new club. Today only 3 of these persons have been members through all these years: Carsten Sørensen, Carl Andreasen and Hanne Jensen.
Carl is still very active in the club. Very often he is used as announcer at FSK’s matches. He has an unbelievably memory of riders, championships, parents, large and small details and events in the history of FSK back to the early days, and it is always exciting to listen to him. An impressing walking history book, which the club is proud of having in its middle.

Part 1: Before it all began:

After 1970 various municipalities discussed the possibility of building moped tracks in order to take the “speedy youngsters away from the streets”. Before that discussion reached the town Ejby, Carl Andreasen contacted the head of Ejby Junior Club to contribute to the building of a track for moped riders.
In the spring of 1971 the municipality found an area in the village Fjelsted in an old apple garden owned by the married couple Arly and Hanne Jensen. Today Hanne Jensen (Mum’s sister Hanne) is a member of honour in FSK, and though 86 years of age, she still eagerly follows, what happens in and around the club.
Carl Andreasen – also today a member of honour – and at that time an active speedway rider himself was hired to caretake the project under the wings of the junior club.
This moped speedway track was the very first in Denmark and probably in the world, but in 1971 the speedway fans in the West Funen area, could be numbered on one hand. Luckily the news attracted some of the municipality’s youngsters to the track, which held open twice per week during the summer of 1971.
In 1972 Carl had to resign due to his work and his own speedway career. He was replaced by someone else from the junior club, only until 1973 where Carl was asked to re-take command. The alternative was to close the track. Reluctantly Carl agreed under the conditions, that he would accept no pay, and the club should join the Danish Motor Union (DMU). Hence the track entered the 1973 season headed by Carl and under the name of SMO.
At the same time there was a newly started moped club in the nearby town Middelfart, and also SMO had 50cc riders riding on the 650 meters long FANGEL track. Also on some speedway tracks in Jutland mopeds were ridden.
Carl contacted all these clubs, and at a meeting in Ejby it was agreed to open a moped team tournament between four clubs from Jutland and three clubs from Funen. The two best teams from Jutland and Funen each should go to a Danish team champion final in Middelfart, and the individual Danish championship final should be ridden at Fjelsted.

The “NUSERS” in humble surroundings.
The first FSK team took the name “NUSER” after the name of the junior club who had taken its name from the popular cartoon strips “The peanuts” whose leading figure is the dog “Snoopey”. (In Danish translations the dog is named “NUSER”, and a picture of the dog covered the front of the team’s home made race jackets.)


The team, mounted on 4,5 and 7,5 HP MINARELLI bikes, was ready for fight. Names as Carsten Sorensen, Hans Halskov, Finn Larsen, Bent Nielsen and Mikael Brodsgaard pioneered the NUSER team through the first 15 years with medals in the tournament.

Before the 1973 season several jobs had to be done. The track surface and the fence needed to be levelled; the old apple trees in the infield should be removed. A water tanker was put on wheels, and grading of the track was done with old railway sleepers towed in chains behind a van.
Official jobs like referee, start marshal, timekeeper etc. was often taken care of by one and the same person only, standing at the gate, where a rubber string acted as tape.
Primitively, some might say, but joy, enthusiasm, will strength and top performance was dominant at the five personalities who also were the first riders in the team which – behind the SMO team took second place in the tournament as well as – surprisingly – in the championship final.

Danish Individual Championship 1973 watched by 1500 fans. A great media covering from the first moped races led up to a much larger event – the individual Danish Championship which FSK was organizing on September 1. 1973.
A never ending row of fans crowded the track, where representatives from the municipality and DMU were present too.

Alf Busk was the first to win this championship. Nuser rider Bent Nielsen took the fourth place. This event gave moped speedway an enormous step forward, what could be felt many years after. Furthermore it gave a solid financial fundament for FSK who was founded 2 months later in the same little attic room.

The base for the seventies speedway adventure and a long period as Denmark’s largest speedway club was formed. Mini Speedway – the cradle of speedway – stood in Fjelsted with the key to a great future for Fjelsted and for Danish speedway as well.

The above is Carl Andreasen own story about the birth of FSK, and first time published in FSK’s Leaflet “The Comet” in 1988 when the mini track was 15 years of age. Carl himself was chairman of FSK through the years 1973 -1981.

Small notes from The Danish motor magazine “MOTORBLADET” 1976 and Carl Andreasen In the “Nuser” line-up a female rider Pia Halskov was found together with a female team manager, Bo Petersen’s sister Conny. In the second division Jan O. Pedersen popped up for the first time with a season average of 6, 70.

