Voerbjerg – Lindholm Speedway

Track name: Lindholm Speedway
Track owner: Aalborg Motor Klub
Track adress: Voerbjergvej 101 C, 9400 Nr.Sundby.
Length: 418 m.
Track surface: cinders
Straigth width: 14 m.
Bends width: 22 m.:
Opened year/date: 1948 as The Voerbjerg track.
Reopened 1956 as Lindholm Speedway.
Closed year/date: 1967

Updated in cooperation with the Norresundby / Sundby-Hvorup local historic society.
Frank Larsen, Aalborg, has contributed to this page with articles.



Satellite view of the Lindholm track 2008.The tall bankings to the right,
now fully overgrown,
gave spectators an excellent view over the track

Lindholm 1
Eyelevel picture of the Lindholm track with the agility obstacles.
(photo 2010: Per Thomsen – Sundholmeren)

April 25. 1984, Track inauguration:


15000 spectators flocked to the opening meeting at the Voerbjerg speedway, where North Jutland Motorsport organized the season’s first and largest meeting with over 30 participants in different classes. The riders expressed great satisfaction with the track, and the only drawback was actually after the event, where the large audience went off. Hundreds of cars and motorcycles raised huge clouds of dust on the road, so people were exposed to more dirt and dust than during the meeting itself.

Results: All starts over 4 laps.

Track record attempts:
Special 500 cc: Uno Jensen,               Copenhagen,         1,38,2 min.
Standard 350 cc Victor Simonsen,    Aalborg,                  1,52,1 min.
Standard 500 cc . Henry Vorre,         Viborg,                    1,48,3 min.

Standard 350 cc:
1 Peter Staal Jensen,                          Randers,                1,58,4 min.
2 Eiler Svendsen,                                Aalborg,                  2,00,9 min.
3 Victor Simonsen,                            Aalborg,                  2,00,9 min.

Standard 500 cc:
1 Knud Nielsen ,                                 Aarhus,                   1,53,0 min.
2 Viggo Thomsen,                               Randers,                 1,56,5 min.
3 Frank Larsen ,                                  Aalborg,                  2,11,5 min .

1 Kr. Kristensen,                                 Aarhus,                   2,00,7 min.
2 Rasmus Kornum,                             Aalborg,                  2,02,0 min.
3 Poul Jensen,                                     Frederikshavn,        2,12,5 min.

350 cc Standard
1 Henrik Bækgaard,                           Randers,                  1,58,2 min.
2 Robert Hansen,                               Hjorring,                  2,02,1 min.
3 Victor Simonsen,                              Aalborg,                  2,03,2 min.

Handicap 500 cc Standard :
1 Knud Nielsen,                                  Aarhus,                   1,59,5 min.
2 Oscar Madsen,                                Aalborg,                  2,00,8 min.
3 Robert Nelleman,                            Randers,                 2,02,2 min.

Handicap Sidecars :
1 Rasmus Kornum,                             Aalborg,                  2,07,3 min.
2 Carlo S. Jensen,                                Aarhus,                   2,07,4 min.
4 sidecars retired from the heat.

Handicap 500 cc Special:
1 Eivind Pedersen,                             Copenhagen,          1,49,5 min.
2 Knud’ Nielsen,                                  Aarhus,                   1,51,1 min.
3 Jorgen Nielsen,                                Copenhagen,          1,57,2 min.

Special 500 cc: Expert Match
1 Knud Nielsen,                                   Aarhus,                   8 points.
2 Jorgen Nielsen,                                 Copenhagen,          8 points.
3 Eivind Pedersen,                              Copenhagen,          6 points .

Under the headline below the newspaper Aalborg Stiftstidende on brought a report from the Lindholm meeting the day before.

Lindholm 2Translation: A fine motor day on an almost dust free track. Track record by Nellemann and many exciting races.