Rising stars:
A number of Fjelsted riders all with background in the mini track made themselves a professional 500 cc career in various English league clubs through the following years. Bo Petersen, Hackney, Preben Eriksen, Ipswich, Jens Rasmussen, Peterborough Jan O. Pedersen, Cradley, John Jorgensen, Coventry Allan Johansen, Arena Essex, Jan Jacobsen, Cradley, Morten Andersen, Cradley,  Ronnie Pedersen, Peterborough, Nicki Pedersen, Wolverhampton & Eastbourne.

Part 2:  The history goes on.

Luckily the history goes on. Since Carl Andreasen told his story in 1988 thousands of heats have been ridden at Fjelsted Speedway Center. To supply Carl’s story I can add, that the track for 500 cc was built in 1976 in a mere 28 days, and the opening meeting took place soon after Easter.
In 1979 an official test match between Denmark and Poland was ridden.
In 1989 the municipality town Ejby needed a new library building. The old one was taken down and given to FSK, where it was re-erected and is still standing as club lodge with toilets, office, cloak room, bath and a cafeteria.

The Intercontinental Pairs Final was held the same year with 6 riders in the heats. Actually it was the Danish Motor Union’s 75th anniversary that year.

The heydays of the club were the years from 1988 until first part of the nineties, where FSK as the largest club in Denmark enjoyed a lot of success. Jan O. Pedersen won the World Championship in 1991, which the club and even the entire municipality celebrated with pomp and circumstances.

Unfortunately the Intercontinental final in 1990 started an economic disaster. Financial troubles came in, and as the years went by, members and riders went by the dozens too. The basic fundament in a speedway club is the riders, and as they were no longer present, there was hardly any reason for keeping the club alive.
In 1998 only one 500 cc rider was left together with a handful of 80 cc. No 50 cc riders. No one inside and outside speedway took notice of the former so successful club. Added to that everything around the tracks looked desolately and did not give much comfort to the viewer.

Something drastically needed to be done, if the remains should be picked up again. The at that time head of the club Lasse Hansen and the management had many severe considerations, which ended up with a decision to sell the premises, where the 500cc track is placed, and until then had been the club’s property, to a private entrepreneur.

The Deficit was deep. The most important job was to get rid of it. The income from the sale went directly to the bank, who largely renounced from the rest.
Now a fresh start could be made. Well knowing the task would be immense, new resources were added to the management. Among those the undersigned (Annette), whose first job was to take care of finances. Not a penny got spent without considering the strict necessity. Furthermore we began making “open house” arrangements. It was a must to bring new riders in to form the basis for progress and the future existence of the club.

Very slowly but safely things moved forward. New riders came in and with them new resources in form of their parents. In 2000 I (Annette) took over from Lasse Hansen when he laid down his chairmanship. Lasse had through many years spent most of his life for FSK, and in longer periods of time he lived at trackside in a caravan to overcome it all.

2002 was the year when FSK again tried to organize a more important meetings. The Danish U-21 Championship was ridden in Fjelsted on June 2. With 1500 fans surrounding the track we felt encouraged after a long dark period.
Nicki Pedersen won the World Championship in 2003. An enormous success for Denmark and for Fjelsted where Nicki was “grown up”. Such happy moments gave the boost to go on and believe in the future.

2005 was the year, when Fjelsted with the Danish Championship Final proved to be back in business. The year when many speedway fans discovered that FSK was still alive. On august 19 no less than 6500 fans over flooded the track and contributed to the most exciting day since many years.
Agreed – there were minor flaws, but all in all it went well. This final made history as an unbelievable success despite the fact that none of us had ever tried to organize such a big race before. Nicki Pedersen won the Danish Championship on that track where he rode his very first meter on a speedway bike. An unforgettably fantastic moment for everyone – and no less for Nicki.

2006 was used to regain breath, and to find a solution for the minitrack. Due to age the owner of the premise Hanne Jensen was forced to sell. Luckily we got the matter settled. The greater municipality of Middelfart is now the owner, and the track is secured.
In 2007 the next step forward is a reality. After having been out of top level speedway for 7 years, FSK is back in the league. With a team mainly consisting of young riders from the island of Funen and with Hans Andersen as captain we feel well prepared.

Part 3: Granny’s farm.

In his book ”Speedway – for fun or business” Anders W. Berthelsen wrote in 1982  these sequences clearly showing the enthusiastic spirit, that characterized the Fjelsted riders and leaders in the early days of 1981.
Ahead of the first speedway meeting of the year an intensive job – at the same time every rider’s preferred activity – has to be done. Every night between Christmas and Easter four young lads, Jan, Michael, Allan and John come together in their common workshop, which they have established in a farm owned by Jan and Michael’s grandmother almost in the middle of nowhere in northern Funen.

In common all four have bought the tools that are hanging on the wall, and together they pay Granny a few pennies for the electricity. On the window bench motor oil and coca colas stand side by side, the motor oil being the more important fluid in the cold winter months.
A thermometer hanging on the wall besides an Ole Olsen poster displays 11° C, which is all the tiny electric heater can provide. The four lads however have no problems in keeping warm. Hour after hour they work on their bikes, Very seldom they return home before midnight. The bikes have been totally dismantled. Worn parts are being replaced, motor parts are being polished.

Mid March the bikes are being re-assembled, a full week is spent on adjusting a cylinder head. Allan spent 2 evenings working on a wheel. None but the boys themselves are forcing them to do the hard work, which makes everything more pleasant. Besides the enormous amount of work hours money is the biggest issue.

The repair bill over the winter mounted up to approx.DKK 5.000  per bike. Through the season another 5000 will be added and even more if a motor blows up or a frame gets bent.

They have all bought their bikes within the latest 2 years. John is the only one of the four that could afford the price of 22.000 DKK for a new bike. The others have paid around half of that for second hand bikes. All four use Weslake motors like the majority of speedway riders do.
“I believe the Weslake motor is the faster, and the price is the same as for other makes” Allan says. From the poster on the wall three times World Champion Ole Olsen is smiling to the boys who are making jokes about their idol.
Olsen often explained a defeat with an engine failure. Recently he swapped his Czech Jawa bikes with Weslakes, and the boys wonder what that is going to bring him. In a Copenhagen tabloid newspaper interview Ole said, that now he would be competing on equal terms. “What kind of excuses may he find next time he loses?” John laughs.

No secrets. In April the Fjelsted team managers are going to evaluate the boys together with some 40 other young riders. Who will ride in first Division, and who will ride in second? Some will go to the qualification rounds and others will be chosen for nothing at all. The four riders do not consider each other as rivals even they soon will have to fight for their nominations. They are helping each other and giving good advices.

In the Danish national tournaments Fjelsted is having 6 teams. More than any other Danish club. The teams are called the Leopards, the Comets, the Rockets, the Satellites, the Stars and the UFO’s. The rider’s nomination for a team will be decided solely by a five men committee, who intend to arrange two nomination meetings.

A tiny 19 years old chap of a mere 45 kilos flyweight pops up. His comrades tell that he lives from nothing but sausage bread, but he is riding like hell. He won the Danish Championship in the moped class twice, and the Fjelsted leaders are convinced, that one day he will become world famous. His name is Jan Oswald Pedersen nicknamed “Little Jan”.

A charismatic leader.
“People say I’m nuts, but that doesn’t bother me. They may call me whatever they like. I go on criticising the top people in speedway until the clubs get better conditions” Apart from various small jobs as helping hand IB PETERSEN has been unemployed since ten years ago he closed down his garage in a nearby village.

He never rode speedway himself, but caught the interest when his son Bo began moped racing. The society calls him redundant, but up to 30 hours per week he spends on speedway, always busy with maintaining Fjelsted’s tractor and tanker, repairing fence and seats and cleaning toilets etc.
He is phone calling his riders to settle time and place for the next meeting. “It is much more fun than doing the garden” he laughs. “Mrs. Petersen (Ketty) is exactly as crazy as I am, otherwise the family life wouldn’t work”. The family’s pride is their son Bo, now a professional rider in England. An entire wall in their house is full of silver cups and colour photos of their beloved son, who comes home three times per year to se them.

Ib is an amateur purist. “We club leaders never asked for as much as a sandwich. It’s voluntarily work that made Fjelsted to what it is now. I don’t think professionalism will do Danish speedway any good”.
Ib recalls the day in 1975 when they went through the farmer’s fence into a hired area and said “Here is the site for the new track”. The deputy chairman Christian Halskov was given the tough task of getting all the required permissions, what he managed to get through the environment authorities in an exceptionally short time of six months. They worked day and night during April and May 1976 digging out the track, and grading, watering and rolling, rolling and watering over and over again. It was a happy day when they saw the finished track. “No, – money isn’t everything” Ib says.