Behind this statement lay an action which nowadays would be regarded criminal. To prevent dust the organizers had sprayed 45 tons of waste oil over the track surface. It might have been legally those days. Had it been today the spill of 1 liter oil would require the race to stop until the polluted soil had been scraped away and disposed off in a secured way. Indeed times have changed!

While the fans could enjoy not to get their hair and clothes dusted, they could watch Robert Nellemann from Randers improve Knud Nielsen’s one year old track record, from 1, 42,3 minute to 1,28,0. The junior class gave a result seldom seen when Ove Floor from Randers and Johannes Jensen from Silkeborg simultaneously passed the finish line and got judges “dead run”. Home rider Jens Nielsen came third.
The standard 500 cc class had so many riders signed on, that it got necessary to split in two groups.
The first group was won by Ernst Osterlund from Silkeborg ahead of Aksel Jensen from Aalborg and Leif Hirsborg from Copenhagen.
The second group went to Viggo Thomadsen from Randers with 21 years old Kjeld Jensen from Silkeborg and Lykke Sorensen from Randers.
N. O. Jensen from the home club won the 350 cc class in front of Svend Larsen, Copenhagen and Aksel Vorre, Viborg. Finally the sidecar Champion of Jutland Rasmus Kornum won his class with the Nimbus rider Josef Koch from Copenhagen in second place.


May 3. 1951.

Lindholm 3
Aalborg Stiftstidende announced the meeting on May 3rd 1951 on the Lindholm track.
Note they still used to call the race Dirt track, even the modern name
Speedway gradually 
had been adopted all over.

Lindholm 4

The report in the same newspaper the day after the meeting had the headline above.
In translation it says: Colorless motor racing in colorful surroundings.

The reporter would give the readers an impression of the big crowd of 12.000 spectators in their multi colored spring clothings covering the bankings. But the heats were colorless because the difference in the rider’s strength caused lack of tension and excitement.

46 years old Morian Hansen had a successful attempt on the Norwegian Reidar Jensen’s track record on 1,32,9 minute. Despite Morian did not ride exceptionally well that day he manage to cut 2,9 seconds of the Reidar Jensen’s record.

Lindholm 11
Here is the evidence of Morian’s track record,
(Contemporary programme filled in by Orla Knudsen)

Aalborg Stiftstidende wrote that Morian was 54 years old. If this had been true it really would have underlined his achievement. It was 8 years too much, but a fine effort anyway. Two years later, aged 48 Morian stopped his career by a farewell race at Gladsaxe Speedway

Standard 350 cc:
1. Arne Svendsen,                            Silkeborg
2. Svend Larsen,                              Copenhagen
3. Victor Simonsen                           Aalborg.

Standard 500 cc:
1. Henry Vorre,                                 Viborg
2. Ernst Osterlund,                           Silkeborg
3. Aksel Jensen,                                Aalborg.

Special 500 cc.
1. Orla Knudsen,                             Copenhagen           12 point,
2. Bent Jensen,                                 Aarhus                    10 point,
3. Reidar Jensen,                              Norway                     8 point.

Special 500 cc. Cup:
1. Orla Knudsen
2. Morian Hansen
3. Reidar Jensen.

Special 350 cc. Handicap:
1. Bent Jensen,                                 Aarhus
2. Gunnar Willadsen                        Aalborg
3. Wollan, Norway.

1. Rasmus Kornum,                         Aalborg
2. Kresten Kristensen,                     Aarhus
3. Gunnar Williams,                         Aarhus.

Mopeds 50 cc:
1. Vagner Poulsen                            Aalborg on BFC
2. Victor Simonsen,                          Aalborg on WAP.

In 1951 the track got closed, allegedly due to insufficient safety fences.
No one had however thought that it would take five years before it was re-opened . But it actually happened so.
The reason is said to be that the Police Super Indendant of Northern Sundby was an enemy of Motor sport and delayed answering applications in eternity, or left the answers to a deputy with no authority to decide anything.