Fjelsted dommertårn

Much has changed in Fjelsted, but the old referee’s box is still there.

Part 4:  Epilogue.

The story of Fjelsted Speedway Klub is a tale about a hard lesson learnt. It is a story about how far enthusiastic club leaders and riders can bring an idea to live.
Without that Fjelsted, who churned out top riders by the dozens, would never have existed. The club leaders then were happy amateurs with visions and ambitions. They were hardworking people – no doubt, but unfortunately Ib Petersen’s words “money isn’t everything” proved not to be true. As described above finances dried out, and another old saying “Without money it hurts” proved truer.

Today’s club leaders are still amateurs in that sense, that it is not their living and they don’t get paid for it. But their inclination to the job is indisputably professional. The organization is put on rails to secure smooth and flawless events, that meet the fan’s wishes of sport and entertainment and the sponsors’ expectations of value for money.

The final meeting in the Danish Championship 2007 enjoyed the attention of 10.711 paying spectators, which shows that after 7 years FSK has regained a place in the public’s mind. And even better – FSK captain Hans Andersen won the Championship. Who could ask for more?

With a much improved financial basis, the prospects look good, and the old “talent mill” is again churning out new young talents like Casper Wortmann, Peter Kildemand, Nicki Barrett and many others. Now in 2008 FSK has 160 members, three 500 cc teams including the league team, two 80 cc teams and one 50 cc team (Micro speedway)

2012: After some years fighting desperately to stay away from the ugly bottomline in the speedway league, the Fjelsted team managed to save a position in the race off for medals and secure the silver in the final at Korskro after the home team.


Satellit view of Fjelsted Speedway Centre

Since the opening of the 500 cc. track the Danish Motor Union has allocated a long row
of events there.
Below we bring a select of the more important results.

15.05.78, Danish World Championship  Qualification.
1. Bent Rasmussen                      13+3 p.
2. Kristian Praestbro,                   13+2 p.
3. Hans Nielsen,                           12+3 p.
4. Michael Lohmann.                   12+2 p.
5. Alf Busk                                     12+1 p.
6. Bo Petersen,                             10 p.
7. Finn Rune Jensen,                      9 p.

29.06.1980, UEM U21 semifinal.
1. Erik Gundersen,                        DK                   15 p.
2. Ari Koponen,                             SF                    12 p.
3. Tony Briggs,                              NZ                    11+3 p.
4. Tommy Knudsen,                     DK                    11+2 p.
5. Rif Saitgareev                            SU                    11+1 p.
6. Marek Kaepa,                            PL                    10+3 p.
7. Klaus Lohmann,                       DK                    10+2 p.
8. Hans Albert Klinge,                  DK                    10+1 p.

17.08.1980, Danish Championship Final 
1. Bo Petersen                              15 p.
2. Erik Gundersen,                       13 p.
3. Bent Rasmussen,                     12 p.
4. Hans Nielsen,                           11 p.
5. Finn Thomsen,                         11 p.
6. Ole Olsen,                                 10 p.
7. Preben Eriksen,                        10 p.
8.  Jens Henry Nielsen,                  6 p.

10.05.81, Danish World Championship  Qualification.
1. Ole Olsen                                  15 p.
2. Bo Petersen,                             13 p.
3. Erik Gundersen,                       12+3 p.
4. Tommy Knudsen.                     12+2 p.
5. Hans Nielsen,                           12+1 p.
6. Jens Henry Nielsen,                   8+3 p.
7. Finn Thomsen,                           8+2 p.
8. Preben Eriksen,                          8+Ef

04.07.82, Nordic World Championship  Qualification.

1. Erik Gundersen,                        DK                   12+3 p.
2. Hans Nielsen,                            DK                   12+2 p.
3. .Bo Petersen,                            DK                    11+3 p.
4. Kai Niemi,                                  SF                    11+2 p.
5. Ole Olsen,                                 DK                    11+1 p.
6. Jan Andersson,                          S                      10 p.
7. Tommy Knudsen,                     DK                    10 p.
8. Rickard Hellsen,                        S                      10 p.

08.05.83, Danish World Championship  Qualification.
rained off, restaged
09.05.83, Danish World Championship Qualification.
1. Hans Nielsen,                            15 p.
2. Erik Gundersen,                        13 p.
3. Ole Olsen,                                 12+3 p.
4. Tommy Knudsen.                     12+2 p.
5. Peter Ravn,                                11 p.
6. Finn Rune Jensen,                      8+3 p.
7. Preben Eriksen,                          8+2 p.
8. Hans O. Christensen,                 7 p.

03.06.1984, FIM World Paír Championship  Semifinal.
1. Hans Nielsen, 13 / Erik Gundersen, 12,          DK                         25 p.
2. Dennis Sigalos, 14 / Shawn Moran 10,           USA                       24 p.
3. Ivan Mauger, 9 / Mitch Shirra, 14,                   NZ                         23 p.
4. Jan Andersson, 15 / Björn Andersson, 5,         S                           20 p.
5. Kai Niemi, 11 / Ari Koponen, 6,                        SF                         17 p.
6. Jozef Petrikovics 9 / Zandor Tihany 2               H                          11 p.
7. Nikolai Manev 3 / Veselin Markov 3,               BG                          6 p.

09.06.85, Scandinavian World Championship  Qualification.
1. Tommy Knudsen,                     DK 15 p.
2. Jan Andersson,                           S 12 p.
3. Erik Gundersen,                        DK 11 p.
4. Kai Niemi,                                  SF 10 p.
5. Hans Nielsen,                            DK 10 p.
6. Jan O. Pedersen,                       DK 10 p.
7. John Jørgensen,                        DK 8 p.
8. Tommy Nilsson,                         S 8 p.

08.05.86, Danish World Championship  Qualification.
1. Hans Nielsen,                           14 p.
2. Erik Gundersen,                       13+3 p.
3. Bo Petersen,                             13+2 p.
4. John Jorgensen.                       12 p.
5. Jan O. Pedersen,                      12 p.
6. Sam Nicolajsen,                         7 p. *)
7. Jens Rasmussen,                       7 p.
8. John Eskildsen,                          7 p.

*) After the meeting the Danish Motor Union overruled the result and seeded Tommy Knudsen, who crashed in his last heat and ended on the 6th qualifying place.
Sam Nicolajsen appealed this to the arbitration court, who confirmed the Unions legal right to do so.

30.08.1987, Danish Championship Final
1. Hans Nielsen,                           14 p.
2. Erik Gundersen,                       13 p.
3. Brian Karger,                            11 p.
4. John Jørgensen,                        10 p.
5. Peter Glanz,                                9 p.
6. Tommy Knudsen,                       8 p.
7. Jan Staechmann,                        8 p.
8. Peter Ravn,                                 8 p.

12.08.1990,  World Championship  Intercontinental Final.
1. Shawn Moran,                          USA                  14 p.
2. Per Jonsson,                              S                       12 p.
3. Hans Nielsen,                           DK                     11+3 p.
4. Jan O. Pedersen,                      DK                     11+2 p.
5. Rick. Miller,                               USA                  10 p.
6. Kelvin Tatum,                            GB                     9 p.
7. Ronnie Correy,                         USA                    9 p.
8. Richard Knight,                         GB                      8 p.

31.05.1993, Danish Championship final. Day 2.

.                                           Day 1. 29.05              Day 2.
.                                                   Randers          Fjelsted                  Sum.
1. Hans Nielsen,                           13 p.                 15 p.                    28 p.
2. Tommy Knudsen,                     14 p.                 13 p.                    27 p.
3. Brian Karger,                            10 p.                 11 +3 p.               21 p.
4. John Jorgensen,                         9 p.                  12 +2 p.               21 p.
5. Jan Staechmann,                        9 p.                 12 +1 p.                21 p.
6. Hans Clausen,                            7 p.                 10 p.                     17 p.
7. Jacob Olsen,                               9 p.                   6 p.                     15 p.
8. Kenneth Arnfred,                       7 p.                   7 p.                     14 p.

26.05.1996, Danish Championship final. Day 2.
.                                                    Day 1.                 Day 2.
.                                               Holstebro.           Fjelsted                 Sum.
1. Brian Karger,                            11 p.                 15 p.                    26 p.
2. Jan Staechmann,                      11 p.                 13 p.                    24 p.
3. Brian Andersen,                       11 p.                 11 p.                    22 p.
4. John Jorgensen,                        13 p.                   8 p.                    21 p.
5. Ronnie Pedersen,                     12 p.                  9 p.                     21 p.
6. Frede Schött,                            12 p.                   7 p.                    19 p.
7. Gert Handberg,                        10 p.                   9 p.                    19 p.