June 17. 1956. Re-inauguration meeting: 


Nearly 7000 spectators flocked to the track where Aalborg Motorklub arranged the re-inauguration meeting with a variety of strong riders in different classes. The track got renamed Lindholm Speedway and had been changed in the bends which had become slightly narrower and sharper. A disposition which got criticized in the Motor Bladet’s report .
The riders however had only praise for the track, and so had DMU’s delegate Henry Sørensen from Silkeborg. Sundby – Hvorups municipality was represented by parish council chairman Aage Andreasen, who declared the track reopened, and the city council expressed regret of the closure in 1951. .

Track record breaking 4 rounds with flying start:
Arne Pander,                                     Herning,                 1,29,0 min.

Standard  350 cc : Aggregate time of the two best heats.
1 Elmann Olsen,                                Frederikshavn,      3,45,1 min.
2 Kaj Nickelsen,                                 Aalborg,                 3,45,8 min.
3 Johannes  Nielsen,                         Kornum,                 3,55,4 min.

Standard 500 cc Junior:
1 Aage Langthjem,                            Hjorring,                 3,31,2 min.
2 N.T. A. Christensen,                       Randers,                 3,31,5 min.
3 Christian Christensen,                    Aalborg,                 3,37,4 min.

Standard 500 cc Senior B:
1 Johannes Jensen,                           Aalborg,                  3,29,2 min.
2 Aksel Thorslund,                            Randers,                 3,31,1 min.
3 Johannes Nedergaard,                   Silkeborg,               3,32,4 min.

Standard 5oo cc Senior A :
1 Arne Svendsen,                              Silkeborg,               3,18,4 min.
2 Soeren Juul,                                     Viborg,                    3,21,0 min.
3 Knud Nielsen,                                 Aarhus,                   3,23,9 min.
4 Mogens Kjaer Hansen,                   Randers,                3,23,9 min.

Special 500 cc:
1 Ditlev Falck,                                     Aalborg,                 3,13,7 min.
2 Henry Kjaergaard,                           Skive,                     3,21,0 min.
3 Tage Hansen,                                   Horsens,                3,22,5 min.

Special 500 cc Expert:
1 Bengt Brannerfors,                         Sweden,                 3,04,1 min.
2 Arne Pander,                                   Herning,                 3,05,2 min.
3 Roger Forsberg,                               Sweden,                 3,07,8 min.

1 Willy Baasch,                                   Odense,                  3,35,3 min.
2 Harry Pedersen,                             Aalborg,                  3,40,4 min.
3 Kaj Christensen,                             Aalborg,                  3,40,4 min.

Australian Pursuit:
1 Aksel Thorslund,                            Randers,                 4,00,6 min.
2 Arne Svendsen,                              Silkeborg,               4,00,8 min.

Apart from motor cycle racing Lindholm Speedway also staged that particular form for automotive racing called “Demolition Derby”. Meetings for reinforced scrap cars with the purpose of putting so many contenders as possible out of the competion by hitting then, turning them upside down or around. A kind of automotive free style wrestling, which also other tracks included in their programmes to help the diminishing number of spectators
The fun for the fans could be great, but the sporting value was not.

Lindholm 6
Demolition derby August 1956

September 15th 1957.

Lindholm drama

This punch line of September 16th 1957 tells of a dramatic meeting on a muddy speedway

A mere 2000 fans attended the meeting on a rainy day and witnessed a lot of falls, all without personal injuries, on a very slippery track. From a sporty point of view the day was of low value, and the organizers saw their possible earnings washed away in rain and mud.

Class.                            No. Name.                       Home.                       Point.

500 cc Std: Senior A:    1. Arne Svendsen         Silkeborg                   8 point.
.                                        2. Aage Langthjem       Hjorring                    5 point.

500 cc Std: Senior B:    1. Thorvald Andersen   Ikast                         8 point.
.                                       2. Chr. Christensen       Aalborg                     7 point.