19.08.2005, Danish Championship final.
.                                                                        C-final:                B-final:          A-final:
1. Nicki Pedersen,                        15 p.                                                                   3 p.
2. Niels Kr. Iversen,                      13 p.                                                                   2 p.
3. Hans Andersen,                        12 p.                                                                   1 p.
4. Charlie Gjedde,                         11 p.                                                                   0 p.
5. Kenneth Bjerre,                          9 p.                                              3 p.
6. Morten Risager,                         8 p.                                               2 p.
7. Bjarne Pedersen,                     10 p.                                               1 p.
8. Henrik Møller,                          10 p.                                               0 p.
9. Henning Bager,                          6 p.                    3 p.
10. Jesper Kristiansen,                   5 p.                   2 p.
11. Patrick Hougaard,                    5 p.                   1 p.
12. Jesper B. Jensen,                      8 p.                    0 p.

03.08.2007, Danish Championship final. Day 2.
.                                                    Day 1.                Day 2.             C-final:          B-final:            A-final:
.                                                Holsted               Fjelsted
1. Hans Andersen,                        14 p.              +12 =26 p.                                                             3 p.
2. Bjarne Pedersen,                     14 p.              + 13 =27 p.                                                             2 p.
3. Nicki Pedersen,                        11 p.               +14 =25 p.                                                             1 p.
4. Niels Kr. Iversen,                      13 p.               +12 =25 p.                                                             0 p,
5. Kenneth Bjerre,                        11 p.               +12 =23 p.                                  3 p.
6. Jesper B. Jensen,                        8 p.                +8  =16 p.                                   2 p.
7. Mads Korneliussen,                   4 p.                +9  =13 p.                                   1 p.
8. Charlie Gjedde,                          8 p.                +9  =17 p.                                   0 p.
9. Patrick Hougaard,                      6 p.                +5  =11 p.             3 p.
10. Nicolai Klindt,                           6 p.                +5  =11 p.             2 p.
11. Kenneth Hansen,                     4 p.                 +5  = 9 p.              1 p.
12. Henning Bager,                        4 p.                +6  =10 p.              0 p.

06.06.2008, UEM, U19 Semifinal/Nordic final.
1. Patrick Hougaard,                     DK                    14 p.
2. Peter Kildemand,                      DK                    13 p.
3. Kim Nilsson,                               S                      11 p.
4. Jonas Messing,                           S                      10 + 3 p.
5. Simon Nielsen,                         DK                    10 + 2 p.
6. Linus Eklöf,                                 S                      10 + 1 p.
7. Dennis Andersson,                    S                      10 + 0 p.
8. Peter Juul Larsen,                     DK                      9 p.

07.08.2009, Danish Championship final. Day 2.
.                                                   Day 1.                  Day 2.                 Final:
.                                                  Vojens                 Fjelsted
1. Nicki Pedersen,                        14 p.                +15 = 29 p.             3 p.
2. Kenneth Bjerre,                        14 p.                  +9 = 23 p.             2 p.
3. Hans Andersen,                        11 p.                +14 = 25 p.             0 p.
4. Niels Kr. Iversen,                      10 p.                +12 = 22 p.             1 p.
5. Nicolai Klindt,                             9 p.                 +8  = 17 p.
6. Patrick Hougaard,                      7 p.                 +9  = 16 p.
7. Morten Risager,                         9 p.                  +7  = 16 p.
8. ULrich Østergaard,                    5 p.                  +8  = 13 p.

08.08.2014, Danish Championship final. Day 2.
.                                                   Day 1.                    Day 2.                Final:
,                                            Holstebro                  Fjelsted
1. Niels Kr. Iversen,                     12 p.                +13 = 25 p.             3 p.
2. Peter Kildemand,                     10 p.                +12 = 22 p.             2 p.
3. Bjarne Pedersen,                     12 p.                + 9  = 21 p.             1 p.
4. Michael  J. Jensen,                      9 p.                +12 = 21 p.             d
5.  Mikkel Bech Jensen,                  8 p.               +12 = 20 p.
6. Mads Korneliussen,                 11 p.                + 7  = 18 p.
7. Kenni Larsen,                             9 p.                + 8  = 17 p.
8. Hans  Andersen,                         9 p.               + 8  = 17 p.

04.08.2017, Danish Championship Final.

Warning: The video below takes 2 hours and 25 minutes!

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