500 cc Std: Junior B:    1. Leif Petersen             Aarhus                    15 point.
.                                       2. Kjeld Larsen              Frederikshavn        14 point.
.                                       3. Ingvard Jensen         Aalborg                    13 point.

Sidecars. 650 cc:          1. Carl Andersen           Aarhus                       6 point.
.                                       2. Kaj Christensen        Aalborg                      5 point.
.                                       3. Erik Dalsgaard          Hobro                        3 point.

500 cc special League match
1 Amager32 point. –  2 Aalborg 21 point.


June 7th 1959.

Lindholm 9

A newspaper report from this meeting said that the number of spectators was disappointing. Only 9000 attended the race.
Which club today wouldn’t be over the moon with such number. More heats had 7 or 8 riders on the track, which explains the high scores.

Special 500 cc.
1 Poul Vissing                        24 point.
2. Kaj Jensen                          18 point.
3. Svend Aage Jensen           15 point.

Junior Std. 500cc
1.Jorgen Dorscheus              23 point.
2. Viktor Oredsen                 19 point.
3. Ingvard Jensen                 18 point.

Senior Std 500 cc:
1. Soren Juul                          26 point.
2. Thorvald Oebro                25 point.
3.. Chr Christensen              14 point.
4, Aage Langthjem               14 point.

Youngsters 175 cc:
1. Hugo Jacobsen                  17 point.
2. Kresten Aarup                   13 point.
3. Jens E. Konge                     13 point.

Junior A.
1. Kjeld Larsen                      12 point.
2, Georg Marcussen             12 point.
3. Ejgild Madsen                     9 point.

Junior 250 cc:
1, Kurt Solskov                      17 point.
2. Per Frederiksen                13 point.
3. Hans V. Pedersen             11 point.

Sidecars 750 cc.
1. Kaj Christensen                 11 point.
2. L. Backmann Skovsen         7 point.
3. Gutfeld Ledh                        7 point.

Australian Pursuit, 8 laps
1. Poul Aarup
2. Søren Juul
3. Carl Anker Jensen

Track record attempts 500 cc Std.
1 Søren Juul                      1, 21,1 min. – New record
2. Thorvald Øbro             1, 24,2 min.

June 12th 1960

Lindholm 8
This modest 1 column advertising for the meeting on June 12, 1960
did not catch many fans.


Lindholm 10
The newspaper headline focused on the number of spectators,
and a Jubilee rider being hit by engine failure

Aalborg Stiftstidende reported from this meeting that the track was too dry and a mere 4000 fans attended. Christian Christensen from Aalborg made an attempt on Soren Juul’s one year old track record but failed by 0, 9 second.

The JAP rider from Odense, Hans Otto Riis came to celebrate his 50th meeting in the special 500 cc class.
After his first 3 heats things looked well for him, but while riding out for his fourth heat, the engine sprocket worked loose and his engine revved up too high and damaged the valves. Disappointed he had to retire and settle for second place after Ole Thygesen Dahm.

Special 500 cc.
1. Ole Thygesen Dahm,                    Haderslev
2. Hans Otto Riis,                              Odense

Junior Std. 500 cc:
1. Ole Hollerup,                                 Randers
2. Helmer Kristensen                        Haderslev

Senior Std, 500 cc:
1. Niels Moller,                                  Viborg
2. Etlar Faurholt,                               Silkeborg

Sidecars 650 cc
1. Erik Bob Jensen,                            Haderslev
2. Leonard Bakmann Skovsen,        Randers.

After the closing of Lindholm Speedway plans got forwarded to erect a Stadium for the Lindholm Athletic society, but preservation plans excluded the building of a large club house. Hence these plans got discarded. In 1972.  The Jutland Greyhound Club got the opportunity to build a track for dog racing, and there was room for other sorts of dog training as well

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